Friday, October 9, 2009

Pepeng Whips Northern Luzon

Typhoon Pepeng wreaked havoc in Northern Luzon provinces, 90% of Pangasinan province is under flood waters including Asinggan, the hometown of my wife; and there were reports that more than 100 people perished in the towns of Benguet and Baguio City after a series of mudslides swamped community houses and farms.

We'd been trying to contact my brother-in-law and his family in Pangasinan but it seems that the communication has been severed by rain and floodwater. I pray that they have been evacuated and in safe ground.

An interactive map with relevant information to areas heavily affected by Typhoon Pepeng has been provided by GMANews for your information and is very useful. It provides very good context on the location and situation of affected areas and victims.You could contribute and update the information from your own computer.

Link to the actual calamity map: GMA News.TV

Please pass the link and let us help to update the said information.

Let us offer prayers to the victims of this new calamity and let us continue our mission of sharing whatever we could give to our Kababayans who have been pounded by latest typhoon.


  1. all major roads (naguillian..kennon and marcos highway) of baguio linking to manila are all closed until now...natural din na suspended ang trips goin to baguio and pangasinan and other areas..
    lotssa landslides..flood within baguio and benguet... haysssss when will this ever end?
    it took them some time to realize that people from northern luzon needed help as well..
    im offering a candle and a simple prayer for everyone's safety and recovery...

  2. I hope your family backhome are okay, Pope. I know the feeling when you don't know what's happening back there, much less helpless in giving assistance.

  3. @ YahaH

    Salamat sa pakikibahagi at pananalangin sa kalamidad na dulot ng bagyong Pepeng.

    @ BlogusVox

    Until now ay wala pa rin kaming news sa family ng wife ko sa Pangasinan, and we'd been monitoring news updates thru internet. We are praying that they are safe as well as the thousands of victims of this current deluge that may they find love and hope from our helping hands.

  4. My sympathy to those lost the love ones, house and state. Let us pray and hope that they will soon be recovered from the trauma and strenghten them. May our government take these problems religiously.

  5. ano na ba nanngyayari sa atin bansa?

  6. Ano na po ba ang update dito? Na-contact na po ba ninyo ang inyong brother-in-law?

    Hindi ko talaga inaasahan, kahit na sa aking mga panaginip, na magkakaroon ng malawakang pagbaha sa Luzon ng tulad nito.

    Oo nga, ang mga taong malayo sa bansa tulad ko, talagang ang pagdarasal para sa mga Pilipinong biktima ng bagyo at pagbaha ang pinakamabisa at makapangyarihang tulong na maibibigay ko.



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