Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Try Me

Smooth roads never make good drivers.

Smooth sea never makes good sailors.

Clear skies never make good pilots.

Problem free life never makes a strong person.
Be strong enough to accept the challenges of life.

Don’t ask life, ‘Why me?’.
Instead say, ‘Try me!’

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Uploaded by Kathline Tolosa


  1. Excellent photo and the message is noble and very inspiring

  2. yeah...TRY ME! nice...sige nga yan na yung word of the month ko, super pressure sa work ngayon eh...

    sasabihan ko nga work ko nang...HA! TRY ME!:P

  3. i definitely agree. you can never say na you're strong unless you have been loaded with so much pain in the past. yun kasi ang purpose ng trials in life right? to make you a better and stronger person.

    so i say, life, try me! (hahaha)

  4. i second demotion..hahaha kailangan talaga natin ng mga pagsubok at kapalpakan para mapagbuti ang ating mga asrili..^__^

  5. Di na nakakatakot yun tanong na yan? Hehe naghahamon pero dapat nga ganyan lagi ang tanong yun lang mahina ako sa ganyan hehe I will try to use those 2 words but it might end up with one, "me?" hehe inosente kuno

  6. yeah! TRY ME!!! come on! hehehehe!

  7. try me! nice kuya!

    tnx for inspiring us!

  8. thats the attitude..

  9. Very inspiring, very simple but there is a meaning.

    Yeah, you are right, i will be strong enough to face all the trials of this world.

    I will face all the problems in my life.
    But how can i face my problem if my problem is my face?

    he he he just kidding and dropping by:

  10. Soooo absolutely true. Only through trials will we know our true capacity. Amen to that, George. Amen.



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