Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Drop of Water Makes a Mighty Ocean

After reading the blog posts of my blogging friends Nebz entitled "Bayaning napipilitan ka nga ba?" and Yellow Bells (her reply to Nebz post) entitled "Napilitang Bayani Ba Ako?", I cannot avoid to think about OFWs as heroes and its heroism beyond politics.

12 Million Filipinos have crossed borders, they dared to follow their dreams armed with skills and talents, they make a difference among other nationals and were hailed as world class talents in their respective fields, they shaped the world. The global Filipinos have made a marked and maintained the world class standards in various occupational fields, in medical care, customer services, engineering, computer and technology. Imagine a world without OFWs, try to read Kenjie's blog entitled "The Day The World Without OFW".

Alone, your monthly remittance to your family will not have an impact to our country, but the 12 Million OFWs remittances to their families back home sustains the national economy of our nation, from Jan - Oct 2009, a total $14.321 billion was coursed through our country's banking system, no other groups can meet this challenge - kung walang OFW remittances you can imagine what will happen to our economy with the increasing prices of oil in world market.

Every OFW families fills each tables in Jollibee and McDo and other famous food chains; you'll see them in SM, Trinoma, Gateway and Robinson, with their shopping bags they help these malls to survive. Middle class structure of our society is generally composed of families of OFWs. These group are the main consumers and major contributors to VAT collections, they are our families back home.

Outside our homes, have you ever thought that Western Unions exists because of the OFWs, hey don't ignore the long queues every first week of the month on all money exchange centers abroad, Pinoy ang mga nakapila.

We have armed ourselves not only of talents and skills but we have brought faith into the foreign lands. We became missionaries - and take it as a miracle as the Islamic countries in Middle East have allowed us to practice our faith in their lands, new Churches were build, and on weekends, you will see thousands Pinoy Christians filled the church pews.

Who can really measure greatness? Who can define a real hero? Like love, heroism is better felt than defined, better recognized than analyzed. Since 1970's dama ko ang kadakilaan ng bawa't OFW sa kanilang pakikipaglaban sa kahirapang kinamulatan sa sariling bayan.

The low turnout of Overseas Voters registration should not diminish the sacrifices and great contributions of our Global Filipinos. Distrust and hopelessness to the Government and embassies, limited numbers of polling places, poor OAV campaigns and flaws in the OAV law itself are the main reasons behind the disappointing figures during the OAV registration across the globe.

Even if you cannot vote on May 2010, I know YOU have the will power to SAY YES TO CHANGE, let us help others to say YES to what is GOOD and NO to EVIL. We can’t do this without You, we can’t do this without EACH OTHER. Let us unite and guide our families back home to help them select the ideal leaders of our land, let us unite and become a force of history.

Let us be the flash point where the light begins to travel at great speed, igniting compassion, that others might see the power of change and we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Like a drop of water let me merge and mingle in the currents of our particular time and situation and not hold back, but join what nurtures the earth and soaks the seeds of justice and peace.
"Little drops of water, little grains of sand, make the mighty ocean and the pleasant land.  Little minutes, small though they may be, make the mighty ages of eternity."


  1. we all can be little drops and little grains. :)

    mabuhay kayong mga OFWs!

    God bless!

  2. @ ch!e

    Thank you so much for supporting the aspirations of the OFWs. I am inviting you to join and be part of KABLOGS Community.

    A blessed weekend to you and your family.

  3. Hello Pope, first of all thank you for linking my post here in your wonderful online home. Every single OFW, whether they are aware or not,helps our country and our contrymen. We shoudl always be proud as a drop of water that comprise the ocean and the sands in the desert.

    More power! Cheers to us!

  4. @ Yellow Bells

    Thank you so much for dropping by, I was inspired on you blog post prompting me to write this article, I always believe that each one of us is a drop of water and together we can create a mighty ocean enough to lift a heavy ship.

    Happy weekend.

  5. hello pope,thank you for this post...

  6. Your posts are always refreshing to read. Inspiring and full of tranquility. A blessed weekend Pope!

  7. @ mightydacz

    Thank you for leaving a mark, God bless your heart.

  8. @ NFB

    Likewise I am one of your ardent blog reader, I love your fearless opinion and articulate writing.

    Happy weekend too.

  9. Pope sana nga lang sa susunod na presidente mabigyan na tayo ng tamang atensyon at pagpapahalaga!

    Medyo nakakalungkot dahil maging sa kongreso wala man lang tayong boses!

    Ingat lagi!

  10. @ DRAKE

    I agree with you na sana the next leaders ay mabibigyan na tao ng pansin, at nawa'y magkaruon sana tayo ng tunay na boses sa Senado at Kongreso.

    God bless.

  11. Very well said, very well written, Pope. i missed your blog and I promise to back read everything you've written while I was on leave. Ingat po lagi!

  12. Even in France na very strict sa senate and congress rules, ang mga malilit, hindi pa rin na papansin.
    What can we do as OFWs?
    We pay our taxes.
    But then, does it return back to us?
    Those seated will please themselves by filling their pockets.

    We can all wish, wishful thinking, pray.
    As you said, Pope, we can drop a little to make an ocean.
    Again, a voice in the senate is a good suggestion, if only the law allows us to voice it out.
    Eh sila sila lang ang nag uusap dun, di gaya sa UK pag nag dedebate sa congress, kasama mga mamamayan asking this and that to the senators and it is live in tv.

    Kaya sa blog lang tayo na kaka voice out.
    It can be a start.

  13. @ Dennis Villegas

    Welcome back sir, and thank you for your compliments.

    A blessed weekend to you and your family.

  14. @ Francesca

    I agree with you that blog is a powerful tool in airing our opinions, complaints and suggestions to our leaders of the land over the internet.

    And it has served as an effective media platform to reach for our friends and families back home to guidde them in electing the ideal leaders that might represent the voice of the OFWs in the halls of both Chambers of Senate and Congress.

    Happy weekend to you and your family.

  15. Maganda ang challenge niyo, bukod sa family sa Philippines, 'yong mga OFW na hindi nakakabasa ng mga blog posts na tulad nito (napakarami nila), dapat ding ma-inform tungkol sa hamong ito: "Let us unite and guide our families back home to help them select the ideal leaders of our land, let us unite and become a force of history."

  16. yan ang galing ng OFW! But my dream that OFW's should not stay long away from their families and love ones. I'm hoping that we all can learn financial literacy so that someday we can leap from being an employee to being an investors.

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