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A power-nap is a short sleep which terminates before the occurrence of deep sleep or slow-wave sleep (SWS), intended to quickly revitalize the subject. The expression power-nap was coined by Cornell University social psychologist James Maas. (Source: Wikipedia)

Mid-day sleep is termed as 'power nap'. “A power nap is defined as a short nap during the day of about 20-30 minutes duration”, says William Deardorff, Medical Advisor for

What do Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy all have in common? They've all made considerable contributions to the advancement of mankind, they're all distinguished in their respective fields, and they were all avid power nappers.

People who regularly take mid-day naps experience decrease in drowsiness. Research has also shown that it increases your level of alertness during the day and reduces stress.

Some more advantages of mid-day naps are:
  • boost in productivity at work,
  • improved ability to concentrate,
  • less stress,
  • better reaction time,
  • increased learning,
  • more efficiency,
  • better mood,
  • better health,
  • increase in stamina, 
  • memory improvement,
  • you can avoid sleep debt by making up on your sleep deficit.
In countries where siestas are common like in Latin America and in Middle East like Qatar and Saudi, businesses may open from early in the morning until noon, then close for three to four hours and reopen for another four or five hours. Workers nap for 15 to 30 minutes and spend the rest of their time with family. They return to work refreshed and ready to tackle the afternoon assignments.

While some companies are beginning to encourage the midday power nap, your boss or company might not yet buy into the benefits. If that is the case, try these sneaky tips to grab a quick break (use at your own risk):

  • Nap in your car. During your lunch break, head out to your car for a quiet place to take a quick nap. By getting out of the office, you will avoid any distractions and interruptions from your co-workers. If you’re worried about people seeing you in the parking lot, drive to the nearest store and pull into a parking spot to take your nap.
  • Fake phone call. Your boss might not like the site of you sprawled out taking a nap, so sit at your desk and hold the phone to your ear like you are on a call. If possible, sit with your back to your office or cubicle door. Best used when you just need a few minutes to relax and recharge.
  • Bathroom sleeper. On my first job as a janitor in Makati I found the serenity of the toilet , a great place to avoid interruptions and I highly doubt anyone will question you even if they do realize that you have been in the bathroom for more than 30 minutes.

You will return to your work with an increased energy and enthusiasm after a short nap. Just don’t sleep too long as then you will enter the deeper stages of sleep and will have a difficult time becoming focused again. As my friend Nebz of Isla de Nebz puts it in his post The Hidden Powers of Fiesta Siesta, "It freshens our soul, it invigorates our mind, it spikes up our spirit, and enables us to continue the day with exciting hope and vigor."

If you get caught sleeping, be prepared to discuss the benefits to an afternoon power nap and how you are attempting to improve your work productivity.


  1. Salamat po for quoting me. Honestly, your post is more comprehensive and enlightening. I particularly liked your Proverbs quotation especially that 'a little folding of the hands to sleep' line.

    Nap sa toilet? D ko pa nagawa. D rin pwede sa kotse dahil sa init sa Saudi, baka maging baked tahong ako sa loob.

    Hindi ko alam kung bakit pero habang nagkakaedad ako, lalo kong nagugustuhan ang matulog after lunch. Sabi ko nga sa mga pamangkin kong bata pag ako ang nagpapatulog: dadating ang araw, hindi na kayo pwedeng mag-nap kahit gusto nyo dahil bawal na sya...(takutin ba?).

    Hindi ko rin alam kung bakit pero kapag nasa trabaho ako, lagi akong inaantok. Pero hindi naman kapag nasa bahay. Haaay...

  2. Hay sinabi mo pa, right after lunch, yung mata natin tila nagpapahiwatig at bumubulong na "hurry let get some sleep and let's not waste time" hahahaha.

    It doesn't have to do with aging, hehehehe, I won't accept it as reason for being antukin ko, even kids ay matakaw din matulog.

    Thanks and have a great day Nebz.

  3. Nice Pope... mai-try ko nga yung magpretend na may kausap sa phone..kaso malikot ako matulog baka mabagsak yung bathroom naman magandang idea din yan...di ko pa kotse..hmmm..gandang technique...problem is..wala akong wheels...
    Nice post!

  4. yung last quote mo tol... yan ang dahilan kung bakit wala akong lakas ng loob subukan ang matulog sa office kahit ilang minuto lang...

  5. @ Sherwin

    So ang natitirang option na lang ay iyong bathroom area for sleeping hehehehe, pero anuman ang paraan na mapili mo sa pag-idlip, make sure you set your cell phone alarm, baka mapasarap at mapahaba ang tulog.

