Sunday, July 12, 2009

Trident® Gum and US Based SinuateMedia Sponsors PEBA 2009

In light of the current global economic crunch, I am overwhelmed with Trident® Gum and US Based SinuateMedia's for sponsoring the PEBA 2009 event which was announced on PEBA , KABLOGS, and Thoughtkoto sites.

The news provides the KABLOGS bloggers a minute to smile on this great event, as Trident and SinuateMedia provides moments of happiness in our blogging life - something new to chew on - "a little piece of happy".

Let us unwrap and discover Trident's "A Little Piece of Happy" , a happy little site that has provided PEBA an enormous smile. I am sharing four of their campaign videos, a 15-seconds clip of perfect "happy moments" you'll find worth viewing with your family.


  1. wow! me sponsors na!

    sikat lalo ang PEBA!

    teka, ako una dito? tulog pa ba ang iba? hihi!

  2. @Francesca
    I am humbled by your presence being the first commenter, thank you so much.

    I guess the rest were so busy at the start of the week.

    Life is Beautiful.

    God bless.

  3. hehehe kakatuwa lahat pero gusto ko sina lolo at lola....salamat sa trident sana tuloy-tuloy na

  4. sayang di ko makita yung pix..widget is unavailable.balik ako maya maya lang.

    mabuhay ang PEBA2009!



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