Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I hate to keep people waiting, especially my friends in the blogsphere who have shared their mementos and the responsibility attached to it - the trust and respect beyond anonymity within the 'Fellowship of Bloggers".


This was passed to me by my friend Violet of Silip, and the rules requires that :

1. Write something about 15 different people
2. You cannot say who they are
3. if someone asks you which one is about them, you cannot tell
4. tag 15 people who you think would do this, too (you don't have to tag the people you wrote about)

This tag has been circulated in the blogspehere for sometime and I have taken the freedom not to pass this tag to my fellow bloggers and friends who are now busy preoccupied on creating entries for PEBA 2009

YOU TOUCHED MY LIFE and it was...

  • YOU - have always make me smile and giggles, have spoiled me with ice creams and all sweet things, and always carried me on your shoulder, I was 8 years old trying to learn more about you but God didn't told me you are leave us so soon.
  • YOU - have taught me to be strong; that a man of courage should never shed tears, even in time of death you never show defeat, but you didn't give me a chance to say adeiu.
  • YOU - are the remaining link to our family tree, you filled up the emptiness in me and have assumed the role of sister, mother and father, you are the real super hero.
  • YOU - educate me and guided me in my career, taught me the virtue of kindness and honesty. You are my mentor in philosophy and politics while my mind was drifting in theology.
  • YOU - never give up on me; always correct my mistakes and praises my achievements, you complete the missing piece of puzzle in my life, with you I am ready to spend the rest of my life.
  • YOU - are called the product of our love and a miracle from above. A clone of my gene and my alter ego, with you, our love has entwined and brought billions of colors in my life.
  • YOU - gave me an opportunity to work when I was 15, you taught me perseverance and humility and dedication, and you always believe that I can make it to the top of the ladder.
  • YOU - are my legal adviser, you inspired me to write in our Union Gazette, you used to call me Monsignor, and you have promoted me Pope (where I got my pseudo Popish Pope) when I won the Union general election.
  • YOU - never get tired of dreaming for others, you always have the vision to unite the bloggers and to help each other to bring inspirations to our our fellow Pinoy migrant workers, and you are my very first commentor when I launched "Palipasan".
  • YOU - you never run out of trivias and funny ideas, you always brings laughters to the heart of your readers, and I that's why I have penned an article about power of laughter, you are one of my top commentor.
  • YOU - have given vivid colors to hunger and poverty, framed the social cancers of our society, and captured the deteriorating state of our natural resources, and reminded us of our responsibility to our society and our commitment to change our country.
  • YOU - are my top commentor and favorite critic, I love the way you blog even if it is a one liner statement, your title suits you because you always visible in blogsphere - because you are here, there and everywhere.
  • YOU - are my favorite "kikay" - you never run out of posts, I love your personality and you are so expressive, your wits amazes me, and I am glad working with you in Blogshere.
  • YOU - are indeed journalist which cannot be denied, I love your style of writing which makes people 'awe', you keep on saying you're an old fashined guy, but it was the same good reason why you are most admired.
  • YOU - are the first blogger I ever met in person, "Popish Pope of Doha welcomes the Prawn Magnate of Saudi Arabia, as the angels plays their harps, the shrirmps jump in their delight.
Marami pa sanang YOU na gustong banggitin kaya lang 15 lang ang instruction, sorry po sa hindi nakasama, baka sa susunod ay 50 people na ang required, pasok na kayo..


Broom-Broom, unforgettable 'wento' sa sasakyan? by Yanah of Life's A Twitch. This tag is about your unforgettable experiences in vehicles, and this is my story:
  • My career in the civil aviation industry has given me the opportunities to experience the joy of flying as passenger in various types of aircrafts, ranging from regular helicopters to executive type choppers, small seater airplanes, 12-24 seater airplanes, the DC-3 vintage aircraft and executive jets.
  • Only once in my life that I was able to ride in a ship from Cebu to Manila when we were stranded in Mactan Airport because of the Mt. Pinatubo eruption. It was a great adventure, a more than 24 hours voyage filled with fun and excitement.
  • Fun is described as driving a Go-Cart at maximum speed in a rough road race track and shouting to the cars tailing you Eat-My-Dust hahaha.
  • Nothing can match the classic experienced of riding a "karitela" while seated beside the "kutsero" that used to be the King of the Road from Evangelista St., Makati Rizal to Libertad of Pasay City.

2009 Friendship Award - the Best Blogger

This tag award was shared to me by my friend Crisiboy of Jologs na Yuppie whose writings are centered on the latests news on entertainment celebrities and nations current events.

This award has a same rule of passing to other blogger like what I have received before.

  1. Take your award here
  2. Put the logo on your post
  3. Link the person who awarded you
  4. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
  5. Add links to those blogs on yours
  6. Leave a messages for your nominees on their blog
I am passing this award to the new generation bloggers I just recently met in the blogsphere:


These double awards were given to me once again by Crisiboy of Jologs na Yuppie and Dencio of I Am Dencio, and I would love to share this tag award to :


  1. Ahek!!!Ang daming YOU, sana mabasa ng taong gusto mong pagsabihan nyan, tyak matutuwa yun pag nalamang sya ang binabanggit mo sa post mo...