  6. Sana mabasa to ng mga kaibigan ko at ng malaman nila na may maganda ring dulot ang pagiging antukin ko. hehe. Nice post!

  7. Hehehe :D Sana nababasa ng mga employer to

  8. Another nice post Pope, that's true kakatulong talaga ang power nap, I tried napping in my car during lunch time.

    I remember when I was still working in a semiconductor company in Paranaque, yun isang "die attach" operator nakatutok sa microscope niya(that's their job talaga, mag attach ng die sa circuit), akala ko nagwowork siya, yun pala tulog na, kinakausap ko di sumasagot nang mabuking ko may marka ng bilog ng microscope around her eyes, natulog pala hehehe, natawa nga ako e....di ko naman pinagalitan, naawa pa nga ako at wala kasing break pa.

  9. Sleep with your hands clasp like your praying... pwede ba yun Pope? hehehe

    Sobrang taimtim ng pagdarasal tumagal ka ng 30mins, heehehehe...kapag ginising ka nila,may palusot ka, hehehe...

  10. @ Badong

    Salamat sa pagbisita, feel free share this with your friends, let them know the benefits of being "antukin".

    @ Lord CM

    Natawa ako sa comment mo, and I understand your point, hahahahaha, well there are so many ways and so many places to spend your power nap.

    @ Bb. Sardz

    Maraming salamat sa papuri and I appreciate your kindness sa staff mo, it was written "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak". Salamat sa pagunawa sa kanilang kahinaan.

    @ DETH

    Yes, why not, its a great idea, clasp your hands and close your hands and utter a short prayer before going to a slumber - "Dear God, guard me on my sleep and open the mind of my boss to understand the benefits of power nap."

  11. hmmm.. may dahilan na ang mga antukin sa work. "takin my power nap" hehe.. Thanks pre for always visiting my blog... Keep safe..

  12. I always take a nap wearing my dark sunglasses.

    I was quite amused that you took naps in the toilet during your work there. But I agree it's sometimes the most peaceful place to take a nap--only beaten by a library.

    A nap is indeed invigorating and very refreshing.

    Btw, I like the photo of the guard--who must be in his duty while taking a nap. hehehe

  13. hehe. lagi kasi nila akong sinisita kapg lagi akong natutulog s hapon. at least ako nabebenefitan. hehe

  14. @ denzmeister

    hehehehe, well power nap is a once a day 20-30 minutes slumber, sana naman wag every hour may 20 minutes nap .

    @ Dennis Villegas

    Seriously speaking I get used to sleep on a sitting position for at least 30 minutes.

    @ Badomg

    Tama ka ngaun, you can justify and explain the healthy benefits of power nap.

  15. I hope the security guard's employeer doesn't stumble on this post. :D
    If I may add, another good method is to stick a pair of cut-out eyes on your top eyelids. This allows you to nap at work while sitting down, facing your computer. ;)

  16. parang di pwede sakin ang power nap. dere-derecho ako matulog. haha. kaya ko ng walang tulog 3 days straight pero pag natulog ako dapat 25 hours. haha.

  17. Wow! Ang galing ng information dito. Salamat.

    Huhmn, dito sa Australia, hindi uso ang matagal na lunch break, 30minutes lang talaga. Kaya pala... Huhmn, huwag na, magagalit ang mga taga-Australia sa akin.

    Ako mahilig talagang matulog after lunch. Sana maging 'Albert Einstein' din ako. U

  18. @ Garando

    I love that idea, dilat na dilat, masubukan nga, hahahaha.

    @ JoShMaRie

    Three days straight na walang tulog, di ko kaya yun; pero iyong 25 hours na deretsong tulog kaya ko yun siguro hahahaha.

    @ Doc RJ

    Sana nga ikaw na ang sumunod na Albert Einstein at ng mai-apply mo ang priciple of relativity sa mga alaga mo, kaya ipagpatuloy mo ang ang power naps.

  19. POPE, this is very TRUE!! We all need a POWER NAP to recharge and revitalize ourselves. It may be short but that energy would last us enough for the day. :-)


  20. aba, hindi pa pala ako nag-iwan ng marka dito. Alam mo sa buhay ng isang call center agent. wala ng mas mahalaga pa kung hindi tulog.hehehe halos makapatay ako tuwing may gigising sa akin. Kaso, i'm not a fan of nap...kapag tulog, tulog talaga. baka mabitin eh! Pope, salamat pala sa iyong suporta!

  21. kawawa naman si manong guard...
    anyway, totoo, nakakrevitalize talaga ang isang power nap. 9o minutes is the best

  22. nice one! i desperately need this power nap!



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