Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Reflections As I Turn 50...

Photo taken in Xania, Crete Is, Greece on May 2011

I'd been working on numbers for the last 20 years and undeniably to me 50 is a heavy solid number. Today, 18th August I ponder on its numerical value as I turn 50 years old, a real milestone, a half-century stage reflecting on my life's accomplishments, new opportunities and challenges.

Looking back, I am aware that the passage of time has accelerated so fast as I witnessed how the world changes over the last 50 years. From the "Karitela" I used to ride from Makati to Pasay City, which was later replaced by Willy's jeepney and now the MRTs and LRTs have been a symbol of modern mass transportation in Metro Manila during the mid 80's.

At 50, what I do value is the countless number of blessings in those years. Growing in a simple urban home in Pasay City with abundant life lessons that resonate in my current status. My parents Vicente and Olimpia who were called by God to join Him in Paradise have left a legacy of faith and love during my young age and my wonderful sister Tessie who has acted as my second parent that has pushed me to dream big and always reminded me to live a simple life while reaching for the stars.

A girl next door named Elinor turned our relationship into a marriage graced by two amazing children RJ and Geeka which now I called my family - a plethora of blessings that brings me to my knees in humble reverence to God.

A circle of life completed by trusted friends, from my classmates and batch mates from P. Burgos Elem. School, Pasay City West High School, Makati Polytechnic and PATS School of Aeronautics. I am sharing this golden year celebration with them as I look forward to see them in the upcoming reunions.

To my relatives, Lito, Junior, Neneng, and Bibong, and extended families who keep on loving me no matter what - you are God's gifts. To my blogging friends from PEBA and Kablogs, Kenjie, NJ, Rose, Kiko, Arvin and CM who inspires me of your blogging talents that keeps me to continue writing blog, you fuel my senses to keep Palipasan alive.

And to all the people I meet daily or along the way over the last 50 years of my journey, thank you for you are the fiber of my life.

At fifty, my life has never been perfect, there have been disappointments and frustrations but these were outshined by abundant blessings and miracles that lacks worldly description found only in the Divine.

As I ring in this half-century of life, I am amazed, grateful, and thankful to the Lord for the wonderful 50 years of borrowed life and as I journey through the days ahead, many passages to tread and dreams left to fulfill I entrust my soul in God's care as I begin another year.
"You created my innermost being;  You knit me together in my mother's womb" (PSALM 139:13 NIV)

Life is Beautiful, aging is the only available way to live a long life - enjoy it. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

PEBA 2011 First Batch of Nominees

The following is a repost from PEBA site presenting PEBA's first batch of 2011 PEBA Nominees in a video.

Note, for better sound and quality, watch in HD format. 

We would like to invite you to join our exciting for this year

For blog entry contest, in OFW and Home Based bloggers Division, we will be awarding the prestigious Top 10 Bloggers of the Year. The Most Popular Blog Award is another prestigious award with trophy for the most number of accumulated Facebook Likes, Poll result and number of comments. Voting will start earlier, that is September 1, 2011 until December 5, 2011.

Nokia Essay Writing contest will win a Nokia phone and other cool gadgets.

Blog entry nominees and Nokia Essay contestants are eligible to join the raffle promo and will have the chance to win in the raffle of LCD TV, Netbook/Slim CPUs, Nokia Phones and other gadgets.


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