Sunday, November 1, 2009

Set No Limitations

You have powers you never dreamed of.
You can do things you never thought you could do.

There are no limitations in what you can do..
Except the limitations of your own mind.

As PEBA, Inc. concludes its nomination for its forthcoming 2nd International Pinoy Expats/Blog Awards (PEBA), 37 stories have officially gathered from 21 countries across the globe, converged and united in one vision and one voice in exhibiting their pioneering spirit in their passion for blogging in bringing inspirations to the 12 million Global Filipinos around the world.

Despite our diversity and multiplicity, we have conquered the world and proudly brought into the foreign lands not only our talents and skills as Migrant Workers but we have established a community of Filipino people, made it known to the whole world that we exists because we came from a country where everyone is a hero.

This is an affirmation of our courageous diaspora decision and the worthy causes fought for and of the right, albeit unpopular options taken of being separated from our family.

And a challenge to do more, to better, and be the best for our family, for our community, for the Filipino people and for our country the Philippines.

Let us not just dream, live our dream. Let us keep moving towards it.

Congratulations to PEBA for this opportunity to let the OFW bloggers shine amidst the trials and pains of being away from Home and good luck to the 37 hopeful nominees, you already have won the hearts of your readers around the globe.

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  1. wow! congrats to PEBA at sa lahat ng mga taong nasa likod nito.. grabe na talaga ang Filipino Blogging Community... patuloy na lumalaki at lumalawak!!

  2. Congrats sa PEBA, at sana nasa top 10 ako :D

  3. More power sa PEBA
    may it serve its purpose to the blogging world

  4. I would like to thank the team for making this project successful. I hope that they will compile the ebook for these real life stories of OFW. so that we share it to the world.

  5. ang galing naman, sna manalo ako ng mobile phone at mapasama rin ako sa top 10... hehehe

    paano kaya yun? haha

    Anyway, pope, salamat sa plug-in, parepost naman nito sa PEBA ng excerpt... pwede?

  6. sana ako rin mapasali sa Top 10 :( kahit last lang :(

    pero naisip ko... di pala ako kasali :(( tapos na pala ang nomination! di man lang nakahabol! tsk! tsk!

    thanks for being a part of this project,
    being a nominee --- winner na kayo!
    being on the Top 10 is just a bonus!

    at pag nanalo ka pa ng mobile sa mga raffles... anak ng teteng! akin na langgggggg!!!!

    we are nothing without you guys! all of you!!! salamat sa suporta!

  7. Sa visang hawak ko ngayon, medyo maraming mga limitasyon, pero natuwa akong ang aking isipa'y patuloy na lumilipad at nangangarap ng mga pwede kong gawin at mga posibleng mangyari sa panahong makalaya na ako mula sa 'kulungang' ito.

    Pareho ba ito sa sinasabi ng isang TV ad sa Pilipinas na, "Where your mind can go, your body (or even everything) will follow..." Lalo na siguro kung mayroon na akong faith na kasinlaki ng mustard seed!

    Soar high PEBA!

  8. @ Fjordan Allego

    Yes my friend talagang kahanga hanga ang pagkakaisa ng Pinoy Bloggers, salamat sa iyong pagbisita.

    @ Lord CM

    Well you really need to pray hard my friend.

    @ EǝʞsuǝJ

    Yes, and may PEBA continue its quest in recognizing the talents of OFW Bloggers and may it extend its appreciation to KABLOGS Supporters on its theme for 2010.

    @ Life Moto

    I heard they are coming up with an e-Book, it will be a great souvenir for all.

    @ Mr. Thoughtskoto

    Thank you for the re-post at PEBA site and more power to PEBA.

    @ A-Z-E-L

    Blogging success can only be measured by its readers and critics and PEBA is taking the blogging community into an extreme levels where opportunity and recognition are abundant and luxurious.

    @ RJ

    Yes, thank you for sharing that TV ad, hindi ko ata napanuod yan, but the words leads you to the same wisdom.

  9. Amen to that, George. I am impressed with the roster of nominees that PEBA2009 has. Lahat magagaling. Lahat kapuri-puri.

    And congratulations to you, too, George! Dahil isa ka sa mga natatanging OFW blogger na kilala ko.

    (Congratulations sa bago mong layout. I'm impressed. Paxnxia na kung ngayon lang ako napadpad ulit. I promise to backread all your posts).



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