Monday, February 6, 2012

Fish Market, Corniche - Doha

Aside from admiring the beautiful sunrise, seeing the ebbing tide and taking a deep breath of the fresh air from the Corniche Bay, dropping by to Corniche fish market has always been my final activity before heading home.

I always love the early morning scene at Corniche's little fish market while the sun begins to lit up the eastern sky as I watched the fishermen unload their early morning catch from their fishing boats as awaiting buyers are anxiously lined up in the concrete sea wall.

Among the local fish being sold are Spangled Emperor (Shari), Black Branded Beam (Fasker) and my favorite Crabs (Qubqob).


  1. Thank you so much ♥superjaid♥

  2. nice pics, sarap ng fresh fishes bro. long time no speak.

  3. awesome shots!! nice capture of the clouds and sunrise, grabe ibang level ka na talaga Pope! di na kita mareach hehehe

  4. Second to the last photo is my favourite!

  5. Best photos of the market that I've seen.



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