Sunday, June 20, 2010

OFW Dads - Happy Father's Day!

To all the Filipino fathers in the world who have taken the road to Diaspora and braved the biting wind of loneliness, our Government has exulted you as "Modern Day Heroes", while your children have looked upon you as "Men of Steel" and traditionally you are commonly referred to as "haligi ng tahanan (house foundation)".

However, behind those machismo beliefs - the large chest, bulky muscles strong and calloused hands; these "manly" body structure cannot contain the tears running down from the men's eyes cascading to their cheeks and the muffled cry that they tried to contain during the still of the night where the faceless "homesickness" strikes unexpectedly. When everybody sleeps, or alone in the cold room, the men in shining armour shed tears too as they realized how many special events and occasions they have missed, their kids baptism, first walks, annual birthdays, first communion and graduations... enough to bring the "Man of Steel" sobbing in tears as the emotional anguish of men is unmeasurable as they hide those tears of sadness from their family and with cracking voice - they talk to them on the telephone, or thru internet or snail mail, they always tell their wife and children - with firm voice and with assurance that "I AM OKAY", even though you they're not.

Driven by their determination to fight poverty by trading loneliness for econimc gain in the hope of bringing brighter future to their family, their sacrifices as OFW Dads are priceless, they are not just heroes, but super heroes - you are Super Dads who plays bigger role in nation building and have been an inspiration to your proud family back home. And most of you have made our country known in evey part of this world, you are an ambassador in your own right and an evangelist too as you bring your religious faith in the foreign lands.

TO ALL THE OFW FATHERS, DADS, AMA, ITAY and TATAY and LOLO... HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, I look forward in the coming days when you reunite with your children and wife.



  1. Saludo po ako sa inyong mga OFW dads. Happy Father's day!

  2. happy fathers day..hehe.. saludo talga ako sa mga OFW..mahirap ang kanilang ginagawa.. nagttrabaho sa malayo para mapalaki at mabigyan ng makakain ang mga kapamilya nila

    three thmbs up kasa ma yung sa paa para sa mga OFW DADS

  3. tagos sa buto. ramdam na ramdam! happy erpat's day!!

  4. happy father's day. salamat sa pagaalala at pagbati sa ating mga ofw daddys. God bless you and your family too!

  5. happy father's day po! as usual nakakaiyak nnman to! its very true kase!

  6. Happy Father's day nga sa ating mga OFW kahit yung mga wala pang asawa't anak dahil tayo ang nagsisilbing "provider" ng ating mga pamilya.

    Sa iyo kuya Happy Father's Day din!


  7. Absent Fathers has been a Growing Problem world wide, kaya there's a fathers day celebration.

    FATHERS are abandoning their families in increasing numbers
    Some fathers are present or at home, but Not Available
    “too many fathers content themselves with being food suppliers, without being educators.”

    Often, the situation is that the father is in the family but is not involved in the lives of his children. His attention is focused elsewhere.
    The fact is, children don’t judge their father’s worth by the amount of money he makes or the monetary value of gifts he may give them.

    Rather, what children really want—far more than material gifts—is their father’s love, time, and attention. These are what truly matter to them.

    Kaya, if today is fathers day,make it whole year through, let our kids feel it.



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