Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Fabric of My Life

After 21 days of hiatus, returning to Palipasan is not an easy start. I find it difficult to gather my thoughts to begin my story in a nutshell as I was s previously confined within the four walls of my job that seems more like a jail as I spend long hours examining voluminous technical publications and records of the newly delivered Italian helicopters in Doha.

And returning to my blogging world is a little bit frustrating, it seems that after my mind has taken a deep dive into the ocean of numerical and numbers, sitting in my desktop - my mind seems to be rusty as I stare on the blank compose window of my blog. It's like returning to an abandoned home with the intention of cleaning it up and I don't know which room to start.

But after a couple of minutes, I once again discovered my touch as my fingers find its way through my keyboard as it put into words the thoughts that continuously flows from my mind.

And I would like to take this opportunity to thank my blogging friends who have anonymously visited my site during my hiatus period especially to MarcoPaolo of AJosMSL, Ms. FaYe of My Life in Holland and Fiel-kin of Fiel-kun's Thoughts for leaving heart-warming note in my shout box. To those who have requested ex-links, I'll try to visit your sites soonest, thank you so much.

After hiatus break, I realized that we are indeed connected, you - me, and everyone who have left their mark in this site, our connection grows and the unique YOU continues to come to life. As I look into Palipasan as a piece of fabric, each one of YOU - either an anonymous visitor or regular blogging friend - you are a unique pattern that continues to evolve everyday.

You are the threads that continuous to grow in my site, you are the life fabric of my blog because your presence continue to help me weave new colors and patterns to my own fabric of life.

I bounce back to life writing new blog, I hope that I could add new colors and textures to your own fabrics of lives too.

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  1. welcome back pope! :)

    buti naman nakabalik ka na, kala ko kung anu na nangyari sayo kasi ang tagal mo ng walang post hehe

  2. Ayos ang metaphor! I love the way you weaved the words, especially in the first two paragraphs. o",) Kumusta naman po ang mga helicopters?

    Welcome back, The Pope!

  3. @ roanne

    I missed reading your blogs too. I was totally cut off from the blogging world during the last 21 days, and now I'm so happy to be back.


    Thank you sa positive comment, the 1st batched of Agusta Westland AW139 choppers arrived last 5th April, they are awesome.

  4. Welcome back Pope, I know the feeling. I was astray for almost a year din, Oks lang yan :)


  5. life sometimes is like that. We want to do everything in one go but our tentacles are not allowing us. Its okey, dead(hiatus) naman ang ibang blogs eh, not only yours
    important is you are there, and will continue.
    Mawala ang isang pope sa blogsphere, wala ng buhay.

  6. @ manilenya

    I guess it is part of a blogging cycle wherein we passes the stage of going astray from our virtual world because of the demanding realities of life, but what counts more is when we bounce back to our blogging passion.

    @ Francesca

    Sabi nga nila you cannot put a good blogger down and you have inspired me so much too - that's the same reason we keep on blogging despite the odds in and out of the blogging world - it's the enthusiasm that keeps us going. Thank you so much for the positive words, I'll take it as a compliment.

  7. welcome back kuya!^_^ namiss namin ang mga sooo inspiring thoughts mo..XD

  8. @ ♥superjaid♥

    Thank you so much, the same reason why we keep on blogging is because we are all connected. God bless you.

  9. Glad to see you back po =)

    How I look forward to some posts of those helicopters here =). Two months now and I can only identify between rotary wing and fixed wing of some tail signs of those flying over Afghanistan. I have rather been blog hopping than attempting to read about MTVs/ M8Ts/ MITs/ IL76/ AN series. I wonder how long I can even learn how runway/ weather/ temperature affect flying capacity...

  10. Pope- ano nangyari? hehehe busy ba? sensiya na busy din ako hehehe, ganda naman ng title mo, kakainspire hehehe (sipsip!) may air show ba? hahaha sensiya na curious lang ako

  11. @ Gremlines

    I was flabbergasted for your interest in the filed of aviation, actually it is really an interesting field. I hope I could provide help to enlighten you on your areas of interest.

    God bless.

    @ Sardonyx

    Sobrang busy, hehehe. Dumating na kasi yung bagong Agusta AW139 helicopters ng airforce, and I am part ng technical committee para sa acceptance nito, naka-assign sa akin ang review ng technical documents, airworthiness certifications at log cards. BTW, katatapos lang ng Air Show namin, my family enjoyed it kasi it was open to public, they were given a chance to board the fighter jets, helicopters at sa C17 aircraft.

  12. welcome back.
    I miss reading inspirational blogs from here.
    I am excited to read entries again.

  13. Pope- yun asawa ko may kuha rin sa mga tangke with baril pa ang porma ng posing, sa airshow lang pala yun LOL...sana magkita kayo hehehe kaso di sila nakakalabas e at baka pag nagkita kayo, lumabas naman kayo yun ang mas mahirap LOL



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