Thursday, April 16, 2009


Today, April 16 is a Blog Reader Appreciation Day, an event spearheaded by Bloggers Unite, a day of tribute to our blog readers, I am taking this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all of you readers.

It was winter of January 16, 2009, when I published my first post entitled "Monster Machine", and "Palipasan" was born. On that same day, I got a comment from Mr. Kenji of Thoughtskoto, the first and single person who reads my blog, di ako makapaniwala , he introduced me to this blogging world, I found the community of Ka-Blogs.

I started this blog just to find something useful to do with my free time, I gave myself a month to see if I wanted to continue with it. Because I feel that writing blogs makes me feel that you're writing out into the darkness, and you are not sure that anyone is really listening - and this becomes a challenge. And the challenge becomes an obsession when commeters and people leaves their marks and footsteps - and I appreciate every single person who reads and contributes to Palipasan

Commenters and people who write to say thank you help me know that you are indeed out there reading. So first of all, thank you to my commenters. Getting feedback on posts helps me keep going.

To the "Mga Sumusubaybay" (the 25 "Followers") your presence provides "Life Support" to my blog - the same reason for its existence.

There are a few special people I want to thank for specific reasons:

KENJI, for his encouragement in the early days which showed me for the first time that blogging can make us friends around the world.

NJ, the first person who tagged me on "Graphology Test" and most recent are the "Neno's Award" and "Friendship Award", Engr. Sherwin Mokong Calalang for the "Uber Amazing Blog Award" and "Food For the Soul Award Blog" Moks Award, Lord CM on his "Nagbabagang Blog Award", Ron Centeno for the Neno's Award, John for Neno's Award" too, and Marlon for the "Pinoy Blogger ID" - all these tags and awards makes me feel like I was a ‘real’ blogger.

A big hug to all of you readers, yes "You Changed My Life" I am not joking when I say blogging has changed my life. The knowledge that I have gained, the connections and friendship that have been forged of consistent blogging over the past 3 months.

"Speak to one another in psalms, hymns, and songs;
sing and make music from your heart to the Lord;
giving thanks always for all things unto God"
(Ephesians 5.19-20)
"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,
Always in every prayer of mine for you all making request with joy".
(Philippians 1.3-4)



  1. Hi Pope, Ano ba itong blogword? Mutual Admiration Society, Huh? (MASH)

    You got another award at the desert! Check it out!

  2. Wow!!!Andito rin pangalan ko!!!Walang anuman parekoy, sine-share ko lang kung ano ung mga natatanggap dahil alam ko karapat dapat sayo ang mga award na yan...

    Congrats uli sana magtuloy tuloy ang pagsusulat...

  3. Salamat Pope...kumpleto name ko ahhh!!! Walang anuman pareng Pope...basta ikaw, yup're one of my best blogkada sa mundo ng blog.

  4. Thanks for participating in Blog Reader Appreciation Day!

  5. its a whole new experience where you get to meet new sets of friends.... literally a whole new world....:D

    keep on blogging...

  6. Tuloy2x lang sa pag ba blog at pag susulat Pope nakaka inspired din mga sulat mo in someways may Humor ( i never get Jealous ngayon lang) natawa ako nun hehehe....

    salamat din sa iyo... Pope sa mga Comment mo talagang.. mula sa puso...

    kita kita lang tayo sa daan...

  7. Maraming Salamat din kaibigan..

  8. Well speech bro! Para nasa deserve the appreciation just like we the readers. Keep on sharing the Word! Thank for the nice articles that inspiring everyone. that is why we are connected.
    Have a nice day bro!

  9. bagp lang akon bumibiasita sa blog mo pero talagang binabalikbalikan ko to dahil makabuluhan lahat ng nababasa ko.

  10. In all honesty, blogging did the same thing to me: it changed me for the better.

    Thank you rin The Pope for your friendship.

  11. blogosphere help us in widening our horizon, meeting people and new friends, and this is a definitely a must read..

    Grabbed your blog reader appreciation pic..

  12. thank u pope for the visit..i am wondering bakit ngayon lang tayo nagkakilala..

    i wish someone like u in my roll. the type who knew how to appreciate en readers..

    i will follow u, n link as well.

    more readers for u to come!!



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