Wednesday, July 1, 2009



Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our life.
If we were to go through life without any obstacles, it would cripple us.
We would not be as strong as we could have been and we could never fly.

So the next time you are faced with an obstacle, a challenge, or a problem.
Struggle a little - then fly!


  1. Naman! Sama ko jan ng sampu nangyari na kasi sa akin yan eh, full of hindrances, consequences and struggles in life, pero eto pa rin namamagaspas pa rin at nagpapakasaya sa aking buhay...Life still moves on, Just keep my faith in Him...Godbless..Una pala ko dito, yes nakauna rin hehehe...

  2. Yes, thank you for being the first commenter, kahit di ka naman nakaka base, tulad nila, ikaw, kayo - ang laging first para sa akin.

  3. So the next time you are faced with an obstacle, a challenge, or a problem.

    Struggle a little - then fly! inspiring! sana ganyn ako..

  4. [Maraming salamat po! (,"o]

  5. Tulad ng mga ninuno natin kung di sila nag struggle to fight for our freedom ay alipin pa rin tayo.

    Gaya ng isang individual kung di tayo mag struggle to overcome our problem and trials in life ay tuluyan na tayo malulukmok sa ating pagkakadapa at alipin tayo ng sarili natin.

    Have a nice day Bro!

  6. ganda nman nito pope. tnx for sharing... :)

  7. got you a couple of awards in my blog.=) hope you can grab it soon.^^

  8. Happy Birthday Pope!

    Hahaha, gulat ka noh?

    Okay, di mo pa birthday?

    Happy New Year!haha

    I am inspired lagi sa post mo na napapaisip ako kung pwede ba kita ikampanya sa KABLOGGYWOOD? hehe, By the way, remember when we are looking for a cocoon na mak\giging favicon ng KABLOGS? haha.

    Thanks for this post!

  9. hmmm...
    parang may gusto kong ibigay na award sa site na toh ahh..:)

    nice one kuya...

    the stage in a butterfly's life span which is very crucial bago maging magandang butterfly ang isang coccoon.

    parang sa babae lang
    not a girl not yet a woman..wahahha

  10. @ Bhing
    You may not be aware of it, but your are perfectly struggling a little, the same reason we are surviving. God Bless.

    @ RJ
    Thanks for leaving a mark.

    @ Life Moto
    Right my friend, if we will not struggle amidst the challenges in life, we'll only allow the problems consumes us.

    Salamat sa pagdalaw.

    @ PinkNote
    Thank you for sharing your mementos. God bless you.

    @ Mr. Thoughtskoto
    The truth is this post was conceived out of our conversation on the cocoon thing for KABLOGS.

    @ EǝʞsuǝJ
    Thanks for the new knowledge I gained from you... METAMORPHOSIS... I'll keep it in mind, it is such a beautiful word.

    Life is beautiful.

  11. man, your blog is cool. inspiring. keep it up!

  12. the video is fantastic. Ganda talaga ng creation

  13. Struggle a little - then fly!

    love it:D

  14. Hayz buti na lang napractice ko na ang ganitong mindset nung nagbibinata ako...jijijijijijiiji... kaso pwede bang ibon na lang kesa paruparo?! jijijijiji..umaapela pa eh noh?! jijijijijiji pero seriously, whatever struggles we may encounter... it molded us to become better individuals and taught us to fly! Soar High!

  15. Ang ganda naman ng paghalintulad mo. Tama ka, pag may itinanim, meron kang aanihin.



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