Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Journey to Seek, Find and Love Christ

Happy Three Kings!

The story of the searching Three Kings serves as a fitting and powerful metaphor for our journey to Christian consciousness.

Today, I could picture the Magi as a caravan, a bandwagon comprising people of all races, genders, colors and orientations, bearing their gifts of self, their gifts of symbols; encouraged and empowered by a deep longing for consciousness and wholeness, a desire that ultimately protects them and us from the unconscious, life-numbing states of being that fear and resist growth and change; states of being that are ultimately egocentric, corrupt and greedy in wealth and power.  King Herod serves to illustrate such a state of being and its destructive and life-denying characteristics.

Let's not forget that just as there is a part of our human being that yearns to journey as the Magi to find and claim Christ, yet there's also another part of our human weakness, like Herod, wants things forever comfortable and forever under control.

We can and must overcome such evil desires, within ourselves we should renew our longing to look for Christ with the same determination of the Wise men. Whatever it take!

In our lives, we don't just find God once, and then our search is over.  The journey of the magi doesn't end at the feet of the infant Jesus, but back in their homelands where, gifted with new, deeper insight and with gifts of discernment and creativity, they are called like us, to manifest Christ.

To manifest, the consciousness and love that is gained as a result of our journeying with one another and with the God who walks in our midst.

May we seek Christ.
May we find Christ.
May we love Christ.


  1. Happy three wise men bro!

    Sabi nga seek ye first the kingdom of God...
    It is truly our desire to search for Christ. Kung wala sya sa buhay natin ay mababali wala ang purpose ng ating buhay.

    God bless bro!

  2. ...very meaningful post! o",)



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