Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Day In A Life Of A Blogger

I begin to miss my blogging friends who are in hiatus while some have decided to stop blogging for personal reasons and I still hope to see them back someday in the blogsphere - for most of them have inspired to stay and keep on blogging and some I was able to work with in our Kablogs projects.

They reminded me on how I started with my blog while I was following them as I tinker with my layouts and after a year and a month I feel I am still at "playing stage" with my blog.

Now I am sharing with you a funny blog post created by the famous blogger himself Paul Bradshaw of Online Journalism Blog on the 5 Stages of a Blogger's Life.

It started with a joke...

Commentors, friends and followers...
let me count my ways... (stats)

One for all and all for one . . .

Blogger of the Century . . .


Can you identify yourself from the above illustration?


  1. ...still on the third stage. o",)

    Thanks for sharing, The Pope!

  2. Stage 3, at sana hindi na umabot ng stage 5 :D

  3. @ RJ

    I hope to remain with you on Stage 3 for a long time.

    Happy weekend Doc.

  4. @ LordCM

    Iisa ang ating panalangin na huwag abutin ang Stage 5, pero sa case mo you'll be playing ping-pong between Stage 3 and Stage 4 for a l-o-n-g time.

  5. @ MarcoPaolo

    Thank you for the visit, yes let's hope na manatili tayo sa Stage 5 as we enjoy the benefits of building a community of bloggers and meeting new friends.

  6. Stage 3 pa rin kahit inabot na ng more than 5 years ang unang blog ko.

  7. Thanks sa pagbati Pope
    Tumanda na naman tayo

  8. @ Misalyn

    In God's time your blog will definitely shine, SOON.

    But in my heart and as well as in the hearts of your ardent readers and followers, you are always a shining star inspiring thousand souls across the globe.

    Happy holidays.

  9. still on stage 2.. and sometimes leaping directly on stage 5... hehe!

  10. natawa ako sa last stage!!! panalo!!! ahahahaha!

    Stage 3... and i stopped.. :(

  11. Thanks for sharing! Im already reached Stage 5 in some point of my blogging life, but I think blogging is a cycle so keep going!

  12. Thanks for the kind words Pope. I blog kasi gusto isulat ang mga thoughts ko, usually mga random thoughts and lately ko lang nadiscover na nakakalibang pala ang photography kaya isinali ko na rin kada post ko. Am always thankful and grateful sa aking mga readers and followers, dahil sa kanila nagba-blog pa rin ako though there were times na nagpapahinga ako dahil sa schedule ko sa trabaho.

    By the way, okay lang po yung sa photo, para naman sa Kablogs yun and thanks for featuring that tiny little flower of weeds.

    Thanks and a blessed weekend to you.

  13. That was funny! Pero nasa stage 3 palang ako kasi super busy e. I bet nasa stage 5 ka na Pope LOL, miss your posts na

  14. Stage 3. (parang cancer lang ah. *knock on wood*)

    sana nga hindi na humantong sa last stage. gusto ko pa sumikat, i guess. hehe

    nice read blog.

  15. stage 2...
    stage 3...?

    sa ngayon, ine-enjoy ko medyo sineseryoso. hehe

    God bless! :)

  16. Stage? What's stage? Blogging for me is just an outlet of my expression. A place to put my ideas. Sometimes we are prolific, sometimes we are in hiatus. If we go beyond that, then I think that's the time we begin labeling "stages".



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