Monday, March 1, 2010

You Are Not Alone

"Fellowship is a term not often used or appropriately applied. However, when it is leveraged by God's people, fellowship becomes God's answer to disappointment, fear, loneliness, sickness and discouragement." (Acts 2:42-47)

I saw how people breaks down because of loneliness and witnessed how men cries in desperation as loneliness creeps into his senses during the still of the night feeling alone. Nobody's spared, no has has escaped - each of the 12 million OFWs have experienced the feelings of loneliness, homesickness, nostalgia, melancholy, solitude, isolation, separation and sadness in their lives as  who have crossed boundaries, that even includes The Pope.

However  you alone cannot defeat loneliness. We were created social humans. We need people.

"It is not good for a man to be alone..." (Genesis 2:18)

Do you remember the movie "Cast Away", one night, Chuck's (Tom Hanks) plane crashes and he is cast away on a deserted island. Chuck discovers the elements of survival - food, water, shelter, fire, and COMPANIONSHIP, where he meets Wilson, his blood - his friend.

On every continent, region, countries, archipelagos and islands across the world, there are Filipinos waiting to be discovered, living and working daring to make a difference, you are not alone, just like you, they are waiting for your smile, waiting for you to say "Hi , hello Kababayan, Pilipino ka ba?". Let us build communities, join Filipino social groups and community programs of  our Phil. Embassies and attend regular church services. You may try to start blogging and explore your passion in writing and join Kablogs and other social networking sites.

Connect with your friends families and love ones that you have left behind, call them as they are just a dial away from you; chat with them live through internet, explore all the possibilities of connecting to the world.

Lastly, always remember that life is a journey, as we start our thousand miles of emotional and philosophical  journey, don't forget that God is always walking beside us, let's not ignore His  presence and let's take a look at His Word - the Road Map of our life.

Take God with you,  with Him 
You and "Wilson"
will never never walk alone.



  1. Amen ako dyan bro "God is always walking beside us, let's not ignore His presence and let's take a look at His Word"

    Kaya eversince na andito ako sa Saudi Sya lang ang sandigan ko. Far from my family kaya lahat ay entrust ko sa kanya. Praise Him for his comfort and protection.
    Kailangan lang natin buksan ang ating puso para makapasok sya. at hindi kung anuman ang ating napagtutuunan na lumilipas at kumukupas din.

    Thnk for this encouraging story. btw I have my wilson too. :) MEET IT SOON!

  2. Many have searched the wrong 'Wilson" in their lives as they crossed borders as they followed the wrong path that leads to gambling, alcoholism and adultery, a path that directs them to the quicksand of sins.

    I am looking forward to meet your Wilson soon.

    God bless.

  3. I say amen too. I can say three instances made me surrender to my faith. 1st when I took my board exam, 2nd everytime my mama is not feeling well, and 3rd the first time I came here to the UAE alone. I would wake up middle of the night, and feel so helpless, I cry, I kneel and pray, and that was everyday.

    By the way, thank you for inspiring us to find our Wilsons in blogging. May God bless you a thousandfold!

  4. Thanks for the post... inspiring!

    I supported Kablogs. :)

  5. amen to that, thank god for all the blessing. may he continue to support the filipino people.

  6. @ Gremliness

    Ocassionally God gives us new challenges and new lessons in life, a wake up call that brings us more closer to Him. God loves to poke and brush elbows with us. We are His favorite creation, that's why Filipinos are endowed with so much talents, let us use it for the glory of God and mankind, let us inspire others in our humble way, let us create new 'Wilsons" in life.

    God bless you too.

    @ MarcoPaolo

    Thank you for your continued support to Kablogs.

    A blessed day to you.

    @ Arlini

    Thank you for the visit.

    Life is Beautiful, keep on believing.

  7. Thanks sa post, George. Inspiring. And so very true.

    Without God, I would not last a minute.

    As to the Wilsons in my life, naku ang dami-dami na nila. I regard them all as angels sent by God. In the absence of our family members, we come to know better the people around us -- which make us realize that all people are truly, inherently good.

    Kahit saan man tayo mapadpad, lagi pa ring nagpapadala ang Panginoon ng (mga) taong gagabay sa atin. Like you, for example. Your posts are heaven-sent, George. I fell blessed whenever I read your positive posts.

    I, hence, regard you as one of my Wilsons.

  8. i like this po! its really hard to work away from one's family. we really need a lot of courage and strength to live each day of our lives away from our love ones....

  9. we are never alone not unless we choose to.
    i like your positive outlook.
    keep writing :)

  10. @ isladenebz

    Thank you so much for the inspirational comments and with humility I'm deeply pleased for taking me as one of your "Wilson's" in life and your appreciation in my posts.

    A blessed morning to you my friend.

    @ mommy ek

    You are really one of the Super Mom that I admire in blogsphere, God bless you.

    @ greenbellpepper

    Thank you for your visit.

    Life is Beautiful, remember to stop for a while and smell the flowers.

  11. Loneliness is a state of mind. You’ll feel lonely if you choose to be lonely. Be like Chuck who refuses to be lonely by creating a fictional companion like Wilson. The best thing is to keep your mind busy by involving on social activities, as you have suggested.

  12. a very nice post pope,being away is really not easy but there are lots of ways to cope loneliness and i agree that we must put God at the center and everything will be alright...

    thanks for the visit...please come back anytime..


  13. hi.
    can we exchange links.?
    please let me know if it is ok with you
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    "in my journey"

    i have added your link in my "BLOGROOL" section already.




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