Friday, November 6, 2009

Capture An OFW Without Borders

In parallel to its forthcoming 2009 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards, PEBA, Inc. launches a photo contest focused on the Global Filipinos which encourages the Filipinos abroad to show their passion for photography and their ability to see more than the ordinary Filipino Migrant Workers.

The contest encourages photos with spontaneity, clarity, composition and your ability to capture a distinctive moment of a Filipino abroad.

Entrants. The competition is open to all amateur Filipino photographers (above 18 years old) presently working as OFW in any part of the world. Participants can submit 3 entires but not more than 5 photos.

Entries. Photographs must be original images taken by the entrant and may not have been previously published.

Content. The photos shall be color or b/w photographs that represent or typify heroism, love, labor and courage of OFWs abroad (using the host country as part of their subject/s).

Digital image submissions. Image quality must be at least 8" x 10" at 300 DPI or a photo taken with a minimum of 3.2 megapixel camera at the largest image setting submitted through email using JPEG format.

Images that do not meet these criteria will not be considered. Photographs should be submitted without any borders or frames.

Each photo entry should have a file name of the photographer/owner, plus information, location, profession/work and small interpretation comes along in the email.

Example: Fred_santos1.jpg

Location: California, USA

Profession/Job: Computer Engineer

Interpretations/Short explanation: Filipinos love beaches, California has great beaches.

Other Uses. All entries will become part of PEBA. Photographs submitted to PEBA Photo Contest but any photos not selected to be included in the Photo Exhibit may be chosen for use elsewhere in PEBA related publication with full credit given to the photographer.

SUBMIT TO: Email to

Winners will receive a trophy and gift packs from PEBA and 'Best Photo Entry'.

Deadline of submission will be 01 December 2009. Please note that your entries will be printed/blow up for exhibit during the awarding ceremony. Join now!

This is a repost from PEBA.


  1. Pope ang ganda ng template mo ngayon ah! Puting puti at malinis na malinis!!!

    Balak ko ring sumali dito,hehehe


  2. Ito ang pagkakataon upang ipakita ang atng creativity, aabangan ko ang entry mo kaibigan.

  3. haha, salamat ulit. Pope, pwede bang gawing sponsor ang Palipasan? Next year, sponsor ng PEBA ha? hehe

    Its great that you are echoing our call for this contest, we have 3 submissions so far with around 12 photographs. We hope more and more OFW's will join this contest. Walang mawawala if you will join, kahit nga idiot's camera ang gamitin, might win.


  4. PEBA (and its officers) is really on a roll! There are so many contests and giveaways... nahihilo na kami kung ano ang sasalihan! Haha! But this is a very very good thing! Goes to show how far PEBA and Kablogs have gone in terms of reaching out to Filipinos all over the world. Congratulations and good luck!

    Now, ano kaya a ng uunahin namin? :) We're definitely excited to see the photographs. :)

    PS. Great blog layout, the Pope! :)

  5. @ Mr. Thoughtskoto

    Sponsor for PEBA 2010? Hahahaha, if I will win the lottery why not hahahaha. When I got time, I'll try to join this contest.

    @ Sundrenched

    You are correct, PEBA is really full of unending treats this 2009, so let's join the caravan and have fun. Thank you for the visit.

    God bless.



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