Monday, January 23, 2012

Museum of Islamic Art, The Collections

Box | Agate, gold, enamel, diamonds, rubies
India | 1751 - 1752 AD 

The Museum houses magnificent collection of artworks dating from the 7th century to the 19th century, representing the full scope of Islamic Arts. I will be sharing some of the extremely valuable collections which I was able to photographed.

Bowl | Earthenware, lustre painting
Egypt | 12th Century

Oliphant (Hunting Horn) | Ivory, brass
Italy | 11th - 12th Century

Incense Burner in the form of a Lion | Bronze
Iran or Central Asia | 12th Century

Turban Helmet | 
Steel with gilt studs, engraved and openwork design
Turkey | Early 1th Century Ottoman

Figure of a Monkey | Fritware, coloured glaze
Iran (Kashan) | c.1200

Ceramic Cenotaph | Fritware, underglaze painting
Central Asia | Second half of the 14th Century

My visit to Qatar's Museum of Islamic Art was an inspiring and great learing experience for me to get a full understanding of the islamic arts and culture from various countries. 

There are hundreds of photographs in RAW format which I hope to find time to catalog them and share with you online soon. Thank you for joining me in a brief tour to Qatar Museum of Islamic Art through my blog and if you are in Doha or if opportunity allows you may visit Doha one day, I encourage you to see this beautiful and inspiring museum. 


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