Thursday, October 7, 2010

OFW's Life Beyond Limit

The following is an excerpt from my column on The Kablogs Journal Issue 7 (September 2010), copied here as part of my effort in tribute to sacrifices of our Modern Day Heroes - the OFWs.


OFWs around the world have a story to tell and if all their stories combined in one book, we will have a compilation nf 12 million unique stories from OFWs around the world, stories of familial love, pain and sacrifice, heroism and martyrdom.

Even before I become an OFW, I always admire the exceptional courage of Filipinos chasing their dreams in foreign lands - and I wonder how could these people withstand the chilling winter snow in USA, Canada and European countries and scourging desert heat of Middle East and Africa. And I even wonder if my kababayans' are gifted with a nerve of steel to withstand the pain of separation from their love ones, wife, children, mother, father and siblings. And I ask myself in a satire manner "sila ba ang bagong Superman".

On January 1992, along with other 40 OFWs we're heading to Doha, Qatar, a country which I have never heard of. I never knew that at this point in time I am about to unmasked the real lives of "Supermen".

>>> Please  read the rest of the article by clicking the link to The Kablogs Journal 


  1. Our loveones, our hope for a better future and a little space under the sun. Yan ang mga "secret" powers ng isang OFW kaya matapang na sinusu-ong ang isang "adventure".

  2. Indeed, you are all "Supermen" and "Superwomen." To be able to endure everything away from your families, it takes lots of inner strength. Ako po, alam kong hindi ko yun kayang gawin.

    Miss N of

  3. @ BlogusVox

    Thank you for sharing the "secret powers" of an OFW, the essence flying above the clouds of challenges of life.

  4. @ Miss N

    You are right, it takes a lot of inner strength to be able to brave not the cold winter nor the scourging summer heat, it's the pain of separation from the family that an OFW has to endure.

    Your blog has brought inspiration to our Global Filipino bloggers, I hope you'll join PEBA 2010 as Nominee soonest as we await your article for our "Superheroes" and their families.



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