Monday, August 9, 2010

Resilience of OFW Families : PEBA 2010 Entry 101


Anyone can give up.
It's the easiest thing in the world to do.
But to hold it together,
when everything seems like falling apart
That's true strength! 
And you can find it in the heart of every OFW families.

OFWs  embraced uncertainties,
crossed distant  shores, 
braved the winter storms and desert heat .

Armed with love, trust and faith
OFW families have defied temptations
in exchange of life filled with 
sacrifices and sufferings.

Despite the enormous pressures and
disintegrating factors,
The OFW families  remained firm 
in their mission as a "family".

 Because the family 
is a not only a smallest unit of a society,
it is a "domestic church".

OFW families are God's  gift 
not only to the Philippines but to the World.

Pope John Paul VI said, 
"The future of humanity passes by way of the family" 
(Familiaris Consortio, no. 87)


  1. love this line kuya...

    Because the family
    is a not only a smallest unit of a society,
    it is a "domestic church".


  2. hold it together when everythings seems falling apart, parang napanood ko to sa movie ni vilma at claudine dati.

  3. A 'domestic church' indeed! Sa bahay ko natutunan ang manalangin. Nanay ko ang nagturo kung paano magdasal ng Rosaryo. Sa magulang ko natutunan ang mga turo ng Holy Bible.

    All OFW families should make God their center. Sabi nga ng pari namin dati: The family that prays together not just stays together but remains forever.

  4. "OFW families are God's gift not only to the Philippines but to the World."

    families need God's grace and guidance at all times ...

  5. Correct! It's always the family that binds us together. Miss you na Pope



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