Sunday, August 30, 2009

Prepare To Be A Hero

Our country has produced countless numbers of heroes from Lapu-Lapu to Pres. Cory Aquino. Because of their heroic achievements, their selfless sacrifices for our country, the Philippines. We regard them as individuals larger than life, their heroic values were embodied into our society in a way of preserving and teaching these vaules to the young people.

In our journey to the 21st century, we struggle with new problems and opportunities never faced before, such as terrorism from both NPAs and Abu Sayaf groups, the gargantuan environmental problems, poverty, hunger, graft and corruptions.

Our country's democracy is once again threatened and challenged. Not by invasions of foreign forces, the enemy is within our society, they are among us, in front of us, divesting the taxpayers money, waving and shaking hands with us and our fmilies hoping to remain in power. Some are the elitist and capitalists who have form alliances with the politicians to enrich themselves by exploitng the weak, the poor and the powerless citizens. While others are visible in tv commercial ads spending millions of pesos conditioning our minds in preparation for the 2010 elections.

The need for new heroes is more acute than before. To avoid the political turmoil, economic chaos, catastrophic environmental problems, we must have Filipinos who are willing to take bold actions to address our country's enormous problems.

We Filipinos have been shaped by our culture and faith, we are all potential heroes waiting for a moment in life to perform a heroic deed. The decision to act heroically is a choice that many of us will be called upon, and as we celebrate our country's National Heroes Day, as true Filipinos in heart and soul, let us prepare ourselves to act when and if a moment calls for heroism arises - a moment to act when most others are flaccid.

And in our digital world, Arvin de la Pena's article entitled "Mukhang Pera" which has caused an uproar from the OFW bloggers after it has maligned the dignity of our New Generation Heroes; has been voluntarily deleted by the author from his blog post.

In the spirit of goodwill despite the leaf of reconcilliation was not clearly visible on the other end of the bridge, with humility we have to concur on the peaceful solution to immediately reinstate harmony in blogsphere. Thank you to Lord CM of Dungeon Lord for being an effective Peacemaker of KABLOGS for his extraordinary actions in this trying time, you are the real hero of our time.

I beg to bloggers not to play with the feelings of our fellow Kababayan particularly the OFW to gain instant fame to build blog traffic and popularity. Let us not join the bandwagon of infamous writers like Malou Fernandez and Chip Tsao. Remember that in the end when the storm has come to a lull, there are no winners in this vicious writers game and the OFWs remained victims and only time can heal their scars..

The respect you give to your readers is the same respect that you will earn from them. Let us build and shape road and bridges not walls that divide us from the stones that God has given us in our daily life.

May the healing power of God cure the wounded hearts and souls of our afflicted Global Filipinos and may peace and harmony reign in the hearts of our "Kababayans".

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Set Your Heart Right

To put the world right in order,
we must first put the nation in order;

To put the nation in order,
we must first put the family in order;

To put the family in order,
we must first cultivate our personal life;

To put our personal life in order,
We must first set our hearts right.

Image grab from Flickr

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Say Foul, Respect The OFW

While KABLOGS is still reveling on its four-way successful events this August -
  • the fruitful conclusion of 2009 KABLOGS Award;
  • the glory of Mike Avenue’s humble return;
  • PEBA's accreditation to SEC;
  • and the P6,300 seed fund donation from our philanthropist’ member
our celebrations was short-lived and disturbed by a blogger, Arvin U. de la Pena, who used to write love poems is now on spotlight after posting "Mukhang Pera" hoping to gain fame and popularity by tarnishing the image of the OFW and Migrant Workers.
It is ironic that a “KABLOGS Supporter” as displayed on his sidebar has discriminately and irresponsibly posted a blog article which depict the millions of Filipino Expats and OFW as a hungry money-oriented and avaricious “dinosaurs” wherein words “mukhang pera”, “para (lang) sa pera” and "para magka pera" are recklessly repeated at least 15 times in his article.

The blog was an anecdote based on hearsay wherein the author has purposely selected vulgar words and profanities with full obscenity on the narrative accounts that portrays our nurses and caregivers as “prostitutes". This is completely disheartening; a disregard to the countless contributions of our professional Filipino nurses and caregivers outside the country who are the mainstream of the "Global Human Ecology of Caring".

I find it really disturbing that a blogger have abused the freedom of expression for his personal satisfaction, just to stir controversy at the expense of our fellow OFWs who have sacrificed their lives and dignities not just for money "per se" but to follow their dreams to provide a better future for their family back home which was denied by our Government. I wonder if he is my "kababayan" and now I am reluctant to ask him the question "Pilipino ka ba?".

In the democratic air that we are breathing and the freedom of expression that we are enjoying, let us try to be a responsible blogger, let us be righteous and conscientious in all of our writings and observe social justice and truth in reaching with our readers that may our blogs build bridges instead of walls and may it bring glory to the Almighty Father in return for the blogging talent that He has endowed us.

As it is written,

“God has given each of you a gift from His great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.” (1 Peter 4:10)

Let us pray that we may be guided by our Lord the Almighty on every strokes of our fingers in our keyboard as we shape a literary composition before our eyes in our monitor, and before we click the "Publish" button in our window screen, let us contemplate on the simple prayer written by Sandy Tritt.

