Monday, October 19, 2009

Meet The Pope

I’m neither a Preacher nor a Saint; I’ve never been to Rome or in Jerusalem. There is no trace of pontifical blood in my veins for I have come from a nation where heroes are shaped by their faith and belief; a brown race from Asia, I am a Filipino, from the Philippines.

And now I’m in the Middle East not as a Missionary but as a struggling Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) dispersed in the foreign land because of the escalating hunger and poverty in my beloved Land.

Battling the harsh weather conditions and blending with the unique Arab culture, my 17 years as diasporas has engraved into my heart the countless tales of sacrifices of my “kababayan” and their heroic stories as Migrant Filipinos as a foreign partner in building and developing a nation not only of its host country but the world’s civilization; as PEBA termed it “Hope of the Nation, Gift to the World”.

At present I am a Statistician in Qatar’s military organization; my mind was riveted in the cyclic motion of numbers and digits giving life and scientific interpretations beyond its raw data linking the past and the present and charting the future.

During the winter night of mid-January of 2009, in my effort to fight depression and insanity, I found myself curving my niche in the blogging world choosing Palipasan as my abode in Blogspot community. It is here I discover the therapeutic relief of writing, the free flow of thoughts and personal expressions on the realities of life being transformed into a new hybrid form of literature called blog.

As I begin my journey in the borderless world of blogging, like an unrecognized voice from the wilderness, I will not talk about “I, Me, and Myself”, but I will be speaking about faith, hope and love and this blog is about YOU, the OFWs and the Filipinos around the world who takes pride of being a Pinoy.

Life is Beautiful, Keep on Believing.


  1. oh how much we love the new layout! We read it, we did, me and Mrs. Thoughts admired the man in you, and the wonderful family you have.

    I am grateful that through KABLOGS, we found you, and yes, we even become friends, and that's wonderful, and yes, that makes life beautiful.

  2. @ Mr. Thoughtskoto

    I am so happy that you are my numero uno and bueno mano commenter in my newly remodeled site. You, your vision and aspirations in uniting the OFWs that keeps the amber burning in the hearts of KABLOGS members and the same reason why we keep on blogging.

    God bless you and your family.

  3. Life is Beautiful, Keep on Believing.

    - Love the quotes. hmm.. bagong renovate ang tahanan ah.

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  5. Nice layout Pope! Are you close to Al Eudid Air Base? My husband will be deployed there pretty soon :-'( anyways I like your writings here in your palipasan you're really such a good writer aside from being a smart statistician ;-) keep on posting and good luck to all your endeavor!

  6. Nice meeting you Pope! :) Marami kang nainspired sa mga panunulat mo at marami ka pang maiispire. Keep on sharing your thoughts & ideas.

  7. But you are a missionary, George! Everytime you publish a post, people read it. I read it. And I remember. And I think about it. And somehow, you positively influence me to be more positive.

    The way you use verses from the bible for your posts, it's your way of spreading the good news.

    That's why you're blessed.

    Minsan nga iniisip ko, totoo kang Pope e. :-)

  8. kakatouch naman po ng profile mo, like you, i begin writing when i was so depressed and i find relieved here..nosebleeding.....(wipe..wipe..)

    blogging world is where i could shout out my feelings and relate to other kababayan which are undergoing the same struggles..

    here i could release all my emotions likewise know what other peoples opinion..

    God bless all OFW's!

  9. hi the pope, salamat sa pagbisita sa blog ko. at dahil OFW ka pala, meron akong ibubulong sa yo :) mag email na lang ako mamya. maglalakwatsa muna ako ng konti dito sa bahay mo :)

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  11. kuya, never knew you're into blogging. you have some nice stuff here. congratulations and keep up the good work. will look forward to more of your works. ingats and regards kina auntie and cuzs.

  12. Hi Mr. Pope,

    glad to meet you.......

    more power to your blog.


  13. hi, nice knowing you.. thanks for the visit at my site.. I thought si Pope talaga ang nagkomento.. :-) Keep the thoughts burning.. Happy New Year!

  14. hi pope. pls. add me again on kablogs PEBA, thanks.

  15. Magandang hapon po mula sa Kuwait. :)

  16. "Life is Beautiful, Keep on Believing.">>>Love this.

    Miss N of

  17. My first time here. God bless this blog+

    Ang palayaw mo ba ay Papa?

  18. Hi Pope! I'm Earvs, a graduating student at UP. I'm currently doing my MA Thesis which focuses on OFW Blogging. I hope you can be one of my resource persons. Please do email me at your email so I can forward the invitation and interview questions (please!). Thank you very much.

  19. Hi I’m Earvs! I’m currently doing my MA Thesis at UP Open University. My thesis will focus on OFW blogging. I would like to invite you to be one of my respondents. Should you be available and interested in this benchmark research, please email me at Thank you very much.

  20. Philipp von Plato ( 5, 2011 at 11:04 AM

    Dear Pope,

    I really enjoyed reading your fantastic blog.

    In case you are not already part of InterNations you are of course invited to join our network of selected members - just let me know if you are interested and I will send you an invitation.

    I am looking forward to your response and would be happy to welcome you to my global expat community.



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