Friday, April 10, 2009


As we unite ourselves with Christ's loving sacrifice for us this Good Friday, we submit ourselves through prayers, fasting and abstinence and other Filipino Lenten traditions such as "Pabasa", "Bisita Iglesya", "Senakulo" and "Penitensya".

However, it is not enough to be moved by Christ's bearing of the cross; we must trust in Him, His sacrifice, and take up our cross and follow Him.

"Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself,
take up his cross, and follow me." (Matthew 16: 24)

We have our own crosses in our life, for the Cross always means pain. the true cross of Christ is the pain we suffer for other. It is the sanctifying pain involved in sharing our blessings sacrificially with others like the poor. It is the pain involved in controlling the temptations of evil such as lust, greed, envy, graft and corruptions. Sometimes ourselves create many of our crosses by careless living and evil addictions.

It is the pain involved in standing with Jesus his ideas and ideals and gladly following him even if that means scorn or humiliation from the rest of the world.

Let us deny ourselves and take up the cross in a unique and splendid way for the poor, helpless and defenseless least of of our brother. We need to draw strength and inspiration from Jesus Who walks ahead of us carrying his heavier cross while supporting us in carrying our crosses.

Sometimes the cross of faith seems to be a heavy load. But, through prayer, reflection and involvement in our faith, Jesus continues to help make this burden light.

By carrying our crosses we become imitators of Christ in his suffering for us.

Will you answer the call of Jesus, "Come follow me?"

“I have been crucified with Christ; yet I live,
no longer I, but Christ lives in me.”
(Gal 2: 19-20).


  1. To follow Jesus is most rewarding. Kaya kung may dapat man tayong sundin sa buhay natin siya 'yon. But to follow him is not easy. There are lot of things to give up. Sana makayanan ko ang lahat para masundan siya..Thanks for your inspiring post my friend, Pope!

  2. Nice post Pope. Isang magandang gabay sa panahon ng pagtitika!

    Sana talaga, mahanap at masundan ko SIYA..

  3. inspiring mek sense to me lalo na ngyon. naaksidente kuya ko at 12pm today, critical dw ang lagay. it breaks my spirit, i read ur post jst in time, im too scared yet i wil trust in His name.

    tnx, ur post means a lot!

  4. Its really difficult to carry His cross and follow His footsteps, the burden is heavy, the road is rough and winding, but through our faith, God will lighten our load and will guide us to right path. Salamat sa inyo kaibigang Ruphael ang Bampiraako.

    Bhing, my heart's in pain when I read your news, in the midst of all these trials and as we trust ourselves to God, let's pray to our merciful Father to heal your brother and for his early recovery.

  5. The life Christ lived qualified Him for the death He died—and the death He died qualifies us for the life we live. ---Unknown

  6. Sometimes the cross of faith seems to be a heavy load. But, through prayer, reflection and involvement in our faith, Jesus continues to help make this burden light
    >>>true. amen.amen.amen

    kukunin ko ito. gagamitin ko ito.
    magdedeliver ako ng talk on sunday sa mga teens. topic: christian ideal: loving God
    pag-pray me ahh...first time ko eh

  7. Salamat sa pagdalaw kaibigang NJ at iyong iniwang quotation.

    Isang malaking karangalan para sa akin Jez ang makatulong sa iyong malinis na adhikain, and I'll include you in my prayers too, good luck in your Sunday church activities and advance Happy Easter.

  8. Very inspiring post, The Pope. Indeed, following Christ is not easy, because the road to HIM is narrow and filled with thorns. How true that we really have our own crosses to bear but I guess that prayers ad faith can make us carry it--and with the help of our Lord.

  9. Amen, The Pope. Salamat sa post mo. Makakaasang kang kabahagi mo ako sa panalangin na sana nga'y patuloy nating mabuhat ang krus ng ating buhay. Kahit pa nga kalbaryo ang turing natin dito.



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