Monday, December 28, 2009

Thank You Lord!

 My sister Tessie Bermejo  delivers her acceptance 
speech as Palipasan wins PEBA 's Top Ten Blogs

Thank you Lord!!!

The first three words I have uttered after I learned from my attending families in the PEBA Awards Night. Palipasan was voted as PEBA's 6th winner on PEBA 2009's Top 10 Blog Awardees.

It is such an honor knowing that I was competing with 36 other nominees most are best blogs and best writers in the blogging realm.The satisfaction of winning is so immense that until now as my wall clock here in Doha is about to strike 12 midnight, my mind is still fully awake as I savor the glory of winning.

Tremendous thanks to my blogging friends in Kablogs who have encouraged me to join PEBA 2009, to my readers, and followers who never gets tired of reading my post and to my regular commenters who always leaves their trail behind my comment box. And my deepest gratitude to my friends, classmates/batchmates, relatives and unknown generous people who have contributed to Paliapsan's 561 votes and to the bold predictions made by my friends Reymos and Scofiield, Jr, maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat.

Lastly, I would like to thank the Organizers and volunteers of PEBA, Inc., for honoring and recognizing the talents of Global Filipino bloggers, thank you for believing in the talents of the OFWs,

This award is a recognition, affirmation and challenge. Recognition - for a time spent and a life well lived during 2009. An affirmation for the worthy causes in bringing God's word in the hearts of my readers albeit unpopular options taken and challenge to do more and be better.

I am sharing this award to my family who have always supported my blogging passion, my wife Enor; my son Jason; my daughter Geeka and my dearest sister Tessie who have represented me and Palipasan in the PEBA Awards Night.

Congratulations to all the PEBA 2009 Winners.

Life is Beautiful, let us continue our blogging passion in bringing inspiration, joy and peace to our Diasporic community and to the world.

Maraming salamat po at nawa'y magkasama pa po tayo sa PEBA 2010.


  1. Congrats pre, nararapat lamang na makasama ka sa Top 10 :) ...

    Sayang nga lang at hindi tayo nakapunta :)

  2. Congratulations, The Pope! You deserve it. U

  3. Congrats truly deserve it and may you continue inspiring more bloggers this coming year!

  4. Congrats Pope. You deserve to be in the top 10.

    Happy New Year po.

  5. Congrats kuya!!!
    at sa lahat ng winners!!!!

    You guys truly deserve your award :)

  6. Congratulations!

    You deserve it!

    And thanks for all the support you've given to PEBA...

  7. Bro! Baguhin mo na ang logo ng PEBA sa sidebar mo, di ka na nominee - WINNER ka na!

    Congratulations! Pati na rin sa ibang mga nanalo. Nakakapagod mag-blog-hopping haays! hehe!

  8. Congratulations Pope! More power blogging in 2010 for all us....cheers! (We Love You Too!)

  9. Yayayay! this calls forth a big celebration!!!

    Congratulations po for winning sa PEBA ^_^ galing talaga ng Pinoy!


  10. Pope- Congrats!!! Ang galing mo naman!!! Buti ka pa may representative na dumalo. Sayang talaga wala tayo dun.

  11. congratulation! you deserve it :)

  12. George you did it! Congrats for winning the PEBA. Happy new year! You really deserve it! Cheers.
    Thank you also sa support ninyo sa lahat ng mga bloggers!

  13. wow, aba eh dapat inuman na!!!
    panalo tayo Pope, haha.Pang apat naman ako, yehey.
    Di bale sa next year, uuwian na natin ang awards night, hehe

    aba tagay na!!!

  14. CONGRATULATIONS Pope!! :-) That's a HAPPY NEW YEAR Present indeed!!

  15. Congratulations! I really thought it was a competition between you and Nebz. You are two of the best bloggers I truly admire. You deserve it! Now you can beat your insomnia and share with us your joy. Magpakain ka Pope!

  16. Naku, nahuli na naman ako sa balita. Ipagpaumanhin niyo po, The Pope, dahil hindi kita nabati kaagad. Congratulations po!

  17. George. Congratulations. I'll remain as your avid fan.

    Maligayang Bagong Taon.

    Email me your forwarding address so I can send you the Ovi shirt.

  18. Well done...Maybe someday we will have the chance to meet, maybe in Saudi or in Pinas! Enjoy the award...sana may "cash" prize para pamblow-out sa mga barkada!

  19. congrats! :)

    by the way kuya, ive a new blog. :)

  20. Congrats!

    Have a happy new year!

  21. Congratulations, The Pope!!! I wish I could really shake your hands! Very well deserved! Ang saya ng Bagong taon! At ipagpatuloy po ninyo ang inyong makabuluhang mga kuwento at diwa!

  22. Congrats dear friend! Happy happy New year to you and your family!



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