Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ray Of Hope

From the skies of life, tearing the clouds of sadness there comes a ray of hope.
Enlightens our world and gives us strength to cope.

It fills in light. It fills in strength.
And teaches us never to bend.

It makes us smile. It brings us joy.
Makes us as happy as a child with toy.

A Ray of Hope is as beam of light which removes from our lives the darkest night.


  1. thank you for sharing this little piece of writing. :)
    in times like this, even the simplest things make us believe that there is hope even for the hopeless. :)

  2. Habang may buhay, may pag asang darating...

    Salamat pre..

  3. that is why i love to see the rays of the sun. after the cloudy sky, the rays will brighten or day.

  4. Kaya mas mahaba ang umaga kaysa sa gabi! dahil mas marami tayong dapat ipagpasalamat at ikasiya sa Dyos kaysa ikalungkot!

    Ingat Pope

  5. yeah.. let's us always be hopeful.

    we just need an ounce of FAITH... tons of LOVE and a bundle of HOPE... The THEOLOGIAL VIRTUES... for us to live our lives!

  6. "May Bukas Pa" hehehe akmang akma talaga yan sa atin ngayon. Ganda ng poem mo Pope, idol talaga hehehe.

  7. salamat po sa pagdaan sa bonistation

  8. @ aenid

    We should never stop believing that there is hope beyond the pains and sorrows, as long as we have a mustard size of faith in our heart, there will always be ray of hope for us.

    @ Lord CM

    Habang maybuhay may pag-asa.

    @ Life Moto

    When you reach the shore and the water runs dry because of the tide, don't leave, before you know it, water starts running back to your feet.

    @ DRAKE

    I love your words, very inspiring. God bless you

    @ A-Z-E-L

    Do you know that "hope" is the greatest thing, without it we cannot do anything. Our life will come to a still.

    A blessed weekend.

  9. Nice one, very inspiring! parang habang may buhay may pag-asa kaya wag mawalan ng pag-asa... :)

  10. @ Sardonyx

    Salamat sa iyong patuloy na pagsubaybay. A blessed weekend.

    @ bonistation

    Welcome to PEBA my friend.

  11. @ Kablogie

    Masyadong busy pala kayo ngaun sa Cargo lalo pa at papalapit na ang Xmas season.

    Salamat sa pagbisita at pag-iiwan ng marka.

    @ MarcoPaolo

    Tama ka bro, hanggang may hininga, may pag-asa.

    Happy Weekend.

  12. right..behind the dark clouds there is always a silver lining..^__^ tama ba??

  13. matatag tayo. bumabangon ang pinoy anuman ang ibato sa kanya ng buhay. we just have to lean on His everlasting arms. :)



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