Monday, February 8, 2010

Let Me Be The Spark

I would like to share with you this special prayer, taken from  Statement of the La Sallian Brothers entitled 'Let Us Start The Change We Want To See". 

Lord, let me be the change I want to see,

To do with strength and wisdom.
All that needs to be done,
And become the hope that I can be.
Set me free from my fears and hesitations.
Grant me courage and humility.
Fill me with spirit to face the challenge
And start the change I want to see.
Today, I start the change I want to see.
Even if I’m not the light, 

I can be the spark.
In faith, service and communion
Let us start the change we want to see,
The change that begins in me.


  1. there will be no real change,
    if there is no changed heart.

    tayo ang simula!

    God bless!

  2. lapit na naman eleksyon,thank you for sharing this prayer...nakikiraan lang poh!!!

  3. lapit na nga po ng eleksyon nawa'y ang pinakadeserving na mga tao ang maluklok sa mga pwesto sa ating pamahalaan..

  4. Amen bro let start the change from each one of us! may the elction be memorable to us.

  5. @ ch!e

    I agree with you, tayo ang simula, and real changed should start from ourselves.

    A blessed Tuesday to you too.

    @ Coffeeveggie addict.

    Thank you for visiting my site. God bless you.

    @ ♥superjaid♥

    Sana sa eleksyon na ito magsimula ang pagbabagong ating hinahangad na maghahatid ng bagong pag-asa sa bawa't isa sa atin.

    @ Life Moto

    Nawa'y sa halalan na ito matagpuan natin ang tunay na kahalagahan ng pagiging Pilipino ng bawa't isa sa atin sa pamamagitan ng mapayapang pagboto.

  6. Such a prayer we badly need in this current time!

    Salamat, George. I'm actually hesitating now of my choices, pero God willing, He will tell me who to really vote for this May 2010. I hope He also lets me be a spark to light other people's way (just like He's using you and some of other bloggers I know).

  7. Just like you Nebz, I am imploring the aid of the Almighty to enlighten me on who is His chosen candidate that I should vote, that may He open my eyes to see the strong points of the Presidential hopefuls not their weaknesses which hangs their political ambition by a thread.

    And through His Blessed Virgin Mother, I pray that may She perform another miracle like the 1986 EDSA, that may love and peace reign in the hearts of each Filipino people during this election period.

  8. No change without real action! We've been praying for so long yet forgot that "God helps those who help themselves"!

  9. Nasa ating mga kamay ang pagbabago!

    Bumoto ng wasto para sa pagbabago ^_^

  10. Makapangyarihan ng salitang 'change'! ...pati na rin ang kahulugan nito, of course change for the better. Ginamit ito ni Obama sa kanyang kampanya noon, ginaya rin ni GMA sa nais niyang Charter Change.

    Pero kakaiba ang 'change' na ninanais ng panalanging (post) ito. Ito ang gusto ko!

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