Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Need Another Five More Days And Five More Years To Live

Phototaken on August 1962
Tengco, Pasay City

I wish for another day and another lifetime to live to serve the Lord my God.

I cannot find the right words to express my gratitude for every minute of each day for the borrowed life He has given me. For giving me the senses to appreciate the colors of the blue bright sky, the warmth of rays of the sun, the scent of the blooming flowers and the laughter of of children playing around us. I am grateful to the countless blessing He showers me from the moment I opened my eyes in every early morning, He lend me another day to enjoy the beauty of life. Though you have not given me the chance to become a priest you have shown me the million ways to adore and praise Your Holy Name.

Thank you Lord for the 25,246,080 minutes you have given me while others don’t even have a minute to live.

I wish for another day and another lifetime to live to serve my country, the Philippines.

I have lived long enough, 420,768 hours to be exact; from President Dado Macapagal to President Gloria Arroyo. I have seen the dark era of Martial Law to the glory of ESDA. I have been in the battlefronts of Ayala, EDSA and Chino Roces Bridge, I'd been chased by the military and policemen during street rallies and for volunteering in Namfrel for a clean election. I have joined the Labor leaders of our land in bringing the pleadings of our labor workers to the doorsteps of the capitalists, the politicians and to the ILO Convention.

If I had a day and another lifetime to live, I will never get tired of offering it to a nation that is “worth dying for”, because this country has given me an identity; for God has chosen me to be born as a Filipino.

I wish for another day and another lifetime to live with My One and Only Wife.

With 19 years of my happy married life, our relationship as husband and wife was once separated by time and distance because of my career as a Middle East OFW. It took us a lot of struggles and sacrifices to be able to establish a strong and an enduring relationship.

I pray for to God that may I be given a day and another lifetime to live to share my love and devotion, my laughter and tears, and for every success in life that God given me since the day I was born 17,532 days ago, because now I understand that I was born to love her.

I wish for another day and another lifetime to live to lead and watch my children grow.

Just like how my departed parents were so proud of me when I was born into this world 576 months ago, I will never get tired of seeing my two children dreaming big and chasing their visions in life.

I always remember my very first balikbayan experience, my daughter was only 3 years old, the first time we see each other after 10 long months of separation as an OFW, and my daughter was unable to recognize me as her father as I was a complete stranger to her and tears started running from my eyes. Now my daughter is on her 3rd year University degree and a school scholar. I am a grandfather to my son’s two siblings, a successful engineer and an OFW.

Despite of their accomplishments, I wish I had a day and another lifetime more to live and to spend with them and with my grandchildren, to play and travel to places which we always dream. And a time to spend with my sister and "pamangkins" who are very supportive to me and to my family.

I wish for another day and another lifetime to live to write and share the story of my life through blog.

Only last January 16, I found the amazing beauty of blog, I never knew that for the last 6 months I could post more than 100 articles about faith, love, success and rants on this limitless world of blogsphere. As I mumble my words, like a voice from a wilderness or like writing on a wall inside a dark cave, I was astonished to find real people who have chosen not to be identified and with full humility hiding in the cloak of anonymity, they were there for me, giving me hope and inspiration to continue writing to this very moment.

I wish I had a day and another lifetime to live to share my inner thoughts to everyone who will come accross Palipasan on the great blessings that God has given me.

Today August 18th, as I celebrate my 48th birthday, I thank the Almighty for the wonderful years that He has given me, the courage and strength and for making me feel that I am not alone even in the darkest days of my life. And to my family, my wife and children who showered me love and affection, to my sister and pamangkins, my friends, and to the readers and followers of Palipasan and to the 180 votes for my entry in PEBA (as of 2 am, Manila time)

I wish for another 5 more days and 5 more lifetimes to share with you.

Maraming salamat po! Ang buhay ko’y naging makahulugan dahil sa inyo.


