Friday, November 13, 2009

PBB's Thrill of Victory And Agony of Defeat

This week's Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Double Up Edition's Weekly Challenge becomes fiercer as the competition heats up between two groups with a weekly budget is at stake.

The competition was powerfully evocative and emotional experience between the players and its TV viewers have witnessed the emotional waves of each players, the inappropriate behavior and emotional outbursts of the and appropriate reactions of hard losers. And tonight, the game ends with a thrill of victory to House B Team and a crushing agony of defeat to the losing House A Team.

My mind was riveted on the powerful feelings shown by the losing PBB housemates, their emotional outbursts and violent reaction in facing their failure.

I admit that losing is not merely as fun as winning, it is frustrating, disappointing and downright discouraging. If your ego or self-worth is tied up with the outcome of a competition, then losing can be big-time threatening to your sense of self. In these situations, losing can trigger feelings of inadequacy followed by protective surges of anger and even rage.

Failing is nothing more than an important part of the overall learning process in life. Keep in mind, you don't have to like losing. You can even hate it with a passion. However, you can't really get better in any competition or anything else you do unless you fail or lose enough times and then look to these failures for their valuable learning.

It’s absolutely critical that we learn to handle anger and intense emotions that get stimulated by tough losses and failures. Remember, when you let your anger steer your ship, you’ll end up on the rocks!

To achieve excellence you must learn to harness the success-generating power of your failures!


  1. Minsan kasi pre sobra nag o-over react ang ibang tao lalo't nasa harapan ng camera o alam nyang may nanunuod sa kanya...

    Pero sana hindi dahilan yun para ipakita mong talunan ka talaga :D

  2. Sana mabasa ito nina Tom at Rob. o",)

  3. siyempre, ang article na ito ay para rin sa akin.

    Kaya nga gustung-gusto ko ang Big Brother kasi ang palabas na ito'y katulad ng isang salamin! Ang Big Brother House kasi, para sa akin, ay katulad ng mundong aking ginagalawan; at ang mga taong aking nakakasalamuha araw-araw ay ang aking mga 'housemates'. May isang 'Big Brother' na 24/7 nakamasid, at napakaraming mga 'camerang' nakatutok...

    Kaya ako'y nag-iingat sa aking pag-uugali at mga galaw, at sa mga salitang aking binibitawan... sapagkat ayaw kong ma-'nominate' kaagad at tuluyang ma-'evict' sa aking trabaho, sa isang organisayon, kaibigan at sa aking pamilya.

  4. @ Lord CM

    I guess they forget that they are in a reality show being watched live in national TV, otherwise they could have controlled their emotion to be fitting to make them more acceptable to the its viewers.

    Yun nga lang nakalimot sila and they let their overpowering emotions takes control of their selves rejecting the reality of losing causing a violent emotional outbursts.

    @ RJ

    I agree with you Doc, PBB Uses the tagline "Teleserye ng totoong buhay", a reality show which aims in exploiting the potential psychological factors and showcasing human nature of the housemates.

    I wish PBB could come up with Special Edition like Pinoy Big Brother "OFW Edition" in the future, where all the housemates will represent the Global Filipinos worldwide, are you willing to join? Hahaha.

  5. Maaari ring ganun pre, pero ano't ano pa man, mali pa ring maging ganun ang reaction nila sa isang pagkatalo...

  6. whahaha, wala akong TFC (GMA kasi kami) pero di ko pinapalampas yang PBB na yan sa internet.

    Sabi nga nila "its not about winning it is how you play the game"

    Pero halatang scripted yung pagkasab ni Kuya ha, mukhang may binabasa sya!

    Ingat pope

  7. Yes, interested akong maging PBB housemate. Maganda ang idea na 'yan ah- Global Filipinos ang mga housemates. o",) Actually, hinihintay ko talaga noon ang audition sa Sydney para sa seasonG 'to, wala naman. Susubukan ko sana. U

    [Then nagtataka ako, sa Australia hindi pwedeng bumoto to save a housemate (hindi naman ako magboboto), sa Japan lang ang pwede dito sa 'TFC area' namin. Noon may housemate from Australia, ngayon wala na; mahina siguro ang supporta ng Au sa PBB. Hindi yata mahilig ang mga taga-Au sa Big Brother kasi last year nag-announce ang BB Australia na final season na nila 'yon.]

  8. sometimes i think its scripted but i still watched it sometimes :)

  9. I have an officemate who keeps me updated with the going-on's sa bahay ni Kuya.

    There are people who can't accept defeat and losses primarily because they have superiority complex. Mahirap un.

    Gusto ko ung line mo: success-generating power of failures! Hmmm...learning from the defeat, perhaps? Tama po ba?

  10. My first impression sa post mo I thought it's all about Pacman's fight hehehe PBB pala. Sayang di ko na natuloy ang panonood dyan, I watched the first night when they were introduced but that's it. We should learn from our failures, dapat tanggapin ang pagkatalo talaga. Ganda ng quote mo, "To achieve excellence you must learn to harness the success-generating power of your failures!" sana maintindihan ko yan hehehe

  11. Hello hello The Pope. :) Napabisita lang. :)

    I sent a message to my friends after I watched housemate Tom's reaction to losing. He punched the wall repeatedly. I wondered what the cameraman behind that wall felt or how he rected with that, I imagine him shocked and running for his life shouting 'PSYCHOOOO! PSYCHOOO!'. Hahaha.

    Seriously though, that is one of the reasons why I never get along with these Alpha Men. Their just too.. physical.

    I was planning on writing something about this but I never got myself into doing so. Hihi. Nice post. :)

  12. acceptance is the key here. that is what I admire from American politics. the looser support the winning candidates after the election.



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