Tuesday, January 12, 2010

MRTCB Suspends Showtime Over Osang's Remarks

The Movie & Television Review & Classification Board (MTRCB) on Monday placed the ABS-CBN talent show "Showtime" on a 20-day preventive suspension, after an incident involving one of the show's judges.

During a live show last January 7, judge Rosanna Roces made controversial statements against teachers in response to a question she threw at a contestant from Calamba, Laguna about Jose Rizal’s real name.

In the episode, Roces encouraged students who guested on the show to ask questions from their teachers. She went on to describe teachers as "repeaters."

On January 8, the show then announced that Roces has been removed as a judge of the show, as part of the network's self-regulation.

Despite this, the MTRCB slapped Showtime with a 20-day preventive suspension.

ABS-CBN will file an appeal in court on Tuesday, while a hearing is scheduled on January 14 to let the show air their side of the story on the MTRCB decision.

Meanwhile, a new show, entitled "Magpasikat," will temporarily replace Showtime in its noon timeslot starting Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the Teachers' Dignity Coalition said that while they are "saddened" by the suspension of the top-rating show, they commend the swift action by the MTRCB on Roces's infraction.

Personally, I view Osang's remarks unethical and too harsh as it degrades the morality of our respectable teachers. TV personalities should be sensitive to the different sectors and to general public when epxressing their opinions on national tv, radio and prints.

However I find MTRCB's 20 days gag order against the show a very drastic move without any due process as the network claimed that they were not given an opportunity to respond. MTRCB should consider that the show is broadcasting live and the network has no immediate control on the impromptu remarks of its TV host and guests and suspension should be put on the erring personality not on the whole TV show.

Note: The Pope is a subscriber of both TFC Kapamilya and GMA Kapuso networks.


  1. Wala talagang pinipiling lugar si Osang pag nagsalita enoh!May punto sya pero sana naideliver sa ibang paraan na walang natatapakan...

    At MTRCB, sobra naman yung 20 Days! Di rin naman nila kasalanan yun, dami pa naman sumusubaybay sa showtime, isa na ako :D

  2. nabasa ko din ang balitang to kaninang umaga...medyo nasaktan ako sa statement na yun ah...
    Teacher kaya nanay ko... at pangarap ko kayang maging teacher:D
    however, i also agree na dapat di sinuspend ng MTRCB ang show since Rosanna was given appropriate action by the network...

  3. I Agree that MTRCB should post the penalty to the judge and lessen the days of reprimend for the show. since the incident is very seldom to happen. unless like one male tv host show that almost evryday there is a foul in his comments.

    Though the actioned was drastic but at least tv personalities have to be more carefull and sensitive before they say anything.

  4. waaahhh.. sarap pa naman manuod non. tsk. grabe naman kse, anu ba yan?! kung di ko to nabasa, di ko malalaman na suspended pla ang showtime. tskk.. hehe

  5. wow di ko alam may bago na palang show na showtime hehehe, outdated na talaga ako....pero grabe talaga ang pagkadeliver ni Osang sa comments niya sa mga teachers although may punto siya pero di naman dapat lahatin....at yun MTRCB dapat may rules sila about live show di naman maiiwasan ang ganun incident at wala naman kinalaman ang channel 2 sa sasabihin ng mga judges

  6. Pasaway talaga tong si Osang. Walang kadaladala. Nandamay pa.

  7. nakakalungkot lang kase showtime pa naman ang nagpapakumpleto ng umaga ko. tsk tis Osang watta pasaway

  8. sayang at fave ko pa naman ang showtime..pero masaya din naman ang pansamantalang kapalit...the best pa rin...

  9. talagang careless at wala sa lugar magsalita si osang. pati tuloy yung mga kasama niya na-suspend din na wala namang kasalanan.

  10. Sang ayon ako sa pagsuspende ng MTRCB kaso dapat yung tao lang na gumawa ng crime hindi yung mismong programa.

    Yang MTRCB naman na yan palakasan naman dyan na channel May channel may pinapapatay na tao yung host pinayagan bali wala sa kanila. Walang kwenta yang MTRCB na yan dapat dyan tanggalin na lang



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