Monday, May 10, 2010

I Was Hacked

My Facebook account has been hacked this morning. Anybody who will be asking money in my behalf, PLEASE IGNORE!

The hacker was able to access my Facebook account, changed my login email and password and unfortunately the hacker was also able to get access to my Yahoo account because of identical password i am using on both account.

The hacker have send chat messages to all my Facebook and Yahoo friends and contacts and attempted to tell fictitious stories that i need money for some emergencies trying to make it appear that I need to borrow money from unsuspecting victims from the amount of 5,000 pesos to 5,000 dollars.

My pamangkin residing in Pasay City has been victimized this morning, she was duped of 5,000 pesos after the hacker used my YM and told her that I am borrowing money to help a my friend living in Cebu City. The hacker informed my niece to send the 5,000 pesos money through Western Union only under the name of JOE MIRANDA.

I just learned about this hacking incident tis morning after receiving a call from my blogging friend Kenjie for suspecting that my FB and Yahoo account was hacked because he received an alleged  message that I was in trouble and trying to borrow 5K DOLLARS.


This morning, 4:20 am Doha Time, I was checking my emails and I was logged in at my Facebook account, a certain "Let Ching" appears from my FB chat box, and I assume that this "Let Ching" from California is my classmate in PCWHS batch 78, the conversation goes:

   "Let Ching" : Nakaboto ka na ba?
    Me            : Tapos na, 2 weeks ago pa
   "Let Ching" : Anak mo ba itong si Gee
    Me            : Oo
   "Let Ching" : Kaya pala, kamukha mo, hahaha, Puede ko ba sya i-add sa FB friend ko?
    Me            : Uuwi ka ba sa reunion natin?
   "Let Ching" : Hindi, ikaw?
    Me            : Hindi, neks year pa bakasyon ko
   "Let Ching" : Naka online ba ang anak mo ngaun?
    Me            : Hindi, tulog pa iyon ngaun, late na kasi kung matulog yun.
   "Let Ching" : Ano ba ang name ng anak mo?
    Me            : Geeka
   "Let Ching" : May roaming ka ba?
    Me            : Wala, sige na maliligo na ako, 5:00 am na at late na ako sa trabaho.
    ///end of our conversation///

I suspect that after I had a conversation with the hacker and after I have logged off from my FB account, it give him the opportunity to gain access to my FB account and after 20 minutes the hacker has started conversation with her first victime,

The hacker's first victim was my pamangkin, 4:40 am Doha Time, the hacker was already chatting with my pamangkin, telling her na I need to help my friend in Cebu, etc. etc. and if she can lend some money to my namesake... later in their flow of conversation my daughter's name was mentioned by the hacker quoting what we have discussed mentioning it to my pamangkin that my daughter is still sleeping and have she's not yet logged sa FB, and the hacker said also, "sige na, maliligo pa ako, 5:00 am na at late na ako sa trabaho.


All my contacts in both Yahoo and Facebook were contacted by the hacker, trying to dupe them. Unfortunately, the same hacker was able to gain access to my another relative's account sa FB at Yahoo who is in list too, it was a nightmare. Yung pamangkin ko na nagpadala na ng 5k ay kinulit pa ulit ng hacker and asking her na dagdagan pa iyong hinihiram to make it total 14K.

Yung mga kasama ko sa work pati mga anak nila, mga blogging friends ko around the word, the circle of friends of our family.... they have been contacted and were tried to be duped, I am really sorry for any inconveniences it have caused you.

My family has already reported this matter to the authorities in Manila DILG and PNP offices and we are hoping that we could find a trace of this perpetrator of this cyber crime. I have also informed the Facebook administrator on this hacking incident.

I pray that this incident will come to an end, and I reiterate my sympathy to my dear friends and relatives who were disturbed but was able to sense a possible hacking scam, and my heart goes to my unsuspecting pamangkin who lost her treasured 5K pesos (which she keeps for the school matriculation of her children), and I would like to thank my Blogging friends, Kenjie of Thoughtskoto and Charlie of Dungeon Lord for warning our blogging friends through their simultaneous posts in the internet, to Jee, Deth, Azel, Bhing, Rio who have circulated the hacking news through various chat platforms, I owe you so much, pautang naman HAHAHAHA (canned laughter)

Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat, and to my hacker, in case you are still reading this e-mail too, you can run away from me, and you can run away from my friends, but you cannot run far from Christ, may you God forgive your sin.

And thank you Lord for today's trial, I just learned that there are things which could go wrong unexpectedly as it opened my eyes that I am not totally in control of everything that I need to hold your hand tightly and rely in your guidance and making me realized Your greatness for showering me with wonderful people,  my friends who have helped - called, blogged and chat with me in this trying time. Thank you Lord.


  1. Unable to give you a heart. so have a reply to push up your post. ........................................

  2. Grabe naman yun pope, buti nalaman mo agad... dapat talaga ang ibayong pag-iingat kasi pati ang mga manloloko cyberspace na ang target... Ingat ingat sabihan ang mga dapat sabihan para di na makabiktima ulit.

  3. got your daughter's message with regards to this issue. hope na makarating sa lahat ng connections mo and call you first before giving something.

  4. Kakatakot na talaga ngayon sa cyberspace, wawa naman yun pamangkin mo, mabuti na lang nalaman mo kaagad at nasabihan mo mga friends and relatives mo. Yun Kuya ko naloko naman sa cellphone yun nagpapa load ba, mas malaki naloko sa kanya 35k pesos tapos ako rin ang nagpadala ng pera pambayad hehehe. So yun Let Ching baka nahack din yun account niya at hindi na rin siguro sya yun (??).

    Marami ngang ganyan ngayon, dapat talaga may common password kayo na kung kilala mo nga talaga yun kachat mo.

    Ingat Pope ;-)

    -sardz/missy (sorry tinamad na ko magpalit ng username hehehe)

  5. @ ManualDoby08787 & 誠侑

    Sorry di po ako nakakabasa ng madjong characters, may dala ba kayong melamin, ipapadala ko lang sana sa aking hacker, hahahaha joc-joc-joc.

    @ roanne

    We all learned our lessons, and I owe my blogging friends who has helped in circulating the news over the internet.

    @ Life Moto

    I am glad that I was able to call my daughter and issue a warning to all my Yahoo friends. God bless.

    @ Ms.SardZ

    I guess Ms. Let Ching's account was also hacked, you are right, there must be some common passwords among the group, tulad namin, iyong hacker was able to get familiarized sa Alumni page namin.

  6. awts.. iba na talga nagagawa ng technlogy ngayon. bawas info po tayo dapat sa mga account natin.

    ingat sa susunod..

  7. I'm sorry that this happened. Natawa ako dun sa "Pautang naman" na quote of the week. Pwede ba next time, pag uutang ka, wag naman 5,000 Dollars! hahahaha. Ang tindi ng hacker, dollars pa. Akala niya seguro sa Fresno California ako kaya di Riyal ang hiningi. Hehehe

  8. Kaya FB ang kadasang naha-hack dahil most of its members shares personal info. Most hackers are not really programmers. Magaling lang silang magdugtong-dugtong ng mga pera-perasong info. Kaya vigilant dapat if somebody starts asking for something personal na.

    Pope, pautang nga! : )



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