Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The PEBA Family Video

The over six minutes official video of PEBA Network entitled "The PEBA Family" is already launched in YouTube which showcase the men and women of PEBA, the nominees, the officers, volunteers, scholars and its sponsors and donors who are part of the entire PEBA family.

During the preparation of this video which I started 2 weeks ago, my thoughts run wild as I create the storyline from zero. I begin with on the amazing talents of the men and women who are working behind PEBA as I stare into the photos that these finest people as these Nominees shares their unique talents through blog and have taken the PEBA challenge as they share their tales to the  thousand readers so that whoever reads it may find hope and and inspiration in building a stronger Filipino family.

As I tried to rearrange the photos, the pictures of the Ernesto and Caren strikes me most. They are the 2 kids from the provinces of Camarines Norte and Aklan that PEBA has adopted for scholarship under the auspices of BELIEVE International. PEBA's misison has broken its barriers beyond social media platform as it gathers and honors the Filipinos in the world of blogging, its continuing mission to advocacy for the OFWs and its families and it's noble undertaking of adopting scholars.

Starting from scratch, I was able to compose a storyline beginning with music backgrounds I have taken from Kenny G album (Classics in Key of G) where I personally handpicked Over The Rainbow and What A Wonderful World (featuring Louis Armstrong, the original singer of the same song). I love the "Jingle Bells Rock" is a perfect choice for the Sponsors and credit reel segment it compliment the closing Chrismas teaser.

Though there are some family pictures from Nominees and volunteers that were not included in this clip, their photos will be included in PEBA's next video. I would like to thank Yanah and Kenjie for the PEBA family picture collection they have provided.

As PEBA is taking great strides in its various missons, we will be coming up with more videos soon. So I hope you'll like the above video which has already registered 56 views since this morning - join us and be part of the PEBA family


  1. nakita ko si ate unnie. wohooooooooo. mabuhay ang peba

  2. galing galing ng pagkakagawa ni pre, astig! :)

  3. @ kikilabotz

    We're happy to have you as part of the PEBA family.

    @ Lord CM

    Salamat pre, I really owe this one to the whole PEBA Team who and that includes you.

  4. My first time to see this. Nai-post na pala. Second pa yung family pic namin. Great job Pope!

    Cheers to you and to all Filipino families around the globe! :)



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