The Writer's Prayer

Open my mind, Lord.
Grant me the talent to write
with clarity and style,
so my words go down rich and smooth,
like fine wine, and leave my reader thirsty for more.

Open my heart, Lord.
Grant me the sensitivity
to understand my characters,
their hopes, their wants, their dreams;
and help me to confer that empathy to my reader.

Open my soul, Lord,
so I may be a channel to wisdom
and creativity from beyond my Self.
Stoke my imagination with vivid imagery
and vibrant perception.

But most of all, Lord,
help me to know the Truth,
so my fiction is more honest than actuality
and reaches the depths of my reader's soul.

Wrap these gifts with opportunity,
perseverance, and the strength
to resist those who insist it can't be done.


Monday, August 24, 2009

I Am Here, Embrace Me Son

I almost gave in. I almost lost.
This day almost got to me.
Into the air my hands I tossed.

Almost walked away.
Almost Cried.
Almost threw caution into the wind.
Happiness for myself, I almost denied.

Almost… Then…
I felt a brush of love against my face.
Wings wrapped around me in a warm embrace.

I heard a whisper into my ear…
“Don’t you ever give up, I’m right here.”

But still...
I am afraid for I have sinned,
I seek forgiveness to the chaos I made
And to the men whom I have caused pain.

Then a great bright light appeared from the sky.
And a gentle voice speaks from Above,

"Do not worry son, your sins are forgiven,
stand up and walked ...
Feel the warmth of the bright new sun"

"Come..I Am right here,
I have been waiting for you,
Embrace me son...
I am now leading you to the Light "

Life is Beautiful

Welcome back Mike,
Let us embrace the bright new Light.

To the amazing people of KABLOGS who always believed in the power of prayers in achieving love, peace and harmony, to the people who have displayed their compassion, humility and forgiveness, you are the Peacemakers of our society and a gift to mankind. As I go to bed tonight, I will pray to God to bless each one of you and your family for your enduring love in bringing peace.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Try Before You Quit

Before you Speak,

Before you Write,

Before you Spend,

Before you Criticise,

Before you Pray,

Before you Quit,

Play Fair

Why do I deserve for such profanities?

A certain Mike Avenue left insulting words yesterday in my comment box in my previous article entitled Ninoy.

The comments made were derogatory words (F**K and other cursing words) aimed in humiliating me as the author of Palipasan. I admit that I was hurt, but my family was hurt more than me, and my wife and daughter send me a message "Bakit sya nagagalit at nagmumura sa iyo Daddy?"

I asked God this morning on the same question "Why me?"

But God has more questions than me, He asked me if can I forgive him? He asked me if I can I let it go? And God reminded me that He was mocked and ridiculed in public places, and finally He asked me if i can withstand the pain and agony of it. And I silently nodded.

And before I can asked the Lord for my second question, to my surprised the comments made by Mr. Mike were all gone this morning and supposedly deleted by him only as it says "This post has been removed by the author" and his profile and newly created blog entitled Baranggay Nakalimutan is longer accessible in Web. I tried to search for cookies and other remains that might lead me back to him but only an image of his profile was left on my computer that reminds me of his presence.

Whatever happened in the comments made, remains a mystery, probably it was God's way of saying "I told you, I'll take care of everything, just have faith in Me".

Palipasan is focused on inspirational articles about faith, hope and success; I admit I have been vocal and supportive to the causes and advocacies of the OFWs wherein several articles were posted in this regard BUT in a civil manner within the boundaries of truth, social justice and responsible blogging.

I will not be cowed, I will not run and I will not blink. If my writings caused direct harm or insult to any person/s and on their blog site/s, I expect that I be reprimanded and reproached in a civil manner for I am open to a healthy conversation and if i find myself guilty of such error, I would bow myself upon you/them and apologize for such mistakes.

Let us observe the democratic air we breathe and the freedom of expressions we enjoy free from profanities. While uncontrolled anger and hatred overcomes the senses of a just man, for now I will tolerate such expletive words in my comment boxes. I will leave it part of my Palipasan so that it may serve as a constant reminder to everyone that the freedom of expression was once observed beyond sanity. And let the readers be the true judges on what they have feel and observed in the name of responsible blogging.

Palipasan will continue to exist and I, as the author; will continue expressing my personal thoughts and rants, writing inspirational articles of faith, hope and success and will continue supporting advocacies for the glory of my "kababayans" and the Global Filipinos in this hybrid platform of blogging within the context of responsible writing.

I only pray that may God's healing power of forgiveness touch each one of us and may the rage, resentment and antagonism that we withhold in our hearts be cleansed with peace and love, and may our lives be worthy in the eyes of God through blog.

Thank you so much to Mr. Thoughtskoto & Family and to KABLOGS members for their support and comforting words to Palipasan in such unwanted eventuality.

Maraming salamat sa paniniwala sa katotohanan at kapayapaan.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Sa ika-26 na taong kamatayan ni Ninoy Aquino, ating alalahanin na sa kanyang kamatayan ang gumising sa kamalayan ng nakararaming Pilipino mula sa pagkakagapos sa kadena ng Diktaturang Rehimen na umalipin sa ating Inang Bayan.

