Saturday, January 7, 2012

Be My Special Viewer As I Chase Colors and Lights

Doha Skyline @ Corniche
Manual Mode | 120s | f//11 | ISO 100 |  No Flash

For almost three months, my soul has been obsessed by a craft known as  photography as I  chased the magical colors and lights capturing them in a box called camera which record God's beautiful creation - the breathtaking beauty of earth, its water and skies, and the grandeur of man's intelligence through architecture, the edifices that have risen from the once barren lands and the gamut of feelings written on the human faces which reveals the even smallest details of thoughts, experiences and understanding.

Capturing Fishes and Sun @ Corniche
Manual Mode | 1/100s | f/11 | ISO 100 | 40mm | No Flash

As I begin my journey to photography battling the controls of my Canon 600D camera knobs and buttons ensuring that my shutter speed, ISO and aperture are in unison while I  try to focus my eye in the viewfinder, I realized that at that instance - once my  trembling finger press the shutter button I am going to frame the world in a magical snapshot of a "moment in time" wherein it will be preserved over time and it becomes eternal.

The Sailors of Arabia @ Corniche
AV Mode| 1/160s | f/16 | ISO 100 | 176mm | No Flash

As an enthusiast with barely three months of amateur experience, I realized that there is something magical on everything even in the most mundane things, that Life is "really" Beautiful, life is no longer simple - there's a story behind EVERYTHING - for every photographs, there are three parts attached to it: the SUBJECT, the PHOTOGRAPHER and the VIEWER, and each  is nothing without the other. So please, I humbly share with you my photographs and kindly join me here in Palipasan in my magical tour to blog photography - BE MY SPECIAL VIEWER.

Red Hydrant @ Corniche
AV Mode | 1/640s | f/1.80 | ISO 100 | 50mm | No Flash


  1. Life is indeed beautiful! When I started pressing the shutter, nag iba talaga ang tingin ko sa mga bagay-bagay, I can even appreciate the minute details of the subject na gusto kong kunan, na hindi ako lang basta pupwesto at ipi-press ang shutter button. Nandyan ng tumuwad, dumupa, mag kneel sa ground at kung anu-ano pang "acrobatic" positions para lang ma-capture ang isang moment...isang moment na may istorya.

    Thank you for sharing your photos kuya George. Looking forward to seeing more of Qatar and beyond through your lens.

  2. @ JTG (Misalyn)

    Thank you, Life is really Beautiful and with photography it brings life even on the simplest things on earth - proving that everything in this world has colors, life and purpose.

  3. nice shots. wala akong alam sa photograhy pero super ganda nito. =D

  4. @ ♥superjaid♥

    Thank you so much for appreciating my photos, a blessed weekend to you.

  5. sir your shots don't look amateur to me. More beautiful photos this 2012. Happy New Year sir :)

  6. @ Rej

    Hello, it's great to see you again, Happy New Year and thank you so much for the encouragements. A blessed Sunday to you.



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