Monday, June 8, 2009


Isang daan at labing isang taon ang lumipas, muli nating gugunitain ang mga kabayanihan nila Rizal, Aguinaldo, Bonifacio, Mabini at Tandang Sora, sampu ng mga Katipunero at mga sundalong nagbuwis ng buhay para sa ating Inang Bayan upang makamit ang tinatawag na kalayaan mula sa mapanlupig na mga dayuhan sa ating bansa.

Subalit ang mga kwento ng kanilang kabayanihan at pakikipaglaban para sa kalayaan ay hindi nagtatapos sa pagwawagayway ni Hen. Aguinaldo ng Bandila nuong ika-12 ng Hunyo, ito'y isang pagbubukas ng panibagong yugto sa Lahing Pilipino upang harapin ang mga susunod na hamon ng pakikibaka para sa isang mas malayang Pilipinas.

Ang ating Pambansang Kalayaan sa kasalukuyan ay nahaharap sa isang mas malaking pagsubok hindi sa hamon mula sa mga mapanupil na banyaga, kundi sa iilang tao na makapangyarihan at may kayamanan na nais monopolahin ang Kasarinlan ng ating Saligang Batas para sa sariling interest ng mga nakaupo sa Pamahalaan.

Hindi na ang mapanupil na dayuhan ang nagbabanta sa ating kalayaan, kundi ang ating mga kapwa kababayan na minsan ay tinawag nating mga kagalang-galang na naluluklok sa Kongreso ang nagbabantang sumalaula sa ating Kasarinlan na sa pamamagitan ng House Resolution 1109 (HR 1109) o mas kilalang sa tawag "Con-Ass" na kasalukuyang ipinapasa sa Kongreso na pinamumunuan nina Kong. Prosepro Nograles at Arthur Defensor Sr., isang mapanlinlang na pamamaraan upang susugan ang ating kasalukuyang Saligang Batas para sa pansariling kapakanan ng mga makapangyarihang politiko sa ating pamahalaan.

Tulad ng isang hunyango, ang HR 1109 ay isang mapanlinlang na resolusyon na naglalayon upang muling lokohin ang mamamayang Pilipino upang maisulong ng maka-administrasyong Arroyo ang kanilang pagpapalawig ng kanilang termino at pananatili sa puwesto sa pamahalaan sa pagsapit ng Mayo 2010.

Makiisa tayo sa adbokasiya laban sa HR 1109, tutulan natin ang CON-ASS.

Kaibigan, bantayan mo ang ating Kalayaan. Ipaglaban mo ang ating karapatan.

Tandaan mo ang mga taong gustong lumapastangan sa ating kasarinlan at huwag mo silang iboto sa darating na halalan.

Makiisa tayo tungo sa tunay na pagbabago.


  1. I read the Resolution and it was explicit about the terms of the Presidency. That it's not going to be extended. Hindi ko alam kung bakit ito ang ginagamit ng oposisyon na point against the resolution. (I should have been explicit too about my stand. I already made some changes in my post).

  2. Nebz - correct ka po dyan, but in my understanding our president will file her candidacy as a congress woman in her town. assuming if she will be elected, congress will elect her as a prime minister.
    so the president term is not but her ruling will.

  3. hindi rin ako papayag dito anu sila sinuswerte.

    hindi ko pa ito msyadong maintindihan,pro kung ano ikakabuti ng bayan dun ako syempre.

  4. Thank you Nebz for sharing your view point on this issue, as I have stated, I look at HR 1109 as a lurking chameleon that creeps in our constitution.

    I agree that the resolution is explicit on the terms of the President and 12 Senators and the 2010 election.

    However, with 150 Congressman who remained loyal to Pres. Gloria, and at the height of 2010 election (11 months or so) the same Congressmen trying to by-pass the Senate by rushing the passage of HR 1109 - on this conjecture, aren't we going to suspect that something is being cooked beyond 2010, or as another blogger said "should we wait for the coconut for fall into our head" The thing is, people are sick and tired and and there is general distrust on the present administration and everybody just want a fresh election on 2010.

    In my personal opinion, it will be morally acceptable if this HR 1109 is suspended or withheld in Congress have it re-opened after the 2010 election.

    Anyway, Con-Ass has to pass the litmus test of the Supreme Court.

    God bless the Filipino people.

  5. @ Jessie

    With the passage of HR 1109 and "IF" approved by the Supreme Court, (1) Congress will convene as a Constituent Assembly, and (2) the House and the Senate will vote jointly NOT SEPARATELY and lastly (3) the entire Constitution will be open for amendments.

    With majority of the House under GMA leadership, a wholesale power to amend the constitution, there is a growing fear for the insidiously change on the transitory provions setting elections next year while also lifting the term limits on themselves plus Mrs. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, and what you mentioned is possible means for GMA to remain in power.

    As the saying goes, "there are many ways to skin a cat" and HR 1109 is one of them.


    I am in total agreement with you, kung ano ang makabubuti sa Bayan, duon tayo.