Taong 2009, ang ating adhikang kalayaan ay ating nakamit sa pamamagitan ng mapayapang pagbabago sa lansangan ng EDSA sa tulong ng kanyang naulilang asawa na si Cory Aquino na tinaguriang Ina ng Demokrasya, huwag natin itong hayaan na mabalewala ang kanilang ipinaglaban na ating ngaung tinatamasa, atin itong pangalagaan mula sa ilang mapagsamantalang politko na nagpapasasa sa kaban ng bansa.

Bilang paggunita sa kabayanihan ni Ninoy, aking ibinabahagi ang tatlong bahagi ng video clips ni Ninoy na pinamagatang The Heart and The Soul na likha ng kanyang kaibigan, ang namayapang si Teddy C. Benigno. Isang pagbabalik tanaw sa buhay ng isang bayani.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

PEBA Fiesta

The PEBA Awards 2009 is the beacon of Global Filipinos in the borderless world of blogging that showcases the creative and inspiring talents of Pinoy Expats and OFW whose personal expressions are published in a unique and hybrid platform of literature called blogs that shines through with a distinctively Filipino touch.

PEBA's butterfly, as depicted in its logo; has successfully completed its beautiful metamorphosis in 2008. Now, PEBA has reached another milestone this 2009, PEBA Inc. will be remembered on every 18th of August beginning this year and for years to come, as a butterfly at its brightest national colored wings soars triumphantly over the world; after it achieved Philippine SEC recognition to operate as a new non-stock, non-profit organization unequivocal long-term goal in recognizing the creativity, ingenuity and innovativeness of the Global Filipino bloggers.

I laud the respectable men and women, Kenji, Shei, NJ, Pete, Avel, Noemi, Atty. F. Bojos, Jon, Azel, , Yanah and Lionel, the pioneers in institutionalizing the Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards (PEBA, Inc), a warm greeting to the founding Officers and members for their noble profession committed in steering the PEBA to a greater heights for the glory of the Global Filipinos who are the "Hope of the Nation, Gift of the World".

As I share the same birthdate with PEBA, with pleasure and pride I say:


Please join me in this celebration, your comments may please be directed to PEBA site which deserves your acclamation. Thank you.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Araw ng Wika

1944, Lake Saranac, New York, USA, ilang buwan bago
pumanaw ang Pang. Manuel L. Quezon (kasama sa
larawan ay si Dr. Bernabe Dino, Mangagamot)

Ang Agosto ay ipinigdiriwang sa buong Pilipinas bilang Araw ng Wika alinsunod sa Proklamasyon Blg. 1014, at sa araw din na ito, ika-19 ng Agosto ay ginugunita ang kaarawan ni Pang. Manuel L. Quezon, ang Ama ng Pambansang Wika.

Ang ating pambansang bayaning si Dr. Jose Rizal ay nagwika, “Ang hindi marunong magmahal sa sariling wika, daig pa ang malansang isda’’(He who does not love his own language is worse than a smelly fish).

Nawa'y ang kanyang mga salita ay laging magsilbing paalala sa ating mga Pilipino na tayo ay may tungkulin sa ating mga susunod na henerasyon na pangalagaan at pagyamanin ang ating Pambansang Wika upang mapanatili ang kanyang kasarinlan bilang wikang Pilipino na kakaiba at maipagmamaliking bahagi ng ating lahi Pilipino.

Sa pagdiriwang na ito, nais kong ibahagi ang "video clips" ni Florante, isang makabayang mang-aawit nuong dekada 70. Sana'y maibigan ninyo ang kanyang awiting ABAKADA at Bugtong-Bugtong.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Need Another Five More Days And Five More Years To Live

Phototaken on August 1962
Tengco, Pasay City

I wish for another day and another lifetime to live to serve the Lord my God.

I cannot find the right words to express my gratitude for every minute of each day for the borrowed life He has given me. For giving me the senses to appreciate the colors of the blue bright sky, the warmth of rays of the sun, the scent of the blooming flowers and the laughter of of children playing around us. I am grateful to the countless blessing He showers me from the moment I opened my eyes in every early morning, He lend me another day to enjoy the beauty of life. Though you have not given me the chance to become a priest you have shown me the million ways to adore and praise Your Holy Name.

Thank you Lord for the 25,246,080 minutes you have given me while others don’t even have a minute to live.

I wish for another day and another lifetime to live to serve my country, the Philippines.

I have lived long enough, 420,768 hours to be exact; from President Dado Macapagal to President Gloria Arroyo. I have seen the dark era of Martial Law to the glory of ESDA. I have been in the battlefronts of Ayala, EDSA and Chino Roces Bridge, I'd been chased by the military and policemen during street rallies and for volunteering in Namfrel for a clean election. I have joined the Labor leaders of our land in bringing the pleadings of our labor workers to the doorsteps of the capitalists, the politicians and to the ILO Convention.

If I had a day and another lifetime to live, I will never get tired of offering it to a nation that is “worth dying for”, because this country has given me an identity; for God has chosen me to be born as a Filipino.

I wish for another day and another lifetime to live with My One and Only Wife.

With 19 years of my happy married life, our relationship as husband and wife was once separated by time and distance because of my career as a Middle East OFW. It took us a lot of struggles and sacrifices to be able to establish a strong and an enduring relationship.

