Sunday, August 30, 2009

Prepare To Be A Hero

Our country has produced countless numbers of heroes from Lapu-Lapu to Pres. Cory Aquino. Because of their heroic achievements, their selfless sacrifices for our country, the Philippines. We regard them as individuals larger than life, their heroic values were embodied into our society in a way of preserving and teaching these vaules to the young people.

In our journey to the 21st century, we struggle with new problems and opportunities never faced before, such as terrorism from both NPAs and Abu Sayaf groups, the gargantuan environmental problems, poverty, hunger, graft and corruptions.

Our country's democracy is once again threatened and challenged. Not by invasions of foreign forces, the enemy is within our society, they are among us, in front of us, divesting the taxpayers money, waving and shaking hands with us and our fmilies hoping to remain in power. Some are the elitist and capitalists who have form alliances with the politicians to enrich themselves by exploitng the weak, the poor and the powerless citizens. While others are visible in tv commercial ads spending millions of pesos conditioning our minds in preparation for the 2010 elections.

The need for new heroes is more acute than before. To avoid the political turmoil, economic chaos, catastrophic environmental problems, we must have Filipinos who are willing to take bold actions to address our country's enormous problems.

We Filipinos have been shaped by our culture and faith, we are all potential heroes waiting for a moment in life to perform a heroic deed. The decision to act heroically is a choice that many of us will be called upon, and as we celebrate our country's National Heroes Day, as true Filipinos in heart and soul, let us prepare ourselves to act when and if a moment calls for heroism arises - a moment to act when most others are flaccid.

And in our digital world, Arvin de la Pena's article entitled "Mukhang Pera" which has caused an uproar from the OFW bloggers after it has maligned the dignity of our New Generation Heroes; has been voluntarily deleted by the author from his blog post.

In the spirit of goodwill despite the leaf of reconcilliation was not clearly visible on the other end of the bridge, with humility we have to concur on the peaceful solution to immediately reinstate harmony in blogsphere. Thank you to Lord CM of Dungeon Lord for being an effective Peacemaker of KABLOGS for his extraordinary actions in this trying time, you are the real hero of our time.

I beg to bloggers not to play with the feelings of our fellow Kababayan particularly the OFW to gain instant fame to build blog traffic and popularity. Let us not join the bandwagon of infamous writers like Malou Fernandez and Chip Tsao. Remember that in the end when the storm has come to a lull, there are no winners in this vicious writers game and the OFWs remained victims and only time can heal their scars..

The respect you give to your readers is the same respect that you will earn from them. Let us build and shape road and bridges not walls that divide us from the stones that God has given us in our daily life.

May the healing power of God cure the wounded hearts and souls of our afflicted Global Filipinos and may peace and harmony reign in the hearts of our "Kababayans".


  1. As we commemorate National Heroes Day, we shall also remember the heroes that are born everyday. Death is not a gauge of heroism, in as much as we respect those who have gone before us, we shall also take into consideration the people who continue to light up our paths everyday towards improvement and development. A simple garbage collector who performs his job well, an ordinary waitress who serves cheerfully, a peddler who braves the sun and rain just to earn a living for his family, a disabled person who is self-sufficient, a teacher who never tires of enlightening the minds of the youths and Overseas Filipino Workers who are selfless and persevering in accomplishing the dreams of their loved ones, all these people inspire us in leading a productive life. They are the modern day heroes who are worth emulating.

    We shall all remember that this is the year of living dangerously. We are surrounded by everyday struggle for survival. But instead of resorting to crab mentality, there are still people who manage to keep their values intact and this is a sign of heroism.

    Let us search for a little act of kindness within us and learn to share ourselves with others. Any random act of kindness can serve as a guiding star to a needy.

    Let us not be sidetracked with negativity but rather focus on the bright side of life. Life is beautiful and its worth living when you have the courage to face the challenges that come your way. Let us unite and play a major role in helping our country move forward.

    Make it happen,
    Mike Avenue

  2. @ Mike

    Pag naging partylist ang KABLOGS at nakakuha ng enough na boto, ikaw rerepresent sa Kongreso ha? Haha. Ayos! Ang bahay mo?

    The Pope kung hindi pa nakalink si Azel at jee sa post mo di ko nakita sa sidebar ko ang mga entries nila.

    Salamat. As far as I know, deleted na ang post niya na yun, pero I am not happy. I am sad sa mga nangyayari. May this will serve as a lesson.

  3. @ Mike Avenue
    I say AMEN, inspiring and perfectly crafted for the event, this is the real Mike Avenue that I knew.

