Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pope's Letter To Santa Claus

Dear Santa,

I know that you are sad as the world clock ticks and little help has been done by the world leaders to end global warming. There’s so much to wish for in helping our world that sometimes it’s overwhelming, and sometimes I feel hopeless. But at the same time I know that our world is still filled with magic and love, and you are one of the great spirits of that wonder.

This season, my family is offering prayers to the Infant Jesus to end the global warming as it has taken its toll on the ice cap in the Artic Circle as it posed great danger to you and Mrs. Santa, Rudolf and the rest of the deers and the elves. Christmas won't be the same without you.

For my Palipasan blogsite:

Dear Santa,  last Christmas you filled my stockings with gifts of creativity and passion for writing which leads me to the creation of Palipasan. As the door opens on 2010, I am planning to start on a more serious level of blogging and I wish you could fill my stocking with a new domain and hosting for Palipasan for Christmas this year which will allow me to  customized my site freely without limitations for greater outlook and functionality designs to give a far better interactive blog presentation to my readers whom I owe my existence in this borderless world of blog.

My deepest gratitude to you Santa for your generosity for the mid-year gifts you accorded to Palipasan as Finalist for the Special Award, Category on Best Filipino Abroad Blog on Philippine Blog Award (PBA 2009); and as 21st Nominee for Pinoy Expats/OFWs Blog Awards Inc. (PEBA 2009).

For my Palipasan readers:

Palipasan has reached its distinction of an average 70 visitors per day, ranked 568,910 in Alexa Traffic and with 80 followers within the span of 11 months, a great achievement for an amateur blogger like me. Dear Santa, I would like to have them back next year, so please keep an eye on them during the holidays. If you could put a little bit of hope in each of their stockings I know they'd appreciate it. Let them know that their blogs is well read too despite I was unable to leave my thoughts on their comment box. Sprinkle a little "Innovation and Creativity Powders" on whatever you leave for them which could help in coming up with fresh ideas for their blogs.

For my family:

Give them anything they ask for. They deserve it for putting up  with me over since January of this year. For staying late at night while being tying up with my home computer for blogging and email; and especially for my embarrassing them by talking to their friends about my blog and soliciting their vote for my nomination entry in PEBA 2009.

For myself:

Well, I’m still waiting for that “48 colors Crayola" crayons set you were supposed to bring me back in fourth grade. Think of those colorful crayons sitting in my office table as I doodle with them during my idle hours, or while on telephone conversation or attending boring meetings in the office.

Thank you Santa,

The Pope


I'll be preparing hot chocolate drink for you and  hot oatmeal  for your deers, please feel free to collect it from my kitchen  (just few steps from my living room)  as I leave my main door unlocked. Sorry Santa, we don't have chimney and fire place in Doha.

By the way, thanks for the regular winter chills you delivered in the Middle East this Yuletide Season which fills the air with Christmas spirits as the cold wind draws us closer with our friends and love ones here and in the Philippines sharing the warmth of love and the joys of gift giving.

Merry Christmas!!!


  1. PS:

    Santa, i really loved that hat of yours. Is it made of silk? cotton? or just fine materials? If it's not too much to ask, can u give me one just like that so i could be a "Santa" to my family?

    I will be very proud to be called: Santa Pope!


    Merry Christmas sa Palipasan...

  2. Maraming Salamat sa iyong hiniling kay Santa para sa iyong mga readers... ang innovation and creativity sa pagsusulat ng bagong post ang talagang kailangan ko ngayon. Hahah! Hindi ako makapagsulat. Huh!

    Maligayang Pasko, The Pope! o",)

  3. Merry Christmas Pope. May all your dreams come true. :)

  4. Dear pope can i also drop by to sip in a cup of hot chocolate? :) merry christmas to you and to your family :) goodluck to your bloglife next year hope everything turns out the way you want it :) cheers!!!

  5. @ A-Z-E-L

    I was trying to see the hat you are sayin' hahaha, it not a hat actually it the back of the chair where Santa Claus is sitting while holding a cup of warm chocolate.

    Merry Christmas!!!

    @ RJ

    I am sure that your are blessed with gifts of innovation and creativity, kulang ka lang siguro sa oras at inspirasyon.

    Merry Christmas too.

    @ Rej

    Thak you for your visit, I really missed you...