I pray for to God that may I be given a day and another lifetime to live to share my love and devotion, my laughter and tears, and for every success in life that God given me since the day I was born 17,532 days ago, because now I understand that I was born to love her.

I wish for another day and another lifetime to live to lead and watch my children grow.

Just like how my departed parents were so proud of me when I was born into this world 576 months ago, I will never get tired of seeing my two children dreaming big and chasing their visions in life.

I always remember my very first balikbayan experience, my daughter was only 3 years old, the first time we see each other after 10 long months of separation as an OFW, and my daughter was unable to recognize me as her father as I was a complete stranger to her and tears started running from my eyes. Now my daughter is on her 3rd year University degree and a school scholar. I am a grandfather to my son’s two siblings, a successful engineer and an OFW.

Despite of their accomplishments, I wish I had a day and another lifetime more to live and to spend with them and with my grandchildren, to play and travel to places which we always dream. And a time to spend with my sister and "pamangkins" who are very supportive to me and to my family.

I wish for another day and another lifetime to live to write and share the story of my life through blog.

Only last January 16, I found the amazing beauty of blog, I never knew that for the last 6 months I could post more than 100 articles about faith, love, success and rants on this limitless world of blogsphere. As I mumble my words, like a voice from a wilderness or like writing on a wall inside a dark cave, I was astonished to find real people who have chosen not to be identified and with full humility hiding in the cloak of anonymity, they were there for me, giving me hope and inspiration to continue writing to this very moment.

I wish I had a day and another lifetime to live to share my inner thoughts to everyone who will come accross Palipasan on the great blessings that God has given me.

Today August 18th, as I celebrate my 48th birthday, I thank the Almighty for the wonderful years that He has given me, the courage and strength and for making me feel that I am not alone even in the darkest days of my life. And to my family, my wife and children who showered me love and affection, to my sister and pamangkins, my friends, and to the readers and followers of Palipasan and to the 180 votes for my entry in PEBA (as of 2 am, Manila time)

I wish for another 5 more days and 5 more lifetimes to share with you.

Maraming salamat po! Ang buhay ko’y naging makahulugan dahil sa inyo.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Kablogs Awards 2009

The first ingredient of success is desire.
Do you know what you want? Your desire is the planting of your seed.

Your desire for success must be so strong within you that it’s the very breath of your life.

It must be your first thought when you wake in the morning,
and your last thought when you go to bed at night.

Congratulations to the KABLOGS Winners, your writings have brought me joy and inspiration in life, you have given me laughters when I am sad, you have given me courage, and have strengthen my faith.

KaBlogs WINNERS 2009

MinDeth (OFW)
Blagblagan (Non-OFW)

Wit's Expression (OFW)
Princess Journal (Non-OFW)

Klasrum Ni Pajay (OFW)
A Journal of My Simple Life (Non-OFW)

The Chook-Minder's Quill(OFW)
Balut & Natto (Non-OFW)

Life's a Piece of Keyk (OFW)
Hiraya (Non-OFW)

"Panunumbalik ng Ulirat" (OFW)
Sino Si Badong (Non-OFW)

Jen's Misadventures (OFW)
The Coffee Chic (Non-OFW)

"Panunumbalik ng Ulirat" (OFW)
Acongtatsulok (Non-OFW)

Hula Scoop atbp (OFW)
Tambay (Non-OFW)

Bizjoker-Of-The-Philippines (OFW)
KiddoMind (Non-OFW)

Isla de Nebz (OFW)
Perspektib (Non-OFW)

The Sandbox (OFW)
Sino Si Badong (Non-OFW)

Gumamela sa Paraiso (OFW)
A Journal of My Simple Life (Non-OFW)

The Pink Tarha (OFW)
The Coffee Chic (Non-OFW)

Manilenya (OFW)
Yanah's Life's A Twitch (Non-OFW)

Desert Aquaforce (OFW)
I am Dencio (Non-OFW)

Trip Ni Kosa (OFW)
Xprosaic's World (Non-OFW)

My Orange Vest (OFW)
Ang Buhay Ay Parang Sine (Non-OFW)

Binkay.Net (OFW)
Perspektib (Non-OFW)

Francesca in France (OFW)
Yanah's Life's A Twitch (Non-OFW)

Poging (ilo) Cano (OFW)
Ang Barakong Cup (Non-OFW)

Pamatay Homesick (OFW)
Pin(k)oy (Non-OFW)

Batang Henyo (OFW)
Blagblagan (Non-OFW)

The Chook-Minder's Quill (OFW)
I am Dencio (Non-OFW)

Life Moto (OFW)

Kung isa ka sa mga nanalo, maari po kayong mag email sa KaBlogs123 at Gmail dat Com upang makuha ang Badge/Award...o kaya naman ay i-click ang link Email KaBlogs

And thank you to the KABLOGS Team and Volunteers, who believes in the talent of the Filipino bloggers, the young men and women who have shared their time and talents in bringing this KABLOGS awards successful:

Kenji of Thoughtskoto and the Founder & Organizer of KABLOGS and PEBA; CM of Dungeon Lord and KABLOGS President, to the people who prepared the badges - Dyi of Wits Expression, Jen of Jen's Misadventures, poging (ilo)Cano of poging (ilo)Cano, Nebz of Isla de Nebz, Deth of MindDeth, Lenz of Sa Tamang Panahon, Bomzz of Bomzz in Iraq, Bizjoker of Bizjoker of the Philippines, MarcoPaolo of A Journal of My Simple Life

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Naalala Mo Pa Ba?

