Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When Sun Rises, Run At Your Best

Every morning in Africa,
When the sun rises, a deer awakens;
Knowing it has to outrun the fastest lion,
Or, be hunted to death.

And when the sun rises, a lion awakens;
Knowing it has to outrun the slowest deer,
Or, be starved to death.
It does not matter,
Whether you are a deer or lion;
Wherever you are when the Sun rises,
Better be running at your best.

Photograb from Flickr.com
Uploaded by Leon B. Dista


  1. Early bird catches worm & daig pa ng maagap ang masipag.

    Run at your best and reach to your destination. Never give up running.

  2. agree!Ü pero minsan kailangan nating maglakad para naman maappreciate ang mga bagay bagay, at minsan di natin kailangang magmadali pero tulad ng pagtakbo kailangan nating gawin to with all our might,Ü

  3. ang lalim nito...kailangan isavor ang mga nangyayari sa buhay at hindi madaliin.

  4. live and love as if there is no tomorrow.

  5. @ Life Moto
    You are an early bird indeed, naka based ka, thank you so much for being a regular commenter. God bless you.

    @ ♥superjaid♥
    I love your wits, a blessed Wednesday morning.

    @ MarcoPaolo
    That's right, let us savour every minute of our life. Thank you for believing.

    @ roanne
    "Lei Hou"

    Thank you for believing.

    Life is Beautiful, please stop for a while and smell the flowers.

    God Bless you.

  6. sometimes because of life's complexities we tend to go on the fast forward mode in our life that we forget to appreciate every little good thing that life offers us...

  7. yes we must always give our best run in everything we do...

    thanks for another inspiring post Pope:D

  8. Run, Samson Run?
    Joke. Hehe.

    Seriously, sa buhay natin, pwede tayong mamili kung leon ba tayo o pilandok (deer). Pero lagi kong tinatandaan, sa pagtakbo ko, "It's not the destination, it's the journey."

    Thanks Pope.

    Take care.

  9. Mas gusto kong namnamin ang bawat segundo ng buhay, hindi dahil sa wala akong pakealam sa aking patutunguhan kundi alam kong minsan lang darating ang segundo o minutong yun ng aking buhay...

  10. ang sabi ni Life Moto... the early bird catches the worm.

    ang sabi ni A-Z-E-L, the second rat gets the cheese!

    pero kahit pa ur the first one or not to see the sunrise... ikaw man ang eraly bird or the second rat... ang mahalaga ibinigay mo ang lahat sa mga bagay na ginagawa mo. determination and will kelangan un.

  11. determination is the key for success!

    in my own experience i can say that in evry hardship we are facing... FACING THE REALITY is the best key to survive. the past and the future will not matter as much as the present.

    have a great day!

  12. thanks ulit sa post be the beast or be at ur best.....

  13. ang ganda po.. hehehe... pero ako lakad lakad lang muna.. di naman ako nagmamadali eh... ehehehe... baka kasi kapag tumakbo ako, marami akong mamiss na mga bagay.. :)

    i agree po na we should always do our best.. hehehe.. :)

  14. Nice POPE!! :-) Btw, pano magjoin sa KABLOGS?
    THANKS!! More Power!!




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