Sunday, September 27, 2009

You Cling To 'Someone' During The Storms

There will be storms, my child,
there will be storms;
And with each tempest,
you will seem to stand alone against cruel winds;
but with time, the rage and fury shall subside.

As the sky clears before you open your eyes,
you will find your feet dry
because I held you up;
you will find your body warm
because I embraced you in the cold night;
and you will realize that you're not alone
because you are clinging to Someone;

You would have never known, but for storms.


Prayer for Victims of Storm "Ondoy"

Our Heavenly Father, compassionate and merciful God,
Please spare and show compassion to the Filipino people,
the inhabitants of the 7,100 islands from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao
particularly the residents from the provinces of Rizal, Laguna,
Quezon, Pampanga and of Metro Manila .

We beg you to save every Filipino people from every calamity,
from the winds of storm and the heavy rains,
from the waters of the sea, and from every sorrow and evil,
And send deliverance and redemption
to all those who call upon Thy Name.

Save them from the floodwaters, landslides and rescue them from the abyss,
Lead them to a place of safety, and do not abandon them,
And in Your abundant mercy
send them redemption in the measure of their loss,
And complete healing to the sick and those in pain,
and comfort to their souls and spirit.

May all the Filipino people and of the world
recognize that You are the Supreme King,
Who rules the powers of the universe
and shows mercy to His creatures,
who praise Your great Name,

Photograb from uploaded by Greenpeace Southeast Asia's photostream


  1. This is so inspiring. Sometimes in our life we thought that we are always alone in the rain and in the storm. Despite of there is someone in our life that we can cling on.
    We came to realized it when the storm is over.

    So as the Lord is always there on our side for us to cling on in time of storm.

  2. Gustung-gusto ko ang mga sinabi nu'ng 'Someone' sa poetry. Wish ko ngang kahit sa panaginip sana ay literal kong maranasan ang Kanyang mga yakap.

    Nananalangin din ako para sa mga biktima...

  3. Thanks God I'm safe... my prayers also to all the victims!

  4. @ Life Moto

    Life is Beautiful. Thank you for Believing.

    @ RJ,

    God is always with us, during the storm or in a calm season, 24/7...

    On every beat of our heart, we just need to feel Him within our hearts.

    God bless you.

    @ MarcoPaolo

    Salamat sa pakikiisa.

    A blessed day.

  5. My family back home is quite safe..Hindi sila naapektuhan ni Ondoy..Thanks God..Pero labis akong nalulungkot sa ating mga kababayan..Sa totoo lang tuwing nakikita ko ang ganitong sitwasyon napaiyak ako..naiisip ko na kung ako kaya ang nasa sitwasyon nila, makakaya ko kaya?

    My heartfelt prayers sa lahat ng Pilipinong apektado sa bagyo..Mananalig po tayo sa Kanya..Siya na po ang bahala sa atin..

  6. Maswerte pa rin tayo at hindi nangyari sa atin ang sinapit ng mga tao lalo na sa marikina...

  7. hello po..just want to spread the news...i mean, i you guys would want to help...visit bianca g.'s blogsite []...

    Let's continue praying for the best...GOD bless us all!=)

  8. Amen.

    I am confident that we will get thru this pain. that we will be the strong-willed filipino again. matatapang tayo eh.. kahit anong unos pa.. nakakayanan nating labanan!

    sana lang ay may leksyong natutunan ang bawat isa sa mga nangyaring ito.

  9. Amen.

    Let's also pray na di na matuloy ang namamataang bagyo na paparating on Wednesday.

  10. You would have never known, but for storms...

    minsan siguro gusto lang ng Diyos natin na maalala naman natin Sya.
    minsan, dahil sa komportable tayo sa buhay, madalas ay nakakalimot tayo sa Kanya. we enjoy the blessings but we sometimes forgot the One who gave those blessings.
    let us always remember to call onto the good times and in bad times.
    ...just a thought :)


    an "Amen!" to that prayer.

  11. amen to that....mabuhay ka inspired me again and i love the color blue and red



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