Friday, April 24, 2009


The Court of Appeal (CA) has acquitted US Serviceman Daniel Smith of raping "Nicole", a Pinay inside the Subic Free Bay Freeport in November 2005. The CA described the incident "a spontaneous unplanned romantic episode."

The decision of the CA does not surprised me, neither the Filipino people after Suzette Sombilon Nicolas a.k.a. "Nicole" recants her testimony last March 12, 2009 and attested that she received P100,000 and thereby terminating the services of her counsel, lawyer Evalyn Ursua. A few days later, Nicole's mother confirmed that her daughter was already in the USA, and as of this writing it was also confirmed that Nicole's brother has been issued a US Student Visa.

Now that the court's decision is final, its about time that our lawmakers in the Senate convene and terminate the existing US-RP Visiting Forces Agreement, uphold the dignity of our women and of our own sovereignty as a nation.

Based on a provision in the VFA, which stated that the US embassy would retain custody of American servicemen pending all legal proceedings on any offenses they might have committed.

According to Gabriela representative “At the height of the US military bases in the Philippines, around 50,000 women have been prostituted in Olongapo and Angeles City (in Pampanga province) from 1985-1991. Many of these women were trafficked from poor provinces like Samar and Bicol. The presence of US bases has institutionalized prostitution and sex trafficking in the country through the Rest and Recreation industry that primarily catered to US troops".

It is really shameful, until now our Government keeps on bowing to his past Colonial Master. If our Pinays cannot be protected by our own government in our own shores, how can they give protection to our OFW women accross the globe.


  1. Di ko alam kung sinong may mali, Gobyerno, Ang mga Dayuhan o si Nicole na pagkatapos ipaglaban ng karamihan ay biglang aatras kahit alam nyang malapit nang matapos ang kanyang laban...

    Di natin maitanggi na halos lahat ng Pinoy nakipaglaban para kay Nicole, pero nasan sya ngayon? Sa america!!! na minsan kinasuklaman nya...

  2. This is indeed a shameful case, on many levels. Above all, if there's anyone who should be ashamed of herself, si NICOLE yun. We can always speculate that U.S manipulated the case, bribed her, overpowered the government or what have you but NICOLE should have never recalled her testimony if she was really into protecting Filipina women as like what she said she was doing.

  3. Nicole is us. We cry. We claim injustice. We fight. But only for a short term.

    And then we forget.

  4. thank you sa award. :) di ko pa pala nakukuha...



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