    @ Mr. Thoughtskoto
    In the spirit of peace and reconcilliation, I will edit this post accordingly.

  4. Nalulungkot ako sa nangyayari sa kablogs dahil sa isyung kinasangkutan nito kamakailan lamang at muli nadagdagan na naman ito ng panibagong isyu pero patungkol naman sa mga OFWs. If only every blogger will be very considerate and is sensitive about one's own post then maybe issues like this will be lessen and perhaps eliminated... Yet, nobody an please everybody... but I feel for you... Nagkataon lang siguro na nagcross na siya sa boundary ng responsible entries... but hope in the future di na madagdagan ang ganitong klaseng issues... pinoy sa pinoy ang labanan... hayz...

  5. Oo nga National Heroes Day ngayon! Sana nga lang hindi nasayang ang kabayanihan at kadakilaan ng mga bayani natin noon.

    At ngayon OFW tayo at tinuturing na bagong bayani, sana hindi nasasayang ang titulong ito at bigyan tayo ng kahit konting importansya ng Gobyerno.

    Ingat po

  6. Time heals with the power of God. Sana wala ng taong maglalapastangan sa ating mga OFW..Inshallah...Sana din tatanggapin na ni Arvin ng buong puso ang kanyang kamalian..

  7. Thanks for the Edit The Pope/ Kudos to CM too for the job well done. I admire his resilience in all this, and for reaching out. A true leader. Thanks for being there for him too.

  8. Sana nga di nasayang ang ipinaglaban ng ating mga bayani, at sana din di na masundan pa ang kaguluhan..

  9. @ The Pope: di ka lang bayani kuyakoy, peacemaker ka din...

    @ Mike Avenue: damang dama ko 'ung message habang binabasa, parang nakikipag usap ka lang..

    gusto ko ang style ng panulat mo... cheers!

  10. Salamat dito pre, at sana'y di na masundan pa para makapagpatuloy tayo sa layunin ng KaBlogs

    Mabuhay ka Pre...Salamat

  11. may bago ng CLOSING REMARKS ni Kuya Mike... Make it happen! i like that!

    i really love the thoughts flowing endlessly in Kuya George and Mike's mind! If blogosphere will be full of sensible & witty people like you guys, i'd rather ask my nices/nephew not to study Phil History at all!!! instead read your blogs! hehehehehe!

    And as we celebrate the Day of our Nation's Heroes, i hope we'll have a peaceful environment here... magpapasko na...

    -BER month na bukas...

    maagang pagbati ng maligayang pasko sa PALIPASAN!

  12. National Heroes Day pala ngayon, so let me congratulate you George and all the visitors of this blog. What you did and what you continue to do is a heroic act of a gentleman.

    And to finally lighten things up (heavy na masyado ang dating natin for the past days!), let me, as Azel said, greet you...

    Merry Christmas (patugtugin na ang Christmas carols tomorrow!!!! It's ER-month na!!!).

    Peace, people, peace!

  13. Oi araw di nating mga bagong bayani!

    Binabati ko kayong lahat kapwa ko bayani ko!

    Mabuhey teyong lehet!

  14. What make our country free from the oppressors were the heroes that gave their lives for us. Like the Bagong Bayani and all the ordinary people that live their life to help their families and friends. We should give them the respect they deserve. It is truly that in the end the heroes are the ones whose affected by the wounds that left behind.

    Happy heroes day for all the people that love and care for others.

  15. Likewise, I will not let this year's National Heroes Day to pass by without greeting you guys for being everyday's heroes, as Mike said heroes are born every day.

    There is no flag ceremony in PEBA and KaBlogs, but let us raise the flag in our Filipino heart.

    We are the modern heroes in every endeavor we are individually taking, facing the challenges gallantry and waving the flag as we conquered every conflict we have faced.

    As they there is no great man in reality but only great challenge one is forced to meet and overcome, blessed as he is being the one given the opportunity to face such.

    Let's face our great challenge and be hero.

    My snappy salute to all Filipino heroes!

  16. I was hoping to read the most talked-about blog nowadays but as Mr. Thoughtskoto has said, the blog has been deleted already. Kaya ng bumalik ako, naguluhan ako bigla sa tema ng mga post ng mga Kablogs. Well, this is the consequence for being away from the blogosphere far too long.

    Anyway, whoever he is. He doesn't deserve our attention. Masaya na siguro siya dahil in his own evil way eh sumikat siya.

    Pabati na rin ako ng Merry Christmas. May the peace be with you all :)


  17. p e a c e

    but this i telll you, the one who started this all will not a respect from this community.

  18. the call of our times today is for us all to be our own heroes for the country.



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