  6. hindi po ba dapat mag-execute ng plebisito para ma-ratipika ang con-ass? So if we're against it, then don't vote for it.

  7. I agree, there's something malicious with the way they passed that resolution... masyadong mabilisan! If it was done in goodwill maybe it wouldn't be passed after all... At some point...just some... I want to have changes in the constitution...However, I just don't trust most of the people who are in favor of that "instant" resolution for obvious reasons... Sadly, most of the people in position still treat Filipino people as ignorant of what is happening around us. Fortunately more and more Filipino people are now educated and more aware of what should be done... I just hope in the next election, people should really watch their vote... Now we've seen how those "kunggrisman" and "sinaturs" perform their tasks during their terms... Let's decide who do we feel is more deserving to be there next time...

  8. @ Badong

    In your scenario, if SC states that Con-Ass is constitutional, a Plebiscite "MIGHT" follow through a "special election", which is actually not required in our present Constitution. But for the sake of healthy argument with the given the chain of events, our country's will be facing one special election and a presidential election in 2010, paving way for the Congress to force "postponement" OF the May 2010 election. Can our country afford 2 elections within the same year? Will the congress postpone the plebiscite or the 2010 Presidential election? Under the present circumstances, do you think the administration will not rig the plebiscite just to remain in power?

    Let us have the Presidential election to held next year and discuss the Con-Ass after May 2010.

    You might want to read the procedures on How To Change Constitution

    A blessed day my friend.

    @ I am Xprosaic

    The present majority of our Congressmen and Senators have lost their moral values and they will do everything and anything to please the President.

  9. Hanga ako sa post na 'to! Talagang hayagan, diretsahan! Ayos!

  10. I am totally uneducated and unaware about Con-Ass until I read your post. When it comes to politics, I sometimes don't give much attention since my husband has already his eyes on every issue. Gaya rin pala ito ng cha-cha na matagal ng kinokondena ng oposisyon at ng sambayang Filipino. You're right. Ngayon pa lang ay umaalingasaw na ang baho ng ConAss. If we allow these congressmen to influence our minds to support Con-Ass, later on we'll find ourselves boiling mad over our own mistakes.

  11. Ive read it from RJ, from NEBZ, and then from YOU as well as some of my friends in the PEBA Team. I am going to post my stand regarding the issue tomorrow. But Thanks a lot for stating your stand. It adds to my understanding as I am currently on research and interviewing lots of people regarding this.

    Mr. Thoughtskoto

  12. @ RJ

    Salamat kaibigan sa pagdalaw, nais ko lang ibahagi ang aking paniniwala at paninindigan sa isang panukalang batas na kung ako'y mananahimik baka sumapit ang isang araw ay itanong sa akin ng aking anak ang katagang:

    "Ama, bakit hindi ka nanindigan?"

    @ apieceofkeyk

    The "hasty" passage of HR 1109 in a bid to convene the Congress as a Constituent Assembly without the participation of the Senate is a blatant disregard of the people’s call for a democratic process.

    Bishop Lagdameo said, “When power corrupts, it corrupts absolutely.”

    @ Abdul Hadi a.k.a. Mr. Thoughtskoto

    Vox populi

    I'm anxious to hear your stand.

  13. A call to pinoy blogs and bloggers to link blogs on HR 1109

    We are issuing this call to all pinoy blogs and bloggers to link to other blogs discussing or posting on the issue of the House Of Representatives passing HR 1109 in congress. Link to these blogs even if your blog's topic is not on anything related to HR 1109.

    HR 1109 is one the most important actions of the current congress that will affect the whole country and our lives.

    Let us link together to give pinoys the opportunity to be properly informed on the issue so that they can intelligently decide on their own or join a group to take action.

    clicke here:

    isanama ang blog na ito sa listahan. mabuhay ka!

  14. @ wawam

    I appreciate your efforts in bringing together the Filipino bloggers to be united in one voice to take one single stand to condemn the passage of HR 1109. Thank you for linking my site

    Let the voice of the people prevail, NO TO CON-ASS.

  15. in my opinion dapat lang siguro na after the 2010 election na lng sila mag cha-cha. I believe that their is a vested interest in their kind of move by pushing this cha-cha.

  16. @ Life Moto

    I agree with your opinion, changing of the Constitution must be properly planned after the May 2010 Election where there will be enough time for an open discussions and deliberation between the Congress, Senate and of the Filipino People.

  17. hindi rin ako makakapapayag..NO TO CON ASS!!!

  18. @ Mokong

    Salamat sa pakikiisa.

  19. Now I understand where the disagreement over Conass is coming from. And yes, I agree with your assumptions that anything can happen after HR1109.

    Sana nga hindi magkatotoo ang sapantaha ng marami. Naniniwala at mananalangin ako na magkaroon pa rin ng eleksyon sa 2010. I'm not against Gloria as most bloggers are but I would definitely want her to step down after her term.

    I still believe in our law. I still have faith in our law.



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