Monday, November 23, 2009

Political Prostitute, Chameleons and Romanticism

The upcoming 2010 elections promises a colorful circus compared with the previous Philippine elections in our history.

The search for a winning formula in chasing their political ambition that will catapult them in power has crossed the borders of moral boundaries of a just man.

Party mergers and alliances is at its highest activity level in our current political atmosphere in its hope to increase it membership across the country regardless of both parties’ principles like the alliances between Manny Villar’s NP and Bongbong Marcos’ KBL, and to provide more complication to this merger was Satur Ocampo’s Bayan Muna Party's interest in its political alignment with NP, a political ambiguity of the three blind mice.

I agree with Sen. Jambi Madrigal calling Sen. Loren Legarda a political prostitute on her most desperate move to further her political career as she agreed to be the VP running mate of Manny Villar. I can recall that both Senators Legarda and Madrigal are calling for the Senate investigation against Sen. Villar on the C-5 controversy, but now it seems Sen. Jambi is alone in her fight against the Senator Villar.

And how can I forget Sen. Loren as she weeps during the hearing against former President Erap when the sealed envelope was not allowed to be opened during the impeachment hearing. And it was ironic indeed when Sen. Loren later visited Pres. Erap in his lavish detention cell for his political endorsement as FPJ's running mate on her quest as VP during the 2004 election, an anointment of the sick.

The political romanticism of former NEDA Sec. Recto together with his wife Gov. Vilma Santos shifting their allegiances from the Lakas-Kampi-CMD to Sen. Noynoy’s LP has caused a major setback on the Administration’s party. I view this as an advantage to LP who is lacking the political machinery in other areas particularly the province of Batangas.

Former President Erap Estrada is now accusing Sen. Villar of pirating his present and prospective party members.

The fiesta has just begun; watch their lips as they promise heaven and earth, do not attempt to wink - you will witness before your eyes how these political chameleons change the color of their skin from blue to yellow or green to orange to satisfy their thirst for power as they race towards the door of Malacaá¹…ang palace.

While you are too busy identifying the evil and the lesser evil or probably the good Presidential candidate, please take time to see your favorite bets as they face the Presidential Forum "Eleksyon 2010: Isang Tanong" sponsored by GMA7 TV which was posted by Reynz of Barrio Siete. Watch it and hear your candidate speaks!


  1. My friends and I were discussing last night how people can stoop low in the name of politics. Ano kayang klaseng breed ng mga tao ang papatay, ipagkakanulo ang pinag-aralan, sisirain ang sariling pangalan, ibebenta ang kaluluwa para lamang manalo sa isang eleksyon? Ano ang meron sa politika para gawin ito ng mga taong may kaya sa buhay, may pinag-aralan at obvious naman na marurunong?

    At bakit kahit gaano katino ang isang tao, sa oras na pumasok sa pulitika, ay nagbabago ng anyo?

  2. Sabi nga "in politics there is no permanent friend or enemy, only permanent interests". Marami pa dyan mga political pokpok, maglalabasan until dec.1. Wait na lang tayo kung sino pa sila.



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