Thursday, February 18, 2010

Follow Kablogs On Facebook

Kablogs has crossed new dimensions as part of improving its site, and not it has joined Facebook, is the wildly popular social network that is connecting friends and family the world over. If you are in Facebook,  join in and ‘become a fan’ -

Follow Us On Facebook

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As part of our expanding social network, we’ve formed a fan page on Facebook. Because we wanted to ensure that all our members, supporters, followers and readers could keep a close eye on our increased stream in our world class blogging talents because at Kablogs, we believe that each Global Filipino bloggers has a distinct and unique talent where their dreams and desire are pursued with passion - 
to stand proud and stand out.

So please, become a fan and help us reach out to all our kababayan, the OFWs and Pinoy Expats, our families and friends  who are busy surfing the Facebook world.

Here is the link to our brand new fan page on Facebook:

We aspire to help every Kablogs' Members and Supporters shine.


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  1. nice naman..lumelevel up na talaga ng kablogs..yippie!mabuhay ang kablogs..^_^



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