Ang sumusunod na panulat ay natagpuan ko sa aking "Yahoo inbox" na pinadala ng aking Mareng Tess, at nais kong ibahagi sa inyo, kung may mga salitang Tagalog kayong di maunawaan, nangangahulugan na kayo'y mga bata pa lamang, pero maaari ninyong isangguni sa inyong mga magulang para sa dagdag kaalaman. Ipagpaumanhin kung may kahabaan, subalit nakakagiliw naman na basahin.

Ang Matatanda...

Si Nanay ay nasa bahay pag-uwi namin galing sa paaralan;
Walang mga bakod at gate ang magkakapit-bahay, kung meron, gumamela lang;
10 sentimos o diyes lang ang baon: singko sa umaga, singko sa hapon;
Merong free ang mga patpat ng ice drop: buko man o munggo.
Mataas ang paggalang sa mga guro at ang tawag sa kanila ay Maestro at Maestra

Di binibili ang tubig, pwedeng maki-inom sa di mo kakilala.
Malaking bagay na ang pumunta sa ilog para mag-picnic, o kaya sa tumana;
Grabe na ang kaso pag napatawag ka sa principal's office o kaya malaking kahihiyan kapag bagsak ka sa exams;
Simple lang ang pangarap: makatapos, makapag-asawa, mapagtapos ang mga anak...

Pwedeng iwan ang sasakyan at ibilin sa hindi mo kakilala;
wala namang lock ang mga jeep na Willy's noon.
Mayroon kaming mga laruan na gawa namin at hindi binili: trak-trakan (gawa sa rosebowl ang katawan at darigold na maliit ang mga gulong, "sketeng" (scooter) na bearing na maingay ang mga gulong at de-sinkong pako para sa preno; patining na pinitpit na tansan lang na may 2 butas sa gitna para suotan ng sinulid (pwede pang makipag-lagutan) ; sumpak, pilatok, boca-boca, borador, atbp.

Di nakikialam ang mga matanda sa mga laro ng mga bata: kasi laro nga iyon.
Maraming usong laro at maraming kasali: laste, gagamba, turumpo, tatsing ng lata, pera namin ay kaha ng Philip Morris, Malboro, Champion (kahon-kahon yon!)
May dagta ang dulo ng tinting na hawak mo para makahuli tutubi, nandadakma ka ng palakang tetot, pero ingat ka sa palakang saging dahil sa kulugo;
Butas na ang sakong ng Spartan mong tsinelas - suot mo pa rin;
Namumugalgal ang pundiya ng kansolsilyo mo kasi nakasalampak ka sa lupa.
Sa modernong buhay at sa lahat ng kasaganaan sa high technology... ... di ba minsan nangarap ka na rin... mas masaya noong araw!

Sana pwedeng maibalik...

Takot tayo ngayon sa buhay. Kasi maraming napapatay, nakikidnap, maraming addict at masasamang loob...
Noon takot lang tayo sa ating mga magulang at mga lolo at lola. Pero ngayon, alam na natin na mahal pala nila tayo kayat ayaw tayong mapahamak o mapariwara.. . Na una silang nasasaktan pag pinapalo nila tayo...
Balik tayo sa nakaraan kahit saglit...
Bago magkaroon ng internet, computer, at cellphone.
Noong wala pang mga drugs at malls.
Bago pa nauso ang counter strike at mga game boys.

Tayo nuon, duon...

Tinutukoy ko ang harang taga o tumbang preso kapag maliwanag ang buwan;
Ang pagtatakip mo ng mata pero nakasilip sa pagitan ng mga daliri pag nanonood ka ng nakakatakot sa "Mga Aninong Gumagalaw"

Unahan tayong sumagot sa Multiplication Table
na kabisado natin, kasi wala namang calculator.
Pag-akyat natin sa mga puno; pagkakabit ng kulambo, lundagan sa kama ;
Pagtikwas o pagtitimba sa poso; pingga ang pang-igib ng lalake at may dikin naman ang ulo ng babae;
Inaasbaran ng mga suberbiyo;
Nginig na tayo pag lumabas na ang yantok-mindoro o buntot-page.
Nai-sako ka rin ba? O kaya naglagay ka ba ng karton
sa pwet para hindi masakit ang tsinelas o sinturon?

Pamimili ng bato sa bigas; tinda-tindahan na puro dahon naman; bahay-bahayan na puro kahon; naglako ka ba ng ice-candy o pandesal noong araw?
Karera sa takbuhan hanggang maubos ang hininga; pagtawa hanggang sumakit ang tiyan;
Meron pa bang himbabao, kulitis at pongapong? O kaya ang lukaok, susuwi at espada?
Susmaryosep ang nadidinig mo pag nagpapaligo ng bata...
Estigo santo kapag nagmamano.
Mapagod sa kakalaro, minsan mapalo; matakot sa "berdugo" at sa "kapre";
Tuwang-tuwa kami pag tinalo ang tinale ni itay kasi may tinola!

Yung crush mo..

Pag recess: mamimili ka sa garapon ng tinapay -alembong, taeng-kabayo o biscocho?