    Buti na lang at di mo pinasa, dahil tamad ako ngayon lolzz

  2. Hanga po ako sa creativity nyo sa YOU tag. Ang husay, ang galing! o",)

  3. Congrats, you deserved those awards!! I like your broom broom experiences :-) and of course YOU tag.

  4. @ Lord CM

    Tama ka Lord, sigurado kong mababasa ito ng mga pinatutungkulan ko sa aking YOU, kasi sila lang naman din ang tanging nagbabasa nitong mga panulat ko hahahahaha.

    Hindi ko na ito pinasa dahil na rin sa daming ppinagkakaabalahan ngaun ng mga bloggers sa ating PEBA 2009 event.

    @ RJ

    Salamat sa papuri, sa tutuo lang halos dumugo ang ilong ko sa paglikha nitong panulat ng YOU.

    @ Missy

    Thank you sa pagbisita, ipagpaumanhin mo pala kung sakaling bihira akong makabisita sa iyong TRAVELOG, masyadong abala lang nga ako, but I love seeing your beautiful photos. A blessed day to you.

  5. YOU POPE - have inspired a lot of bloggers to have hope,faith and love:D

    YOU POPE - deserve all those blog awards

    YOU POPE - will always remind us that Life is Beautiful and I'll surely stop to smell the flowers...

  6. congratulations po sa awards...

    more than anyone else... you deserve those!

    continue writing & inspiring people.
    you're not just a father, not just a brother, not just a son, not just a grandson, not just a nephew, not just a friend....

    you're a MAN!

  7. Hi POPE!! THANKS for the award!! :-) I'm not really familiar with these things. :-)


  8. YOU PEBA and KABLOGS BLOGGERS- "never get tired of dreaming for others, you always have the vision to unite the bloggers and to help each other to bring inspirations to our our fellow Pinoy migrant workers, ..."

    Those words are humbling, and touching...

  9. you are such an inspiration kuya!..:)
    continue blogging and inspiring others..:)

  10. isang super malaking pasasalamat sa awards..hayz..dalawa pa talaga at tsaka interesting blog at i love your blog pa talaga..

    never thought mine would be worth that..and coming from..oh my sucha pleasure..

    salamat po..


  11. Ayos ah! Long Live mga Bloggers! paano na ang buhay kung walang blog? ahahaha..

  12. @ Deth

    Thank you the 3 YOUs, the reason for my existence is all because of YOU.

    @ A-Z-E-L

    Wow naman, I am humbled by your comments, and thank you for reading my blogs.

    @ DrStirringRhod

    Well you deserve that award, and don't worry you'll get used to it, jost keep on blogging and make an extra space for your tag/awards collections - your blessings will keep on coming.

    @ Mr. Thoughtskoto

    Hey, it's YOU... just keep on believing... our forefathers discovered fire from the tiniest spark - and now behold the LIGHT...

    @ EǝʞsuǝJ

    Salamat sa pagsuporta, we are all part of this great "Fellowship of Bloggers", one cannot exists without the other.

    @ vanvan

    Well you really deserve it girl, just like the other bloggers, YOU ARE UNIQUE... remember, Life is Beautiful.

    @ Kablogie

    Thanks for being here... I cannot imagine kung walang blog, we will be like the caveman, sa walls na lang magsusulat... we will be vandalizing our walls hahahaha.

  13. waw, wala akong masabi ^_________^
    pinatataba nio po ang puso ko, totoo!
    salamat po wah..
    will add this award to my blog in a short while..
    salamat po talaga :)

  14. Wow, a double award!! Thank you very much for the recognition Pope! :) I really appreciate it!

  15. Galing ng U tag mo!

    Hahaha... Salamat sa di pagpasa ng awards na kelangang gawan ng post. Talagang super understanding ka sa PEBA at KaBlogs buddies.

    Thank you very much sa 2009 Friendship - Best Blogger Award. Nakakataba sa puso.

    Happy weekend!

  16. naadd ko na po,
    salamat po ulet :)
    niadd nga po pla kta sa blogroll ko
    take care po :)

  17. @ yellowshoelace

    You deserve this one, and definitely with your talent in blog writing, there are more awards waiting for you. thank you for the add, I deeply appreciate it.

    @ Mr. G.

    You are most deserving, Life is Beautiful, keep on blogging.

    @ Desert Aquaforce

    Salamat sa pagdalaw at hatid mong mga papuri... a blessed evening and happy weekend too.

  18. Huli man daw ay naihahabol pa rin. Impressive ang You. Buti n lang hindi mo ipinasa dahil I don't think no one can top that.

    You're one amazing blogger Pope and truly admirable.

  19. @ Nebz

    Thank you so much for being here, I know you are soooo busy kaya di ko magawang ipasa sa iyo.

    Life is Beautiful.

    A blessed weekend to you my friend.

  20. dami naman tol na YOU, kulang pa yan hah? at pati awards!!! Congrats...

  21. @ Mokong

    Thank you sa pagbisita at pagiiwan ng marka.

    A blessed weekend to you and your family.

  22. YOU Tag, kudos!

    Keep up the good work. Sana po marami pang makadicover ng blog nyo. :)



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