  1. birthday mo kuya? (nagtanong pa e! lolz!)

    happy happy happy birthday
    sa'yo ang inumin
    sa'yo ang pulutan
    happy happy happy birthday
    sana'y busugin mo kami!

    ndi ko na alam ung iba kaya ganyan nalang muna ha? hehehe... shortcut... :D

    wish you good health, happy life, happy family, happy blogging at lahat na ng happy dito sa mundong ibabaw. :)

    remember,lagi mo kaming binubusog sa lahat ng mga post mo. keep on blogging and inspiring us kuya george! :)

    again, happy birthday! :)

    anong handa mo pala? dadalo ang elite members ng KabLogs para makikain jan sau sa qatar. hehehe...

  2. happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

    wish you good health, happy family and more gold!!! hahahaha!

    tama na siguro ung wishes ko... lolz!

  3. i just want to seal those prayers in Jesus' Name

    and to even make them stronger, i want to agree with them by saying AMEN!

    Happy Birthday po!

  4. oi, dapat talaga kitang tawaging KUYAkoy instead na parekoy, hhehehe.. kakainspire naman ang mga accomplishment mo na sa loob ng 25,246,080 minutes or 17,532 days...nagcompute pa talaga ako, 'yun pala aaminin din sa huli ang age, wahaha...

    happy bday kuya, wishing you of another more than 48 birthdays...

  5. Oyyy.... birthday niya.... Happy birthday po sa inyo...good health to you and to your family!

  6. Nawala comment ko :(

    Happy Birthday pre!!!


    continue counting your blessings:D

  8. @ Dyi
    Maraming salamat happy messages mo, nakakatats. Pasensya na wala akong handa dito, I am 'Home Alone In Doha" but my faily is preparing pancit sa Pilipinas. Malamang ng instant pancit canton na lang me dito mamaya hahaha.

    @ A-Z-E-L
    Thank you sa wishes mo, kaya lang yung more gold natuwa ako hehehe.

    @ Yanie's Ka-blags!!!
    Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. God bless you too.

    @ batang'henyo
    gusto ko yung Kuyakoy hahahaha, salamat sa pagbati and thank you for the birthday wish.

    @ MarcoPaolo
    Yes, thanks sa good health wishes on my bday, yun din ang kahilingan ko.

    @ Lord CM
    Salamat bro, I was so happy coz isa sa early greeters ko kanina. God bless.

    @ DETH
    Thanks, yes counting and thanking Him for the blessings.

  9. Happy Birthday Pope! Yan nakahabol pa! jejejejejje

  10. Happy birthday po. More birthdays to come and thank you for the nice post. :)

    We wish more years of success and happiness for you and your family. Saan po ang handaan? Baka pwedeng makikain ang PT Girls. :P
    God Bless!!!

    The Pink Tarha Girls

    PS. Thank you very much for the inspiring words you graciously give our blog entries. Your appreciation of what we write truly encourages us to write more, and better. From the bottom of our pink hearts, shukran katir!!! :)

  12. The Pope, maligayang kaarawan.. dati ka rin palang tibak :)

  13. Happy Birthday Pope!!! Galing naman ng post mo, inspiring talaga hehehe, napansin ko lang parang puro 8 ka ngayon, hmmm suwerte daw yun hehehe "daw" ha kasi 48 ka na at bday mo 08-18....sana suwerte ka lagi di lang may 8 ang age hehehe, I wish you good health and.....wealth as always.....again...Happy BEERday Pope! Painom ka naman dyan!

  14. We are celebrating special day today in PEBA, u know that already. I guess di mo nabasa ang chat message ko sa huli kanina.

    Nahuli kami ng basa ng post mo kaya di namin alam na birthday mo kanina, hehe, sori!

    We thank God, truly, that He lead us to befriend you. You have been our mentor-friend for the past several months...and tonight and always in our heart, we'll keep a prayer of gratitude for you, and that God will bless you with more good health, peace and happiness!

    We love you the Pope.

    - The Thoughtskoto Family

  15. maligayang kaarawan!

    akalain mong 1962 ka pala? pero kung pagbabasehan ang ibang litrato eh parang 1982 ano?

    inuman na!

  16. Belated Happy Birthday Sir



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