Sunday, April 4, 2010

A New Beginning This Easter, The Kablogs Journal

As we join the rest of the Christian world in the celebration of Easter, on Jesus Christ's triumph over sin, and we take joy in spending this special time with family and friends and reflecting on the many blessings that fill our lives. During this season of renewal, let us come together and give thanks to the Almighty who made us in His image and redeemed us in His love

In our journey towards Easter, we have gathered some of our Kablogs' best blogging authors, men and women of talents and skills - Nebz Bandiez (Isla de Nebz)Janelle Vales (The Pink Tarha) Azel Venerable (Panunumbalik ng Ulirat) Doc RJ Pagoto (The Chook-Minder's Quill) and Nalen Aguilar (Manilenya) who have collectively agreed to voluntarily share their time, talents and skills in one collaborative blog in bringing hopes and inspirations to our Kablogs members and the general Global Filipinos worldwide.

Today, as we discover Easter's wonderful and humbling invitation for new hope and new life, we at Kablogs is proud to announce the launching of our maiden issue of our first online magazine - THE KABLOGS JOURNAL, a celebration of a new beginning and a new hope dedicated to the OFW bloggers.

As we strive to bring you a better and worth reading articles which resonates our Global Filipinos values and aspirations, we invite you to join us at The Kablogs Journal's maiden journey, follow us and be part of our "Fellowship of Bloggers" - share your talents, your ideas and comments & suggestions  to further improve the contents and the quality of our new site, this is your site - The Kablogs Journal.

This Easter Season, let's enjoy the Easter spring at: 
thekablogsjournal [dot] blogspot [dot] com

Please bear with me as I temporarily closed my comment box and encouraged you  to  visit, explore the pages, read and    direct  your comments on various articles of  your favorite blog authors on The Kablogs Journal. You might please take a glance and spend some minute of your  time to read my column article entitled "A Journey in Faith" as I share with you my Easter reflection - "The Tomb Is Empty".


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