Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Pope's Not Ready To Say "Adeiu"

Holding On

Since April, my blogging energy has come to its lowest level, with only 8 posts during the last 2 months.After 16 months of blogging with 237 posts, I have reached to the point that I felt my mind was a dry sponge and  I just feel tired of blogging for no reason at all. I guess I am suffering from a blogger burnout. According to Eric Brantner, the following are the tell-tale signs of a blogger burnout:

• You haven’t posted in a couple of weeks—The first symptom of Blogger’s Burnout is a decrease in posting frequency. It starts with going from 3 posts a week to 2 a week. Then to 1. Then to 1 every couple of weeks. Take note of any significant declines in your posting frequency as they could be a sign of bigger things to come.

• Writing a blog post feels like a chore—When you first start blogging, you can’t wait to sit down at the keyboard and share your thoughts with the world. After a while though, blogging starts to go from fun and exciting to annoying and tiring. Whenever blogging starts to feel like something you’re forced to do, Blogger’s Burnout has struck.

• You’re all out of ideas—Stop me if you've heard this one before. You open up a Word document to write a post, and before you know it, an hour has passed by without you writing a single word. All bloggers get a case of writer’s block on occasion, and if you don’t handle it properly, a temporary case of writer’s block can turn into permanent Blogger’s Burnout.

Well, all those signs are present in  me right now, but I won't allow this syndrome consumes my blog that will eventually bring Palipasan to its demise. The Pope is not prepared to die in virtuality... there are still so many things that hums in my mind that I need to blog and so many blogging friends that I really care about who have shared a part of their lives that brought inspiration, tears and laughter and lessons in my life.

Right now, I need to stop my mañana habit and reduce my FB online games... shhhh my pet Kutkut in Petville and my resto in Cafe World... sorry neighbors I have to reduce my playing schedule - I admit that have not outgrown my PC gaming habit but I don't want to give up my blog, for obvious reason - to me my blog is a labor of love, a timeless endeavor that allows me to vent about whatever on my mind.

Mr. Burnout, you're a loser, I am not giving up my blog that easy, The Pope's not ready to say "adeiu".

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Hi George,

    Mine is worst than yours but I'm still holding on!

    Thanks for this timely reminder...

    Sorry I had to delete my previous comment...nagkamali ang grammar. nhAWA NA yAta aQ~ sA~ imPlUWenXA~ ng pGsuSUlat Ng JejEm0n P0WH.~ P0WH. P0wh.~ c LORd cM~ kZ Eh LOLZ!~

  3. Hey Pope, "adieu blog" is not from the person who motivated me and others to keep inspiring, keep blogging, hmmmm...

  4. @ Desert Aquaforce

    Nakakatuwa naman yung jejemon writing hahahaha. Well, there are so many reasons why I have to keep on blogging, that one of them is YOU.

    @ Gremliness

    I am humbled by your kind remarks, you and all of my blogging friends are the strong threads that has been woven by God to create strong fabric of my life which brings me the courage to continue on writing, Life is Beautiful because Beautiful People like YOU exists.

  5. welcome back pope! been waiting to hear your thoughts again!

    yup, hope your "Palipasan" wont end up as "Napaglipasan"

    keep holding on!

  6. Writers block lang yan, Pope. It happens to everybody. Relax, think and do something else. You'll see, in no time your back in your keyboard.

  7. @ an_indecent_mind

    natuwa ako sa comment mo, "Napaglipasan" hahaha, tawa ng tawa ang wife ko when she reads it.

    @ BlogusVox

    You're right, my fingers are glued to my keyboards again hahaha. Happy 2nd Anniversary.

  8. lol! I'll guess I'll join you with reducing FB games time, they are quite a time consuming game, I agree.

    Sometimes I think of not visiting your pet because you will assume that I visit your pet more than your blog, funny though.

    My problem was, after almost four years of posting about my life and common "tao", Philippine government also, my passion of blogging them completely died down. I don't know what to blog after that and I am not in money making mode so, in two years I forgot my blog.

    Well at least we are on it again, diba :)


  9. Hi The Pope, please keep on holding on.

    salamat din sa mga paalala, tsinek ko kung burnout na ako. happy to know na malayo pa ako. laging excited pa din mag-post, bumisita at mag-comment eh. :-)

  10. @ manilenya

    I have never imagined that FB will affect my blog, and honestly I never regretted being ;hooked' with FB kasi it provides me the opportunity to get in touch will my family, relatives and friends thru walls and games. But now I need to balance everything, I know there are so many things to write - not only about me, but about the OFW and about faith.

    And I'm glad that we both came back to realization, that blogging will always be part of our lives.

    @ animus

    Yes, I guess this kind of thing just what BlogusVox said happens to every writer, the important thing is how can you get over it. Happy weekend.

  11. YOu will lose the joy of meeting friends if you stop blogging.
    Then we will call you men-o-pausal!sige ka!

  12. @ Francesca

    Hahahaha, bigla akong natakot sa magiging tawag sa akim "men-o-pausal". ayoko nga, kaya't back to blogging agad hahahaha.

  13. gambatte lang po!!! kaya pla you're missing in action e!!! :)

  14. @ mommy ek

    You are right, and I missed your blogs too, a lot of catching up to do. A blessed weekend to you.

  15. All you need as a motivation.
    Go POPE you can do that :}
    we are here to rad your ever INPSIRING posts

    I think all bloggers experiences this burnout including me



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