Pwede ring ang sukli ay kending Vicks (meron pang libreng singsing) o kaya nougat o karamel;
Kung gusto mo naman - pakumbo o kaya kariba,
mas masaya kung inuyat;
Puriko ang mantika, at mauling na ang mukha at ubos
na ang hininga mo sa ihip kasi mahirap magpa-rikit ng apoy.

Madami pa..

Masarap ang kamatis na piniga sa kamay at lumabas sa pagitan ng daliri para sa sawsawan;
ang palutong pag isawsaw sa sukang may siling labuyo;
ang duhat kapag inalog sa asin;
ang isa-sang isubo ang daliri kasi puno na ng kanin...

Halo-halo: yelo, asukal at gatas lang ang sahog;
Sakang ang lakad mo at nakasaya ka kasi bagong tuli ka;
o naghahanap ka ng chalk kasi tinagusan ang palda mo sa eskwelahan.
Lipstick mo ay papel de hapon;
Labaha ang gamit para sa white-side-wall na gupit;
Naglululon ka ng banig pagkagising; matigas na amirol ang mga punda at kumot;
madumi ang manggas ng damit mo kasi doon ka nagpapahid ng sipon, di ba?
Pwede rin sa laylayan...
May mga program kapag Lunes sa paaralan;
May pakiling kang dala kung Biyernes kasi magi-isis ka ng desk.
Di ba masaya? Naalala mo pa ba?
Wala nang sasaya at gaganda pa sa panahon na yon...
Masaya noon at masaya pa rin tayo ngayon habang ina-alaala iyon...

Di ba nuon...

Ang mga desisyon ay ginagawa sa awit na "sino ba sa dalawang ito? Ito ba o ito?"
Pag ayaw ang resulta di ulitin: "sino ba sa dalawang ito? Ito ba o ito?"...
Awit muna: Penpen de Serapen, de kutsilyo, de almasen. How how the carabao batuten...
Presidente ng klase ay ang pinakamagaling, hindi ang pinaka-mayaman;
Masaya na tayo basta sama-sama kahit hati-hati sa kokonti;
Nauubos ang oras natin sa pagku-kwentuhan, may oras tayo sa isat-isa;
Naaasar ka kapag marami kang sunog sa sungka;
kapag buro ka sa pitik-bulag o matagal ka ng taya sa holen.
Yung matatandang kapatid ang pinaka-ayaw natin pero sila ang tinatawag natin pag napapa-trouble tayo.
Di natutulog si Inay, nagbabantay pag may trangkaso tayo;
meron tayong skyflakes at Royal sa tabi at pahihigupin ng mainit na Royco.

Kung naaalaala mo ito... nabuhay ka na sa kapayapan.
Pustahan tayo nakangiti ka pa rin!

Kung naka-relate ka sa lahat ng nabanggit sa itaas, ibig sabihin lang niyan ay MATANDA ka na rin! he he he! Pero kung hindi ka maka-relate, pabasa mo na lang sa akala mo ay kapanahunan nya ito para maalala din niya at mangiti rin siya, malamang sa iyong ama't ina, ito'y kagigiliwan nila.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wala Silang Kasalanan, Sila'y Aking Kababayan

Hindi ko mapiligan ang aking kamalayan na isulat ang aking saloobin ukol sa ating mga kababayan na pumanaw sa isang helicopter crash sa Kandahar, Afghanistan na may 10 OFW ang namatay sa nasabing aksidente.

Habang sinusundan ko ang nasabing balita mula sa artikulong naisulat sa blog ng Thoughtskoto, sari-saring komento ang naglabasan, mga mensahe ng pagluluksa, pakikiramay at pagdadalamhati ang ipinarating ng ating kapwa Pilipino.

Subalit ang nakababahala ay ang mensahe ng panlilibak, paninisi at kawalan ng pang-unawa at pagka-awa sa pumanaw nating mga kababayang OFW na naitala sa Philstar. Mga pangungusap na nagdulot ng kakaibang sakit sa aking puso, hindi ko maisip kung bakit may mga kapwa Pilipino na sa halip pawiin ang luha ng pagdadalamhati ng mga naulilang pamilya sa pamamagitan ng pag-aalay ng panalangin ay matatalim ng salita ng pangungutya ang kanilang itinatarak sa mga pusong nagdurusa.

Sa mga taong hindi nakakaramdam ng gutom, may salaping pampagamot sa pamilyang may karamdaman, at may kakayanang papag-aralin ang anak sa maayos na paaralan at may sariling tahanan na di alintana ang init ng araw at buhos ulan, at hindi nakaranas makipagsiksikan sa pampublikong sasakyan at may maayos na trabaho sa Pilipas, hindi nga nila mauunawaan ang tunay na kahulugan ng kahirapan.

Sa kabila ng "Deployment Ban" na ipinatutupad ng Pamahalaan sa Iraq at Afghanistan, hindi pa rin mapigilan ang mga Pilipino na yakapin ang alok na trabaho sa mga bansang tadtad ng digmaan sa kanilang desperasyon at kawalan ng pag-asa na makakuha ng maayos na trabaho sa loob at labas ng bansa.

