Tuesday, July 6, 2010


It was a euphoric feeling as I received an invitation for my High School Batch 78 Reunion on its 32 jubilee  which will be held on July 17 in our Alma mater grounds, Pasay City West High School.

As I browse our Facebook Alumni page, I cannot help but reflect on the people, places and events that made my experience at Pasay City West High Shool so memorable, that I wish I can take my annual holidays to attend and participate in this importat celebration of life, however being an OFW based in the Middle East, such desire will only remains as a "wish" filled with envy and sadness as I miss this important opportunity.

Pasay City West High School (Mataas na Paaralang Kanluran sa Lunsod ng Pasay) is one of our city's public school and continues to be one of the most competitive school since our time. And I'm  proud that I was a product of this institution which have nurtured me during my learning years which have provided our batch a strong academic foundation and I am proud of the many successful paths of our batch mates have accomplished.

During my high school years, my Senior's academic performance was not totally impressive, because at that stage I was already a "Working Student" as a janitor in a grave yard shift in a Makati. But this does not prevent me to enjoy my high school life, and as I reminisce about the past, I would love to share some of it with you;

1. I was on my 2nd Year in school when I tried to join Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary, but as the saying goes "many are called but few are chosen", and I got His message, God wants me to stay, enjoy and finish my studies in this Institution.

2. I learned to play snare drum, bugle and guitar during my Junior year. And during break and recess periods, I used to play guitar with my friends Noel under the "langka" tree, I guess this is where jamming started where we play the pop music like Hotel California (Eagles), Wandering (James Taylor), How Deep Is Your Love (Bee Gees), Panakip Butas (Hajji Alejandro) and The Way We Were and Kapalaran (Rico Puno).

3. I instantly become a superhero when I rescued my pretty classmate who suddenly collapsed in her chair during our music class where I scooped her unconcious fragile body into my arms and I run (I wish I could fly) & brought her to our school clinic. OMG she was the apple of the eyes among the guys during our time, and I feel six feet tall on that day as I say "Up, up and away".

4. Before graduation, I surprised my Garnet Section as I topped the NCEE as I score 92%  beating the top students in my class where some exclaimed "unbelievable" and I replied 'ingit lang kayo"
My 4th Year Class Picture 

I hope this reunion is the start of many gatherings for our alumni, as it provide an opportunities for us to personally reach out with our long lost friends and a step in healing the feeling of belonging and alienation we felt in one way or another with our fellow classmates. It will also serve as a venue for our batchmates to show our support to our Alma Mater that have once supported our dreams and aspirations, because Alumni play a significant role in the growth and well-being of Pasay City Wesh High School. 

Like us, our Alma Mater continues to grow and evolve, and our time at PCWHS contributed to its growth and evolution. Although we may not be physically connected to the school, we will continue to be connected spiritually. This connection can be maintained through our Alumni page in Face Book

But let me remind you that Facebook should not be taken as a substitute to alumni reunions, nothing can substitute the person-to-person warm pleasantries, group hugs, warm handshakes, the smiles and tears of joy and happiness. Let us be a "touch person", let's get out from our cocoon, and show your beautiful and colorful wings - let us be proud to be part of this Grand Reunion  of our Batch 1978.

Kudos to our Reunion Coordinators, Dr. Manny Dayacap, Mr. Sandy Casten, Mr. Egay Calixto, Ms. Tussy Ramos, Ms. Evelyn Samaniego Abuck, Ms. Cecille Laya Vidal and Ms. Esper Arganoza Revaula for your dilligence in your pursuit to break down the "Long-Time-No-See" barriers by organizing this grand alumni reunion. I pray that may this be a successful event, and the experience be the most memorable and nostalgic homecoming reunion of our Alma Mater.


  1. Happy anniversary sa batch nyo bro. almost same tayo sa number 1. calling sa seminary. sarap balikan ang nakaraan, lalo na sa high school. More power sa batch niyo. gb!

  2. love the no. 3..^_^ its soo cute para ka nga superhero that time..namimiss ko na rina ng mga high school classmates ko..kunti na alng kasi ang nakikita ko sa kanila..

  3. Congrats sa grand reunion ninyo! I think facebook (before was friendster) is really a good instrument in high school reunions and even finding long lost friends or ex-bfs or gfs hehehe. Wow pogi points ka pala nun, nakasalo ng ganda babae hehehe. Sayang di ka makaka attend baka makita mo sya dun hehehe.

    Ako naman laging nag oorganize ng HS reunion kada umuuwi ako but this coming September sa pag-uwi ko, elementary school naman ang i-oorganize ko through facebook, I found some of my classmates... so may mini-reunion kami. Kakatuwa ano.

  4. @ Life Moto

    Truly, sarap balik balikan ang masasayang nakaraan during our high school life.

    @ ♥superjaid♥

    Just keep on connecting with your HS friends thru social networking sites and try to plan a reunion even in small groups during holidays.

    @ Sardonyx

    I love reunions, it's an opportunity to meet long lost friends and acquiantances... super sipag ka pala sa pag-orgaize ng mini reunions.

    @ isladenebz

    Di pa uso ata ang colored picture during our time hahahaha. BTW nasa Kuwait ka na pala, surely it's a promotion - Congratulations.

  5. congrats pope! hinahanap kita sa class pic e! haha

    fb also helped me get in touch with my gradeschool classmates... imagine 1 class picture with 1000+ comments LOL! ginawang forum ung class pic haha

  6. hindi ako mahilig sa reunions...

    yun lang


  7. Thanks for sharing your memorable moments through this post.



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