Sunday, May 10, 2009


The above  artwork was a creation of my daughter Geehan
for my wife on the occasion of Mother's Day.

"A mother holds her children's hands for a while, their hearts forever."


  1. Happy Mother's day sa yong inay, at salamat din sa iyong pagbati. I miss my mom, she passed away last 2003. thanks for the comment

  2. Wow ganda naman ng regalo sa wife mo, high tech na hehehe, mga anak ko sulat kamay lang hahaha pero kakataba ng puso ano?? pag may nareceive ka sa kanila kahit ano pa ito.

  3. Wow!!!Happy mother's day sa iyong mahal na asawa :)

  4. Happy Mother's Day sa asawa mo! galing nmn ng anak mo....nakakatuwa!


  5. @ Marlon

    Sorry to hear about the passing of your mom, but I am sure she is happy and proud of your achievements in life.

    @ Sardonyx

    You are right high tech na ang regalo na anak ko, hahahaha. Pero pahabol na lang yan, nagpadala dito sa amin ng "bagnet" (an Ilocano" pork delicacy) and longgonisa, may nagbalik kasi sa Doha after spending summer holidays sa Manila, nagpadala ng pork hahaha.

    @ Lord CM

    Thank you so much and likewise Happy Mother's Day to your loving wife, and sweet mom.

    @ Bhing

    Thank you so much for being here on this great occasion and happy Mother's Day too for your loving Mom.

  6. wow, that's so sweet...uu nga Pope ang hi-tech na ng greetings ngaun,hehe...but still what matters most is that the kid appreciates the love and importance of their mom:D

  7. medyo late na ako...pero babatiin ko pa rin asawa mo nang "happy mother's day!"

  8. Happy Mother's day to your wife and all the mothers in your life, Mr. Pope. (We are sorry for the late greeting.) More blessings to you and your family. :)

  9. @ Deth

    Thank you for being here, you are right, what is important is the sincerity.

    @ MarcoPaolo

    Well you are not late for the occasion, everyday is a Mother's Day.

    @ thepinktarha

    It's a pleasure to see you in my site and thak you for the warm greetings.

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog, Pope! Happy mothers' day to your wife and mother. I was lucky to have my mom visit me during mother's day pero dapat yata baligtad.. ako yung bumibisita. hehehe.. nagkata-on lang siguro.

  11. @ Garando

    Well I think it doesn't matter kung sino ang bumisita kanino, the important thing is you are together on this special occasion, and that is the sweetest bonding.

    A blessed evening to you and thanks for dropping by.

  12. nice. ang sweet naman ng anak mo. :)



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