Matagal ang kanilang tiniis at umasa sa mga matatamis na pangakong binitiwan ng ating pamahalaan na wastong pagkain sa bawa't tahanan at mga bagong trabaho ang bubuksan. Subali't ito'y mga pangakong napako at hanggang kailan maghihintay si Juan habang ang tyan ng kanyang pamilya ay kumakalam. Paano pa ang pag-aaral ni Junior? Hanggang kailan nila hihintayin ang tinatawag na "May Bukas Pa".

Pikit mata at lakas loob nilang hinarap ang hamon ng pangingibang bayan, kahit pa sa Iraq at Afganistan. Oo, dahil sa pera, ang pera na kanilang inaasahan na magtatawid sa gutom na nararanasan ng kanilang pamilya. Pera na maghahatid kay Junior sa unang baytang sa Mababang Paaralan. Pera na maghahatid sa kanyang magulang na may sakit sa ospital, at pera na pambayad sa upa sa bahay para may silungan ang pamilya laban sa araw at ulan. Ito ang perang kanilang pinaghihirapan mula sa marangal na paraan sa kabila ng delikadong pamumuhay bilang banyaga sa ibang bansa.

Hindi sila magnanakaw, lalong hindi sila kriminal, sila'y mga simpleng tao na nais ring mabuhay sa masalimuot na daigdig kung saan sa kanila pinagkait ang yaman ng bansa kung saan elitista at politiko ang nagpapasasa. sa ating sariling bansa sila ay napabayaan ng Pamahalaang kagalang-galang at sa mga bawal na bansa nila natagpuan ang pagkakataon na makipagsapalaran.

Masakit mawalan ng pamilya, masakit mawalan ng kababayan, kahit man lang sa kanilang kamatayan atin silang igalang, at ating idalangin na nawa'y matapos na ang paghihirap ng ating bayan para wala ng Pilipino na kailangang mangibang bayan dahil walang dapat sisihin kundi ang kahirapan na sa atin ay umaalipin.

Hapdi ng kalooban ang aking nararamdaman sa bawa't balitang aking natatanggap sa mga mapait na karanasan ng pang-aabuso, panggagahasa o kamatayan na sinasapit ng aking mga kababayan. Kung bakit sa susunod na aking panulat inyong malalaman.

Isang kaibigan kong Arabo na edukado ang sa akin ay nagtanong:

"Why your President Gloria Arroyo, a woman, a mother and a Christian; allow your Filipinas to work as "kadama" (domestic helpers) in the Middle East where there are risks of physical, mental and sexual abuses?"

Wala akong mahagilap na kasagutan para ipagtanggol ang Pangulo, sa halip sinabi ko na -

"because of poverty".

Gusto ko sanang ipaabot ang katanungan ng kaibigan kong Arabo sa ating mahal na Pangulo kapag hindi na sya abala sa kanyang trabaho na kasalukuyan ay kanyang ninanamnan ang masarap at magarbong hapunan sa isang kilalang restoran sa New York, USA.

tsk... tsk.. because of poverty

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Paano Ba Mahalin Ang OFW?

Ang bawa’t OFW ay mga ordinaryong tao tulad mo at tulad ko, may puso’t damdamin, nakakaramdam na ligaya at kapighatian sa panahon ng kayang pamamalagi bilang banyaga sa ibang bansa.

Ang bawa’t OFW ay tigib ng emosyon, mula sa araw ng kanyang paglisan, binabalot na ng kalungkutan ang magulo nyang kaisipan, ang kalungkutan na mapalayo sa kanyang mahal na pamilya ang kanyang inalala, subalit ang manatili sa bansa at makitang naghihirap ang kanyang asawa’t anak ay mas lalong hindi kakayanin ng pusong mapagmahal sa pamilya. Kaya’t pikit matang sinusuong ng bawa’t OFW ang walang kasiguruhan kapalaran ng pangingibang bayan.

Pag-apak ng kanyang mga paa sa lupang banyaga, lalo na sa Gitnang Silangan, kalungkutan ang bumabalot sa kanyang kaisipan, sa pagkakita sa malawak na buhanginan at kung ikukumpara ito sa luntiang kabukiran na kanyang iniwanan. Sa pagkakita nila sa mga puting banyaga na hindi man lamang ngumingiti, at tila kinukutya ang kulay nilang kayumanggi, nais na nilang bumalik sa ating bansa kung maaari. Subalit kailangan manindigan sa kanilang desisyon, kailangang paglabanan ang kalungkutan at pangungutya, dahil sa pagpapasya na malampasan ang kahirapan para sa kinabukasan ng kanyang buong pamilya.

Subalit ang bawa’t OFW na tinatawag ng ating pamahalaan na mga Bagong Bayani ay hindi mga Super Heroes tulad nila Batman, Superman at Spiderman. Dahil ang mga Super Heroes ay walang kamatayan na nakikipaglaban para sa sandaigidigan at kayang nilang isaalang-alang ang kanilang mga mahal sa buhay. Kabaliktaran ng mga OFW na nakikipaglaban sa kahirapan sa pangingibang bayan alang-alang sa kanilang mga mahal sa buhay.

