Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Birthday 'Bebi Ko'

On this date, October 12 -  twenty years ago today, my daughter was born as we named her Geehan Maika and it was the happiest moment of our lives as the world seemed to stop when the nurse handed her into my arms, she was God's most beautiful creation, a little angel, so innocent and pure.

Her giggles, laughter and cry are like melodies from the sky. And we rejoice on every new words  she uttered... and I watched her first steps and her first walks.. I go crazy following her making sure that she'll not stumble and cry.

It's hard to believe that my baby girl is 20 years old now. It wasn't long ago that she always jumps into my back or carry  her on my shoulders as I proudly carry her in my arms when she's half asleep. It was just like yesterday that I call her "Bebe ko.."

But I cannot remember how many birthdays I missed, perhaps 5, 7, 9... I lost my count...  and I admit it was painful for me for not being present in my daughter's birthday celebrations. I wish I could see her close her eyes, make a wish and smile as she blows the candles from her birthday cake.

But God must be listening to my prayers. As each year she turned out even better than I often dreamed she'd be. She's more than I had hoped for and she's a sweet reward to me and my family. She grew up to be a lady full of wisdom, warmth and love, a good and fine role model, truly a blessing from above.

I couldn't be any prouder than I am today of her. She is my daughter and my friend, and a wonderful person, too. she has our love forever whom we adored her from the start.

It's a privilege to be her parent, a father and mother for my wife. She's a dear daughter of our heart.
From Daddy, Mommy and Jason & Mely



  1. Happy birthday po sa inyong pretty and wonderful daughter. =)

  2. wow kuya! youve got such a pretty lady there.. hehehe

    happy happy birthday Geehan Maika!
    more blessings to come.. Godbless you and your family kuya..

  3. Alam mo Pope, maswerte ka't mabait at responsable ang mga anak mo, kahit na kung minsan wala ang kanilang mga magulang na gumagabay sa kanila.

    Marami akong kakilalang binusog sa materyal na bagay ang mga anak ngunit nalilihis pa rin ang landas.

    Maligayang ka-arawan sa beybi mo.

  4. happy b-day to your beautiful daughter

  5. Happy Birthday to your daughter… God has given you a wonderful and charming one!

  6. ang ganda gnda nmn po ng anak mo manang mana sa mommy nya. happy bday sa kanya. ^_^

  7. Happy Birthday, Geeka! You have such a proud Dad and a loving Mom, and you've been blessed with so many great things in life. The Thoughtkoto's wish for you are good health, and more happiness and success as you continue your journey to life. God bless the daughter of "the pope"! hehehe Happy happy birthday again!

  8. hi, nakaka touch naman ang letter na ito for your birthday girl, im sure you made her cry a tear kasi kahit ako napapaluha sa mga binitiwan mong salita.



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