    Wishing you the best this Yuletide Season.

  6. Hello there Pope. It is a very nice message to Santa. I am here today to say thank you for the visits. May you have a wonderful Christmas and A Prosperous New Year. God Bless!!

  7. Merry Christmas to you and to your love ones Pope. More blessings to Palipasan..

  8. “48 colors Crayola"

    how cute!

    Santa will be soOOo touched with this letter...

    Merry Christmas!

    thanks for the visit and being happy for my spiritual growth!

    i'm feeling loved everyday, not just because of all the blessings... feeling blessed because of special people I've met here!

    thank you!


  9. You've been good and you've been nice, George. Kaya I'm sure Santa will make your wishes come true.

    Natouch ako dun sa 48 Crayola colors. I never owned a Crayola with 48 colors; the most I had was 18 (I think). Mahirap lang kasi kami. Kaya sige yun n rin ang wish ko. Gusto ko po ung may pantasa sa box.

    Merry Christmas, George. To you and your family.

  10. @ roanne

    Yes, you are most welcome to have a cup of hot chocolate with us. Merry christmas!!!

    @ Vicy

    Thank you for droppin' by. God bless you.

    @ RUPH

    Thank you for being here and welcome back to the blogging world... Happy Christmas!!!

    @ gege

    You are so blessed because of your faith and kindness... a blessed holiday to you and your family.

    @ isladenebz

    I could still remember that I was 10 years old when I ask Santa for a Crayola set of 48 colors, during that year iyon na ang maximum colors set ng Crayola, why I asked well I love to draw when i was a kid... but I never had the opportunity to own one in my whole life hehehe. My daughter told me that Crayola has come up with a 150 colors set already hahahaha, but I'll stick to my 48 colors set pa rin.

    Thank you for constantly being here, you regular presence is one the reason why Palipasan is existing.

    Merry christmas Nebz!!!

  11. what nice wishes! i just realized how selfish i am to not have wishes like yours. hehehe.
    hope they all come true. happy holidays!!

  12. Merry Christmas, Pope! May all your wishes come true. And thanks for visiting my blog.

  13. howdy sir!

    Sana matupad lahat ng wishes nyo this Christmas! Sana talaga, hindi na masyadong mag-init ang mundo para di matunaw ang mga yelo sa north pole. Pag-nangyari yun, pano na sila Santa at ang mga elves >_<

    Anyways, Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagon taon sa inyo ^_^

  14. Merry Christmas po... for sure matutupad ang mga wishes moh in His time... have a merry christmas po sa inyo at sa family moh po and sa mga mahal nyo po sa buhay... ingatz... Godbless! -di

  15. @ Jenny Santiago

    I am humbled by your presence, thank you for dropping by and a blessed Christmas to you and your family.

    @ Pepe Cabrera

    Merry Christmas!!! Although I don't leave a mark in your comment box, I frequently visit and admire your awesome collections.

    @ fiel-kun

    This Yuletide season, let us hope that the miracles of the Holy Child minimize the effect global warming on the polar caps. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

    @ Dhianz

    Happy Holidays!!! May the the blessings of Infant Jesus from Nazareth be with you always.

  16. Ganyan talaga ang mga mababait, pinapala! : )

    Merry Christmas to you and to your loveones!!

  17. I wish Santa really existed in reality and could ask for beautiful toys coz I did not have one when I was a kid.

    As for the melting of the ice sheets in the Arctic, I think Santa has already figured out where to move his abode. It is in the hearts of people to continuously give to the needy even if it's not Christmas.

    Though Santa is not real, there is one real person who is being usually upstaged by the flamboyant white-bearded old man from the cold North. As Christmas is being highly-commercialized, people tend to forget that Jesus is the central figure of Christmas. He is God's eternal gift of salvation for us sinners.

    Merry Christmas to you Pope and a brighter New Year ahead! And also more beautiful posts to read!

  18. @ BlogusVox

    Maraming salamat sa muling pagbisita... Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon.

    @ N.F. Bedayo

    Thank you for the positive and inspiring words, from the Arabian Gulf, I am wishing you a blessed Christmas.

  19. Great post. Merry Christmas and wishing you all the best.

  20. Congratz to Palipasan for the great achievement within a short span of time. Nice work..Pope! Keep it up. Merry Christmas!



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