Friday, January 1, 2010

Start Now

Start to put your dreams, 
your wishes into action.
Limit the things you hate 
and change it bit by bit.

If you continue to do the same things, 
you will gain the same results.
You must do all what you can 
to get all what you want.

Start from now. 
Go ahead.

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Uploaded by  Mitchoy!


  1. hello thanks for this post again so inspiring again...
    my first comment for 2010 bloggywood lol

  2. very inspiring indeed. I believed that sometimes we have to come out in our comfort zone, discover and experienced new things in life.

  3. @ mightydacz

    Yes Dacz, naka based ka nga, 2010 record holder ka sa Palipasan, have a blessed weekend.

    @ Gino

    Thank you so much for your inspiring thoughts.

    Life is Beautiful, let us keep on discovering the splendor of our existence.

  4. Ayos! Isang maikling inspirasyon sa bawat isa para sa pagpasok ng taong 2010.

    Happy New Year bro.

  5. Believe what you believe, work hard to achieve.
    Focus yourself and you will receive...

    Happy New Year!!!

  6. ...very inspiring post, ayos na ayos bilang panimulang post ngayong 2010!

    Happy New Year, the POpe! (,"o



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