Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Democracy - Unending Political Struggle

Kung sya ang sumasalamin
sa ating Bansa,
Pababayaan mo ba Sya?

It seems that the legacies of our great heroes is going down the drain, when some favors fascism particularly the Marcos-style dictatorship as an instant solution to our growing political and economic problems. Wala na nga bang pag-asa ang ating bayan, at kailangang isuko ang laban na sinimulan ng ating mga bayani mula sa hanay ni Lapu-Lapu at ang pinakahuli ay si President Cory Aquino.

Some people loses hope but please let us not give away our liberty and it pains me to think that some are most willing to trade-off our democracy to a dictatorship form of government for a political change of atmosphere.

It's very important to understand exactly what democracy is, and what it depends on. Many people leave school just thinking that it means that people have the vote.

We should know what a fragile, complex and nuanced creature a liberal democracy is. They also need to be taught about 'democratic deficits'; the imperfections and corruptions in democratic systems, whether in our own country, the Philippines, USA, UK or wherever.

I say "democracy" is always imperfect and always needs to be questioned, rethought, repaired. The advantage is that you can do this in a democracy - faulty as our democracies seem to be at the moment.

What we need right now is faith, believed in ourselves and together with our youth, YOU, we could change the our country. Without this belief we cannot do it as we are unable to maintain the motivation necessary.

I always believe it is possible to change our country and that is why I spend so much time producing blog articles that suggests we can. Otherwise I will stop blogging and will tell my children to stop believing in the word "CHANGE". We must firmly believe that we can change, however; it can’t be done alone with old codgers like me. We need the young citizen like YOU, with all your surplus energies, to get involved in this great political struggle.

Yet so many are apathetic. I can understand that given the current situation. But it is a recipe for a new kind of fascism.

I say, never ever embrace a dictatorial form of Government. Galing na kami duon, nakipaglaban kami para sa inyo, huwag na nating balikan ang isang madilim na kahapon.

Let us prove that Ninoy is correct that "Filipinos are worth dying for".


  1. Okay. Malinaw, napakalinaw. Sa tingin ko, LAHAT ng nakipaglaban at patuloy na nakikipaglaban para sa ating demokrasya ay ang mga tinutukoy niyong YOUTH. Kayo mismo, The Pope, ay kasapi ng mga 'kabataang' ito.

    'Ika nga ni Samuel Ullman, "Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind... Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul."

    Sabay-sabay nating alagaan ang ating kalayaan!

  2. Well said... Thanks for sharing this article... God Bless!

  3. @ RJ

    Thank you for sharing the excerpt of Samuel's poem, the Youth.

    Life is Beautiful, keep on believing.

    @ MarcoPaolo

    Salamat sa palagiang pagdalaw at pag-iiwan ng marka.

    A blessed Wednesday morning.

  4. bro please! Don't stop. Isa ka sa mga haligi ng KABLOGS na truly nagbibigay ng inspiration and light to others. Like me! We need to balance the force.

    Change we need and so DON'T STOP!

  5. everytime i see my blogroll updates and found your site at the topmost... i never had a second thought to come and visit you. because i believe in your writings. i can even feel all the emotions in it.

    and just like them.. let me tell you not to stop writing and blogging. don't stop to fight for the liberty we're enjoying. always instill in our minds that we should always protect our future, the generations to come, for them to enjoy the freedom we are embracing now!

    salamat po...

  6. I never thought you will make a follow-up entry on the democracy issue you published previously. I never thought you will come out and fight for what you believe despite of some contradictions made by your fellow bloggers like RJ and me.

    This is a great act of you,Pope! You stand firm to what you believe. Because of this, I give you my sympathy. Asahan mong sabay NA akong maniniwala sayo na ang demokrasya ang siyang magbibigay sa atin ng pag-asa. You were there to witness how worst dictatorship is. Siguro sapat na yon para ibahin ko NA ang aking paniniwala NOON na mas makakabuti sa ating bansa ang dictatorship form of government.

    God Bless, Pope!

    I came to hate democracy because my uncle was killed by the leftists who fight for democracy. Should there be no such thing as democracy he should have been enjoying his life until now with us.

  7. very well said po..ang galing mo talaga kuya!Ü

    change must start from ourselves first para makamit ang pagbabagong hinahangad natin para sa pilipinas.

  8. @ Life Moto

    Thank you so much for the believing, real change starts within us, with faith there is no impossible with God.

    @ AZEL

    I am humbled by your remarks, you reflect the youth of our society, you have proven that distance is not a hindrance in the sturggle for freedom. You are always full of energies and enthusiasms.

    Thank you so much.

    Life is beautiful, keep on believing.

    @ RUEL

    I am really sorry if I have drawn your attention, although I have no intention of offending fellow bloggers the same reason why I tried to avoid naming names or linking this post to my previous article. I respect everybody's opinion and their right to reply.

    And I am sorry to hear about the appalling death of your uncle in the hands of the leftist, a heroic act of depending democracy that leaves anger and scar of hatred in the hearts of his love ones.

    Let us not be deterred by the senseless killings of the leftist in their campaign for communism, nor let us not allowed ourselves to cowed by the guns and goons of the rich, the elite, and the political kingpins.

    During the height of martial laws, I was dragged, hit by 'yantok' by the cops, been fired with teargas and chased by the Metrocoms during rally events and election watchdog duties. Death has not crossed my mind, I believed that that with God's mercy on me and the Filipino people we can make a change.

    After Feb. 1986, we have made the difference, but the ghost of Marcos still haunts our nation. It has taken new shape and new colors, let us be watchful, and never be deceived again. Our diasporic status as an OFW is a rebellion against an imbecil government, the saga of our political struggle continues and it starts with us.

    God bless you.

    @ ♥superjaid♥

    Salamat sa pagdalaw at pag-iiwan ng marka, sabi ni Dr. Rizal, ikaw at ang mga kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan.

    A blessed Wednesday evening.



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