Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What Builds You More

The world will provide you with stones everyday.
What you build out of it, is your choice..



or a Bridge.

You may even choose to
do nothing.

At the end, world will know you
by what you did with it.


  1. COOL!
    It's like a choice i need in dealing the current issue.
    if i have to choose..
    I need a force protection..a strong wall
    and if I need to build a road it would have an ECP, entry controlled point.
    all of these for security reason.

  2. Profound!

    Hmmmm...what have I been doing with my stones? Lemme see.

    There are times I build a road from it. Sometimes too, especially when I'm down, a wall. Occasionnaly, when I feel touched by an angel, a bridge.

    Most of the time, though, I just throw the stones to inventive others so they can make better use of it.

    (Ano raw?)

  3. ang lalim!nosebleed kuya..hehe Ü

    ako siguro bridge na may wall..people person kasi ako pero takot parin akong ipakita ang lahat lahat ng ako..ewan ko ba..Ü

  4. So we have to build a strong foundation in order to make it last longer. For the world will see how we dedicate our works.

  5. Great post! It pricks the very recesses of the heart. By our deeds, we shall be judged.

  6. Ang galing pre!!!Pero alam mo ba?, na kung minsan dedepende sa nakapaligid sa atin kung magagawa ba natin ang mga ibinigay sa atin...

    May mga bagay na alam nating kayang gawin ng isang tao, pero di nya ito nagagawa dahil sa mga nakapaligid sa kanya, lumalabas lamang ang mga ito kapag may mga taong naniniwala na sa kanyang kakayahan...

    Related pa ba ung comment ko sa post mo? lolzz

  7. @ bizjoker-of-the-philippines
    Thank you foe believing.

    @ isladenebz
    You are really kind, you always find things to share to others.

    God bless you Nebz.

    @ ♥superjaid♥
    A walled-bridge, seems like reaching with caution makes sense in

    this troubled world.

  8. @ Life Moto
    You are right, let build a strong foundation from these stones...

    thank you for leaving a mark. God bless.

    @ Desert Aquaforce
    Thank you for your inspiring comments.

    @ MarcoPaolo
    I am also amazed on your inspiratonal posts. Thank you for

    spreading the Word.

    @ Lord CM
    Thank you for your share, you always make sense in every words you make. God bless you.

  9. A wall for my home, talking bout security.
    A road for others to walk or pass, talking like service.
    A bridge to established communication, understanding, peace...

    Thanks Pope!

  10. A beautiful inspiring post! Thanks for sharing!

  11. sometimes wat u want to built is not only dictated by wats in ur hand or wat resources offer in ur front...

    it takes a lot of courage to build a wall...

    it takes lot of persevarance to build a road...

    & sometimes its takes a lifetime to build a bridge...

    in ds stone i chose to build a road, a road that will stand even in the test of time...

  12. ako tulay para yun sa mga tao na nahihirapan tawarin ang tugatog ng tagumpay dahil sa mga balikid sa kanilang daraanan..yan tulay ang magsisilbi para makamit nila ang pangarap na inaasam..(hang rarim raman ng nisabi ko hahaha)

  13. I already banged a WALL
    I already crossed the ROAD
    and been in a BRIDGE looking down for most of my years...

    yet... i really dont know what i already built in this lifetime...

    let me ponder your thoughts kuya...

  14. before I become so lost and hurt that I built a wall to enclose myself in, a road so I can run away and a bridge to cross to a place of solitude...now I'm starting to go back...and realized that I need to build a bridge to be able to cross places to the people who needs me most...build roads to reach them and build walls to protect them.



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