Thursday, January 21, 2010

Proof of Life

Health is the first of life
Wealth is the next of life

Courage is the best of life
Respect is must in life

Turning is the test of life
God’s blessing is the crest of life

Love is crucial for life

Happiness is the perfume of life

Truth is the search of life
Death is the rest of life.

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  1. Wonderful thoughts and poetry here....and I must say na lahat ay tama.

    The image is perfect.Nagiging mas makahulugan talaga ang isang tema kapag may kasamang image...kumbaga mas nabibigyan ng depth.

    Have a nice day po.

  2. original composition mo ba mga poetry mo? if so, you should start your own poetry book. keep it up!

  3. Agree with Arlini..since marami ka namang naiinspire with your poems here in the blogosphere how much more sa labas nito diba. Go fot it. :D

  4. comment lang po ako sa last part...death is the rest of life...
    i think better po ang death is the beginning of the true meaning of life...

  5. @ Misalyn

    Thank you so much for your positive remarks. A blessed day to you and your family.

    @ Arlini

    Thank you for your suggestion, I'll be considering it soon.

    Most are my of own, while others are rephrased poems from my inbox.

    @ Renz

    Salamat sa pagbisita, a blessed Thursday to you.

    @ iya_khin

    I agree with your opinion sa last line, and it could sound better if we make it like this:

    Death is a journey to an eternal life.

  6. life is worth living for. thank for the poems



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