Sila’y mga taong mapagpakumbaba, na walang inisip kundi kapakan ng pamilya, at sa bawa’t dolyar at tsokolateng ating natitikman, kapalit nito’y pawis at luha sa kanilang pangungulila. Kanilang ikinubli ang kanilang mga pagtatangis, hikbi at pait na nararanasan sa pangingibang bayan at sa kabila nito madalas nating marinig sa kanila na

“huwag kang mag-alala, okay ako dito, ang mahalaga ay masaya kayo”...

Hindi man sila nagsasalita, sapat na ating maramdaman ang kanilang pagmamahal. At ang katanungan ay

“Paano ba mahalin ang isang OFW?”

Sila'y laging nananabik na makabalita tungkol sa atin. Huwag tayong magsawang mangamusta sa kanila sa pamamagitan man lang ng text o email. Baka naaalala lamang natin sila kapag magkakatapusan o kapag may biglaang pangangailangan tayong hihilingin sa kanila. Ang simpleng mensahe na “kamusta ka na?” at “miss kita” ay nakapaghahatid ng kakaibang saya sa kanilang pusong nagdurusa.

Kapag iyong natanggap ang buwanang remittance o ang kapag ang iyong hinihiling ay kanilang naipagkaloob o naisakatuparan, huwag kang makakalimot magpasalamat sa oras na ito'y iyong natanggap. Marami sa atin ang nakakaalala lang pag may kailangan subalit pag ito ay natugunan ng ating mga OFW, di man lang makaalala na magpasalamat sa natanggap. Higit sa lahat gamitin sa wastong paraan at sa naayon na patutunguhan ng bawat sentimo na kanilang ipinadadala.

Kung may mga suliranin kang kinakaharap, subukin mo muna itong lutasin, makakatulong ito para di na sila masyadong mag-alala, huwag mo ng dagdagan ang kanyang alalahanin dahil di mo alam ang hirap na kanyang kinakaharap sa ibang bansa.

Sa panahon ng kanilang kaarawan, sa panahon ng inyong anibersaryo o pagsapit ng Pasko, o anumang okasyon na kanyang pinapahalagahan, huwag mong kalilimutan na sya ay batiin ng personal, may kakaibang ligaya ang hatid ng pagbati kapag narinig nya ang iyong tinig, maari sa pamamagitan ng pagtawag sa telepono o mula sa webcam at voice chat sa internet. Malaking kaligayan sa OFW ang ikaw ay maunang bumati sa kanyang pag-iisa sa ibang bansa.

Sa kanyang napipintong pagpapabakasyon o pagbabalik-bayan, paghandaan mo ang kanyang nalalpit na paguwi. Sa isang OFW, ito ang pinakamahalagang bahagi ng pagiging banyaga, dahil kanilang pananatili sa ibang bansa pinanabikan nila ang bawa’t araw, buwan o taon na makauwi upang tayo ay makita at makasama kahit na sa maikling panahon lamang, ito ay isang kalayaang kanilang inaasam.

Bago sila umuwi sa Pilipinas, kung ikaw ay asawa na nagtatrabaho sa Pilipinas, kung may pagkakataon, ikaw ay lumiban o magbakayon muna sa iyong pinagtatrabahuan para makasama ang iyong asawang OFW ng mas mahabang oras at panahon. Sa kanyang pag-uwi, buong pagmamahal mo syang salubungin, at iwasan munang pag-usapan ang mga suliranin na makakasagabal sa kanyang masayang pagbabakasyon.

Ipagmalaki ang iyong husay sa paghawak ng salaping ipinadadala sa pamamagitan ng impok sa banko na iyong kinaiingatan. Pagsumikapan na makapag-impok ng maayos para makapagsimula ng magandang negosyo na kikita para ang kapamilyang OFW ay hindi magpapakatanda sa pagtatrabaho bilang mga banyaga hanggang makuba.

Sa mga anak, paghandaan ang paguwi ng iyong mga magulang na OFW, ipagmalaki ang matataas na antas na nakukuha sa eskwela, at kung sakali naman na hindi naging kaaya-aya ang mga resulta, ihingi ng paumanhin at sa halip ipakita na kayo ay nagsisikap sa inyong pag-aaral. Iwasan makapaghatid ng basag-ulo o mga suliranin na maaaring magdulot ng sama ng loob sa magulang na OFW.

Maglaan ng oras o panahon na magkakasama sa pagsimba, makapamasyal o makakain sa labas kasama ang buong pamilya, mga bagay na pinananabikan ng mga OFW sa kanilang pag-uwi.

Sa panahon ng kanilang pamamalagi bilang balikbayan, iwasan ang anumang mga problema na magbibigay ng sama ng loob sa bawa’t isa, maging maunawain at mapagpatawad kung sakaling may mga hindi napagkaunawaan na suliranin ng pamilya.

Maging handa sa ilang pagbabago ng ugali o personalidad ng OFW hatid ito ng matagal na pananatili sa ibang bansa, sa mga kultura, pagkaranas ng pagngungutya at pang-aabuso na maaaring naka-apekto sa kanyang personalidad at pagka-tao.

At huwag nating pagtulakan ang mga OFW na bumalik ng muli sa ibang bansa kapag dumating ang panahon ng kinakapos ng muli sa pananalapi, napakahirap sa damdamin ng OFW ang muling lisanin ang kanyang pamilya sa kanyang pagbabalik bayan.

Ikaw kaibigan, paano mo mamahalin ang isang OFW?


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