Friday, February 19, 2010

Live and Let Love

Realize things before its too late.
Have lots of friends before you are alone.
Accept things rather than deny them.
Love people before you loose them.

Life comes just once.
Love it while you live it.

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  1. love God and love thy neighbors. these are the 2 commandment that will be our foundation in life. no matter who we are or wherever we maybe but without love we are nothing. it is good that we love and gone rather than gone without loving at all!

  2. Pakiramdam ko ang mga pointers na inyong binanggit ay leading to happiness. o",)

  3. @ Life Moto
    Thank yo so much for the beautiful words about LOVE... Life is Beautiful, let's keep on sharing love.

    @ RJ

    You are right RJ, only love can bring true happiness. Happy weekend my friend.

  4. so true..kaso madalas pa rin na nalalaman lang natin ang real value ng isang bagay kapag wala na ito sa atin...

  5. Nilikha tayo ng Dyos dahil sa pagmamahal, isinilang din tayo para magmamahal!

    Kaya wag nating sayangin ang pagkakataon para magmamahal.

    Ingat kuya

  6. LOVE endures everything. Love believes all things.
    Kahit pa bulag, na iinlove, haha

  7. ...and the greatest of these is love. (1Cor. 13:13).

    Pero minsan mahirap mahalin ang di karapat-dapat, ganunpaman mahalin pa rin daw kahit kaaway, mahirap no? Totoo yan, life comes just once kaya let's sow seeds of love! Coz we'll not be able to love again...if we die.

  8. The Thoughtskoto believe that we have to live, to love, to learn and to live a legacy to have a meaningful life. Living and loving is almost synonymous.

  9. yup,totoo ka jan pope,live and let love,di need maag waste ng kahit ano kase minsan lang tayo dadaan sa lugar na ito...mahalin ang dapat mahalin at mabuhay ng may pagmamahal at tama,ahehhehe...padaan lang poh



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